The Andy Griffith Show: Season 1


# Air Date Title

The New Housekeeper

Rose, the former housekeeper, gets married and Opie is unhappy at her departure. Aunt Bee comes to live with Andy and Opie, and Opie is not exactly thrilled with her.


The Manhunt

The state police ask Andy and Barney to step aside while they search for an escaped convict in Mayberry.


The Guitar Player

Andy schemes to help a young local guitarist (James Best).


Ellie Comes to Town

Andy is smitten by Mayberry’s new ““pharmacy gal”“—Miss Ellie Walker (Elinor Donahue).


Irresistible Andy

Andy comes to believe that Ellie is a ““deadly female hunter”“ out to marry him.


Runaway Kid

Opie befriends an eight-year-old runaway.


Andy the Matchmaker

Andy, trying to lift Barney’s spirits, stages a minor robbery and tries to match his deputy with a shy seamstress.


Opie's Charity

Andy becomes upset when Opie contributes a measly three cents to the Underprivileged Children’s drive.


A Feud is a Feud

Andy strives to end a long-running feud between two neighboring families.


Ellie for Council

Ellie’s decision to run for town council sparks a battle of the sexes.


Christmas Story

A modern-day Scrooge (businessman Ben Weaver) causes trouble on Christmas Eve.


Stranger In Town

Mayberrians (especially Barney) become suspicious of a stranger who seems to possess knowledge about everyone.


Mayberry Goes Hollywood

Almost everyone puts on airs when a Hollywood film crew decides to use Mayberry as the backdrop for a movie.


The Horse Trader

Ignoring his own advice to Opie, Andy plays fast and loose with the facts when trying to sell the old town cannon.


Those Gossipin' Men

After Andy teases the fairer sex about gossiping, Aunt Bee pulls a prank to prove that men are gossips, too.


The Beauty Contest

Andy is chosen to be the sole judge of a local beauty pageant. The entrants include Floyd’s niece, the mayor’s daughter and Ellie Walker.


Alcohol and Old Lace

Andy and Barney, on a still-smashing spree, are surprised when a trail leads them to two spinster sisters.


Andy and the Marriage Counselor

Andy counsels a Mayberry couple who are constantly bickering with each other


Mayberry on Record

Andy becomes suspicious when a record promoter comes to town to gather material for a folk music album.


Andy Saves Barney's Morale

Barney’s overzealous policing enrages the people of Mayberry.


Andy and the Gentleman Crook

An infamous con artist, held temporarily in Mayberry, manages to enchant everyone except Andy.


Cyrano Andy

Andy tries to help Barney express his lovestruck feelings for Thelma Lou.


Andy and Opie, Housekeepers

Andy and Opie go to great lengths to show Aunt Bee what a mess they’d be without her.


The New Doctor

A handsome new doctor arouses suspicion in Aunt Bee and Barney and jealousy in Andy.


A Plaque for Mayberry

Mayor Pike (Dick Elliott) and the townspeople are shocked to discover that the last living descendant of Revolutionary War hero, Nathan Tibbs, is Mayberry’s town drunk, O…


The Inspector

A by-the-book courthouse inspector condemns Andy and Barney’s lack of proper procedure.


Ellie Saves a Female

Ellie encourages and helps a female farmhand to express her femininity.


Andy Forecloses

Grumpy businessman Ben Weaver insists that Andy foreclose on a down-on-his-luck neighbor.


Quiet Sam

Barney is suspicious of Mayberry’s mysterious new farmer (William Schallert).


Barney Gets His Man

An escaped convict vows revenge on the man who sent him back to prison—Barney Fife.


The Guitar Player Returns

Mayberry guitarist Jim Lindsey (James Best), a success as a solo artist, returns to a hero’s welcome. However, Andy suspects trouble.


Bringing Up Opie

Aunt Bee, believing that the jailhouse environment is adversely affecting Opie, forbids the lad to spend time at the courthouse.

About The Andy Griffith Show

Down-home humor and an endearing cast of characters helped make The Andy Griffith Show one of the most beloved comedies in the history of TV. The show centered around widower Andy Taylor, who divided his time between raising his young son Opie, and his job as sheriff of the sleepy North Carolina town, Mayberry. Andy and Opie live with Andy’s Aunt Bee, who serves as a surrogate mother to both father and son. Andy’s nervous cousin, Barney Fife, is his deputy sheriff whose incompetence is tolerated because Mayberry is virtually crime-free.