The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Aug 27


When U.S. Marshal Brisco County, Sr. is murdered by John Bly and his gang of outlaws, the robber barons of San Francisco’s Westerfield Club hire Brisco County, Jr. as a b…

2 Sep 03

The Orb Scholar

Brisco follows a lead on Bly to the town of Poker Flats. He finds Bly, the orb, and an old friend who once left him to die at the hands of the Swill brothers.

3 Sep 10

No Man's Land

The Swill brothers (Will, Bill, Gil, and Phil) steal an experimental Army tank. Brisco is injured while pursuing them, and his ally Professor Wickwire takes him to a town popul…

4 Sep 17

Brisco in Jalisco

Brisco and Socrates head south of the border when the Westerfield Club orders them to recover some stolen guns. Not only is Dixie involved with both the evil general and the re…

5 Sep 24

Socrates' Sister

Brisco manages to capture Jack Randolph, one of Bly’s gang. However, he claims to be a different Jack Randolph. Socrates’ sister Iphigenia arrives to defend him, an…

6 Oct 01


Socrates sends out an S.O.S. to Brisco when he loses Westerfield Club money to Brett Bones, a member of John Bly’s gang, in a poker game. Brisco, Bowler, Socrates and Wyl…

7 Oct 08


Blackbeard LaCutte, a member of Bly’s gang, fancies himself a pirate of the land, and intercepts stagecoaches and wagons and ““boards”“ them. Bris…

8 Oct 15

Senior Spirit

On the trail of Bly once more, Brisco is confronted by the ghost of his father, who hints at his mysterious destiny with the Orb, hints that there are other Orbs, and helps him…

9 Oct 22

Brisco for the Defense

Brisco is called upon by an old friend, a doctor, to serve as defense lawyer when the guy is accused of murdering a prominent citizen. Despite the hostility of the townsfolk, t…

10 Oct 29


Brisco returns to his hometown to help an old friend of the family, the town sheriff, deal with a villianous cattle baron. He also renews a relationship with the sheriff’…

11 Nov 05

Deep in the Heart of Dixie

A ruthless assassin, Winston Smiles, is on the trail of Dixe Cousins because of vital evidence that she has against his employer. Brisco and Bowler come to her aid, and the tra…

12 Nov 12

Crystal Hawks

A series of mysterious robberies and the apparent murder of a bank manager implicate Brisco, who has a price put on his head. A female bounty hunter, Crystal Hawks, is the most…

13 Nov 19

Steel Horses

Juno Dawkins, another member of Bly’s gang, is planning to steal an Orb for his boss. To intercept the high-speed government transport, he steals four prototype “&#…

14 Dec 10

Mail Order Brides

While back on the trail of the Swill brothers, Brisco and Bowler rescue three mail-order brides making their way to Denver who had their dowries stolen by the Swills. The Swill…

15 Dec 17

AKA Kansas

Another of Bly’s gang, Doc McCoy, is planning to steal an experimental weapon from a government facility. McCoy is Dixie Cousins’ ex-husband, and is interested in r…

16 Jan 07

Bounty Hunter's Convention

Brisco and Bowler are invited to a gathering of bounty hunters brought together to look at new ““futuristic”“ devices for law enforcement and capturing…

17 Jan 14

Fountain of Youth

Brisco and Bowler are seemingly contacted by Professor Coles (from The Orb Scholar), but its actually a ploy by John Bly, who is in cahoots with the professor’s daughter.…

18 Feb 04

Hard Rock

Brisco and Bowler arrive in Hard Rock, and foil local thug Roy Hondo from breaking up the restaurant run by Bowler’s ex-girlfriend Lenore. It turns out Hondo is running a…

19 Feb 11

Brooklyn Dodgers

Brisco and Bowler run afoul of two orphans, who are being hunted by the New York City mob because of their inheritance. The bounty hunters agree to help get the orphans to San…

20 Feb 18

Bye Bly

The last member of Bly’s gang, a cat-burglar named Pepe Bendrix, escapes Bowler and Brisco but is arrested by Agent Brown, who offers him a pardon in return for Pepe̵…

21 Mar 11

Ned Zed

A father reads his son a bed-time story from a dime novel, of how Brisco County and his ““loyal sidekick”“ Lord Bowler brought in the notorious Ned Zed.…

22 Apr 01


Brisco is assigned to transport an English spy, Emma Steed, to Mexico as part of an exchange. Trouble arises when it turns out there is an assassin aboard the stagecoach, sent…

23 Apr 08

Wild Card

Dixie Cousins and her cousin Dolly attempt to start up a casino and dance hall, but run afoul of the Tataglia clan: a group of suspiciously Mafia-like Italian crimelords. They…

24 Apr 22

And Baby Makes Three

Pete Hutter gets hold of a Chinese baby who happens to be the future Emperor of China. He is killed by ““Chinese death stars”“ (but only temporarily) an…

25 Apr 29

Bad Luck Betty

During his birthday celebration, Socrates mysteriously disappears. Brisco, Bowler and Whip follow the trail to the strange town of Midnightville. They found out that Socrates w…

26 May 13

High Treason (1)

The episode begins with Brisco and Bowler captured by the U.S. Army and put on trial as traitors. In flashback at their trial, they tell of how they were unofficially sent by t…

27 May 20

High Treason (2)

In part 2, Brisco and Bowler manage to escape the firing squad by faking their deaths. Unfortunately, their ploy doesn’t last long and the megalomaniacal General Quarry s…

About The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

This one-season series chronicles the adventures of Brisco County Jr., son of the famous marshal. Brisco’s father was killed by an escaping John Bly, a villain with a gang of criminals, and a connection to a set of mysterious Orbs. Brisco, a bounty hunter and lawyer, swore to bring Bly in. It was eventually revealed that Bly was a criminal from the future who had come back in time to get the Orbs. Bly was defeated once and for all, and Brisco went on to work as an agent for the U.S. Government. Brisco was assisted in his efforts by a vast supporting cast, including sassy, intelligent dance hall girl Dixie Cousins, rival bounty hunter and eventual friend & partner Lord Bowler, lawyer Socrates Poole, an eccentric Professor Wickwire, and many others.