Survivor: Season 9


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 16

They Came at Us With Spears

The 18 new castaways are treated to a traditional Vanuatu ceremony including a sacrifice and the creation of a male and female tribe. Once settled in camp, revelations are disc…

2 Sep 23

Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs and the Old Bunch

The women divide their alliances among the young and the old while they continue their work on their camp. The women prove to be strong during the reward challenge, but lose th…

3 Sep 30

Double Tribal, Double Trouble

As the two tribes gather for the Immunity Challenege, Jeff tells them that regardless of the outcome, both tribes are going to seperate Tribal Councils. The tribes first fight…

4 Oct 07

Now That's a Reward

When the girls return to their camp, Eliza was shocked that Lisa betrayed the ““young girls”“ alliance by siding with the ““older girls̶…

5 Oct 14

Earthquakes and Shake Ups!

The two tribes are surprised to see native men approach their campsite. Right away these natives asks both tribes to pick one cheif and they leave. Right before the Reward Chal…

6 Oct 21

Hog Tied

At Yasur, Rory begins to break down the women alliance, while Lisa’s trust is questioned by Ami. Meanwhile at Lopevi, Julie sunbathes.

7 Oct 28

Anger, Threats, Tears...and Coffee

8 Nov 04

Now the Battle Really Begins

The two tribes merge into one tribe called Alinta, and instantly, the alliances between the men and women appear. Lead by Rory, the men plan to vote Ami out, but the tables are…

9 Nov 11

Gender Wars ... And It's Getting Ugly

While getting treemail, Eliza is surprised to get a live pig that comes with the mail, but the meaning of the pig remains a mystery. Fueled by their hatred for each other, Scou…

10 Nov 18

Culture Shock and Violent Storms

11 Nov 25

Surprise! And...Surprise Again!

The remaining castaways return to camp and Chris finds himself now being the only male left. During the reward challenge, the castaways are surprised by a short visit from thei…

12 Dec 02

Now Who's in Charge Here?!

The episodes starts off with Twila fighting with Amy over on how the last Tribal Council votes went. When the castaways arrived at the Reward Challenge, Jeff arrived in a new P…

13 Dec 09

Eruptions of a Volcanic Magnitude!

After a grueling tribal council Eliza was still eyeing Twila. But it would have to wait when reward came. It turned out to be a tournament type challenge. Scout was eliminate…

14 Dec 12

Spirits and the Final Four

The alliance of Scout, Eliza, Chris and Twila appear to hold strong as they are the final four. The first Immunity Challenge, consisted of Survivor’s first every vertical…

15 Dec 12

Survivor: Vanuatu Reunion

About Survivor

The rules of this game are simple: sixteen average Americans (eighteen in seasons 8, 9, and 11; twenty in season 10) are abandoned in the middle of some of the most unforgiving places on earth. They are divided into teams. Every three days, the Survivors must gather to vote someone out of their tribe. Once a total of six people have been voted out, the two tribes merge (this may vary season to season).After the merge, every person must compete for him/herself at both reward and immunity challenges. Only one person can win these challenges. Once a person receives immunity, that person can not have any votes against him/her for that tribal council. The next person to be voted out just after the merge will not return to the following tribal council. The next seven people return to be on a jury – they vote at the very last tribal council for who will win. The last Survivor at the end wins one million dollars.