The A-Team: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Jan 23

Mexican Slayride (1)

Newspaper reporter, Amy Allen, sets out to prove the A-Team really exists and ends up hiring them to rescue one of her fellow reporters whose been kidnapped by Mexican outlaws.…

2 Jan 23

Mexican Slayride (2)

Part 2 of the pilot episode in which the A-Team have been captured by a group of guerillas and the gang leader they were sent to fight. In the final battle they are assisted by…

3 Jan 30

Children of Jamestown

After the A-Team rescues a girl from a crazed cult leader, they are captured by the man’s followers and made the quarry of a death hunt.

4 Feb 08

Pros and Cons

B.A.‘s friend is held in a prison where the warden holds fight-to-the-death-boxing matches whose winner receives short-lived freedom.

5 Feb 15

A Small and Deadly War

Hannibal plays cat and mouse with a renegade S.W.A.T. A-Team that’s committing murders for hire.

6 Feb 22

Black Day at Bad Rock

While treating a seriously wounded B.A., a suspicious small town doctor notifies the sheriff, who fears that B.A. may be part of a biker gang returning to free its jailed leade…

7 Mar 01

The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas

The A-Team gets involved in a mob power play when two girls ask them to find their college professor who went to Las Vegas with a perfect gambling system and never came back.

8 Mar 15

The Out-of-Towners

The A-Team takes up the cause of New York shopkeepers against neighborhood protection racketeers.

9 Mar 22

Holiday in the Hills

B.A.‘s fear of flying is justified when the A-Team’s plane crashes in the backwoods where they must battle mountain men to keep a man from being burned at the stake…

10 Apr 05

West Coast Turnaround

The A-Team delivers produce to the market for a farmer who is slowly being driven out of business by a land-hungry rancher.

11 Apr 12

One More Time

The US government recruits the A-Team to rescue a general and his daughter from guerillas in Borneo.

12 Apr 19

Till Death Do Us Part

The A-Team has to rescue a reluctant bride being forced to marry her late father’s business partner.

13 May 03

The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing

Hannibal’s plan to free a hijacked airborne 747 requires a bit of adjustment when B.A. becomes cataleptic and Murdock temporarily blinded.

14 May 10

A Nice Place to Visit

The A-Team comes to the aid of a small town being terrorized by a murderous family.

About The A-Team

“If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: THE A-TEAM.” These words open one of the most famous TV series of all time. The A-Team was about 4 escaped fugitives from a crime they did not commit: Col. John “Hannibal” Smith, their heroic leader, in charge of making the plans, Lt. Templeton “Face” Peck, the team’s conman and womanizer, Cpt. H.M. “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock, an insane pilot who acts as a comedy relief, and Sgt. B.A. Barracus, played by Mr. T in his role of a lifetime. Together, they fight evildoers, escape the military, and create catchphrases in the process. A classic for all ages, The A-Team should be watch by everyone.