Swamp People: Season 6


# Air Date Title
1 Feb 02

Bounty on the Bayou

Swampers fight massive alligators and Mother Nature attempting to win “The Bounty on the Bayou”. One hunter heads deep into the swamp to catch a legendary reptile.…

2 Feb 09

Gator Gridlock

When boat traffic makes it impossible to run lines, hunters must adjust tactics and abandon plans in order to fill their tags. One team returns after a two-year hiatus and deci…

3 Feb 16

Twister Trouble

Hunters are forced to rely on life-long intuitions to take on Mother Nature. To avoid floodwaters, one team makes a life threatening decision to head deep into the swamp. Anoth…

4 Feb 23

Feast or Fawn

Rising water levels cause big gators to head into newly flooded areas seeking prey. One team heads into a dangerous canal only accessible by canoe in hopes of catching a bounty…

5 Mar 02

Pirate of the Bayou

One team goes after a brazen, one-eyed gator they have been after for years; Another hunter is forced to hunt alone and engages an aggressive bull gator; while another team has…

6 Mar 09

Gator Slayer

One team looks for some local crabbers to give them some indigenous bait; Another team uses a primitive alternative to the modern hook; while another team uses cannibalized gat…

7 Mar 16


One team has to outsmart a huge gator by using an old fashioned boat decoy strategy; Another team tries an old floating bait technique.

8 Mar 23

Bad Lands

Hunters travel into unknown, hostile areas of the swamp; one teams goes to an area believed to be cursed, another team visits a hazardous store-altered marsh to fight several d…

9 Mar 30

Outlaw & Disorder

A hunter takes on some poachers. A team needs to take out a dangerous bull gator.

10 Apr 06

Crooked Jaw

One team hunts a legendary cursed monster that has been wreaking havoc on a local crawfisherman. A second team struggles to day after a series of injuries, while another hunter…

11 Apr 13

Blood Moon

With the final hours of the Bounty on the Bayou looming, two teams cross state lines in search of a prize-winning monster—hunting through the night in dangerous areas of…

12 Apr 20

Bounty or Bust

The $10,000 bounty deadline has arrived. One swamper returns from an injury in an attempt to win the bounty on the last day. Another hunter ventures to an area he has been savi…

13 Apr 27

Royal Reunion

When questions of integrity come into play, Swampers choose to put their season on hold to do the honorable thing. One swamper reunites with another to help a family friend rid…

14 May 04

Bait & Switch

When hunting territories go bust, swampers are forced to quickly repo to new areas in order to salvage their day. One team must hunt with an old-fashioned motorbike and sidecar…

15 May 11

The Three Kings

Swampers find their communities under attack from rogue predators. One team heads deep into the woods to capture a gator that has overtaken a local fishing hole. A second team…

16 May 18

The Phantom

Swampers venture to remote untapped honey holes they have been keeping on reserve hoping that it will yield them some end of the season monsters. One team battles a dangerous t…

17 Jun 22

Gator Boo-Fay

Swampers have the rare opportunity to tag out early. One team baits their lines with a gator bait recipe called “Surf and Turf”. A second team is forced to hunt the…

18 Jun 29

Here Gator Gator

Swamp grass and lily fields stop hunters in their tracks, forcing Swampers to adapt and salvage their day. When one team’s prized honey hole is blocked by reeds, they rel…

19 Jul 06

Of Gods & Otters

One team burns a sage to try and help them end their bad luck whilst another looks for inspiration in a church.

20 Jul 13

Now or Never

One of the hunters challenges his sons to see who can catch the largest gator.

About Swamp People

Deep in the heart of Louisiana lies America’s largest swamp–a million miles of inhospitable bayous, marshes and wetlands where nature rules and humans struggle to tame it. Many of its inhabitants are the hardened descendants of French refugees who were forced out of Canada in the 18th century and settled in this harsh yet majestic environment. Today, these people are known as the Cajuns, a group renowned throughout the world for their flavorful cuisine, distinctive music and vibrant culture. Resilient, self-reliant and fiercely independent, the Cajuns of the Atchafalaya Swamp still carry on many of their ancestors’ trades and traditions.