Teachers: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Aug 06

Episode One

Big, boozy Biology teacher Lindsay joins Summerdown, convinced she can drink anyone under the table. Brian is delighted, until Kurt convinces him that Lindsay fancies him.

2 Aug 13

Episode Two

Penny drives everyone insane with her self absorption until Lindsay finally cracks and tells her to shut up.
Brian has switched from drinking lager to vodka, resulting in…

3 Aug 20

Episode Three

Kurt tries to give up smoking to impress a mother that he met at open evening, while all the staff secretly hold bets as to how long he will last. Brian gets told that he is bo…

4 Aug 27

Episode Four

For the first time in her hard-hearted life, Liz takes pity on the dishevelled wreck that Bob has become. But mix up pity with alcohol and the results can be very surprising.

5 Sep 03

Episode Five

As Lindsay turns 30 the group discuss her attitude on the matter. Matt throws a party for his wife, who is also turning 30, but is disappointed when he discovers that Lindsay w…

6 Sep 10

Episode Six

The teachers are assigned to pairs in an attempt to make them share their problems and make them more sociable to other staff. Lindsay and Matt are paired up, which makes Penny…

7 Sep 17

Episode Seven

Simon returns to Summerdown with a fully grown beard. He tells everyone that he has been sleeping his way around the world, but after a grilling from Brian and Kurt things are…

8 Sep 24

Episode Eight

An unwilling Matt takes over as head of English when Bob is taken into hospital, but his early intentions to remain one of the gang soon go right out of the window.

9 Oct 01

Episode Nine

The gang grow depressed at their single lives, pondering their inability to sustain a relationship, until Liz points out that Brian and Kurt are as good as married and seem to…

10 Oct 08

Episode Ten

After receiving repeated complaints from parents and staff, all of which result in a formal warning, Lindsay takes a radical step and turns to Bob for help in keeping her job.…

11 Oct 15

Episode Eleven

Brian becomes more obsessed with dinner lady Eileen, and soon comes to her rescue when Bob complains about the canteen food. This wins him a date with her, but he becomes so in…

12 Oct 22

Episode Twelve

Lindsay bets Penny that Matt and Kurt are completely alike when it becomes apparent that they are both tight when it comes to giving to charities.

13 Oct 29

Episode Thirteen

Penny embarks on a new romance. In a drunken moment Matt and Lindsay find themselves in a compromising situation. The two spend the rest of the week avoiding their feelings for…

About Teachers

Teachers was a highly successful Channel 4 comedy about a group of immature teachers working in Summerdown School, in Bristol. Their expert subjects included ineptness with the opposite sex, beer drinking, and kebab eating.

Teachers began in 2001 and in 2003 became the only Channel 4 series to have a third series. In 2004 it broke its own record with a fourth series airing. Unfortunately, in January 2005 Channel 4 producers announced that Teachers had run its course and would not be returning for a fifth series.

Teachers main characters were: Simon: The English teacher with girlfriend problems and poor teaching skills; Susan: The Maths teacher – everyone’s friend and always on hand for some sound advice. Jenny: The authoritarian English teacher who disapproves of Simon and has a sharp tongue; Brian and Kurt: The two inseperable PE and Computers teachers who provided the show’s comic relief through insane stunts and behavior.