The A-Team: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 18

Bullets and Bikinis

Two girls ask the A-Team to take over their beachfront hotel after an alleged mobster keeps making bigger and bigger buyout offers that they refuse to take.

2 Sep 25

The Bend in the River (1)

Tawnia asks the A-Team to find her fiancé, an archaeologist last seen on an Amazon expedition that was attacked by a pirate.

3 Sep 25

The Bend in the River (2)

Tawnia asks the A-Team to find her fiancé, an archaeologist last seen on an Amazon expedition that was attacked by a pirate.

4 Oct 02


The A-Team faces another Army pursuit as they try to help a small town fire chief compete with a larger rival company.

5 Oct 16


The A-Team intercedes when a union organizer tries to put a small logging operation out of business.

6 Oct 23

Double Heat

The A-Team is called in to find an accountant’s daughter who has become a pawn in a game between two rival mobsters.

7 Oct 30

Trouble on Wheels

Hannibal goes undercover in order to investigate employee theft from an auto plant.

8 Nov 13

The Island

An Army doctor who once saved B.A.‘s life calls in his debt by asking the A-Team to help deal with the thugs who have taken over the tropical island where he has set up a…

9 Nov 20


Col. Lynch stakes out a Wild West show that has been terrorized by a group of A-Team impostors, sure that the real guys won’t be able to ignore them.

10 Nov 27

Sheriffs of Rivertown

The A-Team travels to South America where they become the law in a town built to house workers of a power plant that has been experiencing a number of fatal accidents.

11 Dec 04

The Bells of St. Marys

Threats from their old record label prompt a singing group who went to school with Face to ask the A-Team for help.

12 Dec 11

Hot Styles

Face’s latest girl friend is rather ungrateful after the A-Team rescues her from mobsters.

13 Dec 18


After being taken hostage by bankrobbers B.A. and Murdock are named as accomplices and put in jail until Decker can come and get them.

14 Jan 08

Cup A' Joe

A restaurateur tries to force the owners of a small diner to sell out to him after he arranges for a new freeway off-ramp to be built nearby.

15 Jan 15

The Big Squeeze

The A-Team opens its own restaurant to lure a ruthless loan shark who has other restaurant owners terrified.

16 Jan 22


B.A. goes undercover as a boxer in order to put a drug-trafficking ring out of business.

17 Jan 29


The A-Team travels to Kenya to deal with game poachers who have included a game warden among their kills.

18 Feb 05

Road Games

Face infiltrates a gambling ring to clear a man’s gambling debts and to save the foster home he runs.

19 Feb 12

Moving Targets

A Middle Eastern potentate hires the A-Team to protect his about-to-be-married daughter despite her ideas to the contrary.

20 Feb 26

Knights of the Road

The A-Team comes to the aid of an auto mechanic being driven out of business by a ruthless competitor.

21 Mar 05

Waste 'Em!

The A-Team discovers a plot to dump toxic waste when they try to protect a man and his blind sister from harassment.

22 Apr 02


Murdock is kidnapped by bounty hunters that hope to use him as bait to capture the rest of the A-Team. When the Team arrives to rescue him, they find he has fallen in love with…

23 Apr 09

Beverly Hills Assault

The A-Team goes uptown and gets involved with an art dealer who has been replacing original paintings with fakes.

24 May 07

Trouble Brewing

Two sisters ask the A-Team for help when they are pressured to convert their all-natural soda pop bottling plant into a brewery.

25 May 14

Incident at Crystal Lake

The A-Team’s planned fishing vacation at a lakeside retreat is ruined when Decker and his men show up.

About The A-Team

“If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: THE A-TEAM.” These words open one of the most famous TV series of all time. The A-Team was about 4 escaped fugitives from a crime they did not commit: Col. John “Hannibal” Smith, their heroic leader, in charge of making the plans, Lt. Templeton “Face” Peck, the team’s conman and womanizer, Cpt. H.M. “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock, an insane pilot who acts as a comedy relief, and Sgt. B.A. Barracus, played by Mr. T in his role of a lifetime. Together, they fight evildoers, escape the military, and create catchphrases in the process. A classic for all ages, The A-Team should be watch by everyone.