Teachers: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Mar 21

Episode One

On his 26th birthday Simon is persuaded to steal a statue from Summerdown School. He spends the next week worried the authoritarian Claire will find out.
Simon also gets…

2 Mar 28

Episode Two

Clare enjoys winding the teachers up about the upcoming Parent’s Evening. Susan also begins to fear that the job of Year Head will go to Jenny, who has been impressing Cl…

3 Apr 04

Episode Three

Simon finally gets kicked out by his dad and is forced to move in with the boring Science teacher Steve. In the end, he decides even living in Brian and Kurt’s pigsty wou…

4 Apr 11

Episode Four

The male teachers all become insecure about their respective relationships when Clare announces teaching sex education is to be taught in class. Simon makes his usual mess by a…

5 Apr 18

Episode Five

Simon gets sick of living with Brian and Kurt and Maggie eventually lets him move in with her. At the House Warming party Jenny gets off with Brian – something she later…

6 Apr 25

Episode Six

Susan’s marriage falls into turmoil and she has a nervous breakdown after all her advice goes wayward.
Simon is offered a permanent post by Claire, but begins to wo…

7 May 02

Episode Seven

It’s another bad week for Simon, as first he gets blamed for a fiasco involving teachers faces on nude bodies, then falls out with fellow English teacher Bob, who will be…

8 May 09

Episode Eight

Liz’s gossiping around has resulted in a showdown of sorts between Simon and Jenny. Simon eventually backs down after making some untrue accusations which he heard from B…

About Teachers

Teachers was a highly successful Channel 4 comedy about a group of immature teachers working in Summerdown School, in Bristol. Their expert subjects included ineptness with the opposite sex, beer drinking, and kebab eating.

Teachers began in 2001 and in 2003 became the only Channel 4 series to have a third series. In 2004 it broke its own record with a fourth series airing. Unfortunately, in January 2005 Channel 4 producers announced that Teachers had run its course and would not be returning for a fifth series.

Teachers main characters were: Simon: The English teacher with girlfriend problems and poor teaching skills; Susan: The Maths teacher – everyone’s friend and always on hand for some sound advice. Jenny: The authoritarian English teacher who disapproves of Simon and has a sharp tongue; Brian and Kurt: The two inseperable PE and Computers teachers who provided the show’s comic relief through insane stunts and behavior.