Teachers: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Mar 13

Episode One

It’s the first day of term and there are 2 new teachers; JP and Penny. Kurt is hiding from Carol, Susan is falling in love with JP and Simon is bored. While contemplating…

2 Mar 20

Episode Two

Simon is becoming jealous of JP, ignorantly thinking that all the girls are after him. When JP suggests that they try another pub, Simon gets angry and regretfully asks Bob dow…

3 Mar 27

Episode Three

When Clare bans student’s facial hair in school, Kurt attempts to grow a moustache. Susan, on the other hand, is desperate to lose hers as she becomes less confident. Sim…

4 Apr 03

Episode Four

JP tells Kurt and Brian that he is gay, which means that soon enough it becomes common knowledge.
Simon and Kurt then devote much energy to convince Brian that he to is g…

5 Apr 10

Episode Five

Susan’s problem with Jenny and Alec’s none-too-private snogging and Alec’s frequent nudity comes to a peak.
Initially the guys aren’t very support…

6 Apr 17

Episode Six

The gang begin to realize that Penny is failing as a teacher. Jenny sees it as a reflection on her mentoring but then Penny tries to get around her by flirting with Bob throwin…

7 Apr 24

Episode Seven

8 May 01

Episode Eight

When a student in Kurt’s IT Class enters his name on a web search engine, Kurt realises that another man with the same name has accomplished a lot more than he has. This…

9 May 08

Episode Nine

The English department is feeling a noticable gap due to Simon’s absence, while Jenny has renewed energy to focus on work since splitting up with Alec.
Penny is for…

10 May 15

Episode Ten

As Christmas draws near, the teachers, minus an absent Simon attend the staff annual party. After Jenny tells Bob’s wife that he is very popular with the female staff, he…

About Teachers

Teachers was a highly successful Channel 4 comedy about a group of immature teachers working in Summerdown School, in Bristol. Their expert subjects included ineptness with the opposite sex, beer drinking, and kebab eating.

Teachers began in 2001 and in 2003 became the only Channel 4 series to have a third series. In 2004 it broke its own record with a fourth series airing. Unfortunately, in January 2005 Channel 4 producers announced that Teachers had run its course and would not be returning for a fifth series.

Teachers main characters were: Simon: The English teacher with girlfriend problems and poor teaching skills; Susan: The Maths teacher – everyone’s friend and always on hand for some sound advice. Jenny: The authoritarian English teacher who disapproves of Simon and has a sharp tongue; Brian and Kurt: The two inseperable PE and Computers teachers who provided the show’s comic relief through insane stunts and behavior.