The Agency: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 28

French Kiss

Agents of the CIA go to France to find Matt’s killer. When the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, and…

2 Oct 05

Air Lex

Gage must decide whether a hijacked plane carrying Stiles and Lex should be shot down

3 Oct 12

The Great Game

Terri, Stiles and Lex oversee the formation of a new Afghan Ministry of Intelligence in Kabul, Afghanistan, where Terri and Stiles’ lives are threatened. Meanwhile, Gage…

4 Oct 19

C.S. Lie

When a CIA plane crashes in China, the operatives must hide the evidence before it is discovered.

5 Oct 26

The Prisoner

When Gage discovers that a potential Iraqi defector has been held prisoner in the U.S. for the last 6 years, he authorizes a mission to take the man back to his homeland to ide…

6 Nov 02

Home Grown

The Agency discovers that a suicide bomber responsible for the death of 14 people in an amusment park is an American citizen belonging to a terrorist ring.

7 Nov 09


A blown operation leads to a Senate inquiry into possible wrongdoings at the CIA. The CIA tries to turn a Columbian druglor…

8 Nov 16

First Born

The president’s brother is in an accident, which put the CIA in a bind.

9 Nov 23


Ouinn tells everybody stiles is missing now everyone puts their holiday plans on hold to find him.

10 Dec 06


Is Gage wanted by the FBI? The agents think so,there about to find what he is really up to.

11 Dec 14

Elite Meat to Eat

Teri is taken to Stiles to his home. The Incident Response Team heads to Ireland to stop arms dealers.

12 Jan 18

An Isolated Incident

Stiles and Terri head to the Gaza Strip in search of a U.S. citizen who left America with his wife due to a killing spree at a travel agency.

13 Feb 01

Debbie Does Djakarta

Just how far will the CIA go to get what it wants? Gage and the team must try and stop an election in Indonesia which puts a terrorist supporter in th…

14 Feb 08


Lex learns that a possible bomb attack may occur in Australia, Gage doesn’t want to act because terrorists may another attcak on the U.S.

15 Feb 15

Absolute Bastard

Stiles heads to west Africa to help former CIA informants and runs into someone he loved.

16 Feb 22

Unholy Alliances

Gage goes to Israel to help with peace talks.

17 Mar 15

Soft Kills

Terri,Stiles & Lex must go to Spain to find out why military wives were killed, While Lex, Stiles, & Terri try to stay out of danger.

18 Apr 12

Spy Finance

Stiles tries to stop a drug dealer from helping terrorists, Can Stiles get the drug dealer to help capture the terrorists?

19 Apr 26

War, Inc

David Cassidy (Everett Price) who lost his wife on 9/11 hurts the relationship between the U.S. & Saudi Arabia, Now Gage must try and stop anymore missile attacks.

20 May 03

Mi Cena con Andrei

The agency is trying to find out the if the creator of the super virus is guilty because several people have died to the virus having thought to been sold. Stiles travels to Me…

21 May 10

Our Man in Korea (1)

Terri Lowell is about to get a big shock the man she dated in college could be a double agent because his company could be shipping weapons to North Korea (behind his back) his…

22 May 17

Our Man In Washington (2)

Terri is thought to be alive after Stiles & Agent Shelton discover her car and watch. Terri is kidnapped to find who Terri told about the double life of Joshua and how Terr…

About The Agency

The Agency follows the inner-workings of the CIA, as seen through the eyes of its agents, their missions and investigations into terrorist activities inside and outside of the US