The Beverly Hillbillies: Season 2


# Air Date Title

Jed Gets the Misery

Jed pretends to be sick so Granny can practice her Doctorin’, Mr Drysdale helps out too, but then Granny won’t let them out of bed.!


Hair-Raising Holiday

A doctor blows the whistle on Granny’s mountain-medicine practice.


Granny's Garden

Granny wants to plough the front lawn of the mansion to grow vegetables.


Elly Starts to School

From TV Guide: Elly enrolls at a finishing school.


The Clampett Look

From TV Guide: A new fashion called ““The Clampett Look”“ has come to Beverly Hills. Its greatest fans: the wealthy Fenwicks, who the Clampetts think ar…


Jethro's First Love

Jethro falls in love with a stripper named Chickadee Laverne. He takes her home to the mansion to meet the family, but Chickadee thinks He wants to engage her for a party, no…


Chickadee Returns

Chicadee laverne returns with a new act.


The Clampetts Are Overdrawn

Jed’s bank statement & another J.D. Clampetts bank statement are sent to the wrong address. J.D. (Jake) Clampett an unemployed actor is suddenly $36 million richer.…


The Clampetts Go Hollywood

Cousin Jake wants to turn the Clampetts into movie stars,& almost gets his way until Miss Jane, Mr Drysdale & Jed make the family see how silly they’re behaving.<…


Turkey Day

Mrs Drysdale wants an authentic Thanksgiving photograph, so she hires Pilgrim costumes, two Indian braves, & a live turkey for the picture. The turkey escapes into the C…


The Garden Party

Mrs Drysdale is having a garden party & tells the Clampetts not to attend. They misunderstand & think she wants them to come. When they arrive they are bored so Mrs D…


Elly Needs a Maw

From TV Guide: Jed decides Elly May needs taming, so he goes out to look for a wife.


The Clampetts Get Culture

From TV Guide: The Clampetts are going home because they feel out of place.


Christmas at the Clampetts

Mr Drysdale buys the Clampetts some presents for Christmas. He buys Jed a boat & inside it is a Chimpanzee for Elly. (The Clampetts think he sailed the boat up their driv…


A Man for Elly

From TV Guide: Granny thinks TV hero Quirt Manly (Henry Gibson) can tame Elly.


The Giant Jackrabbit

At the mansion, the clan is in need of food, because the hunting in Beverly Hills is horrible. They call a catering company, but get mean-mouthed. At the bank, Drysdale gets a…


The Girl from Home

Lafe Crick arrives with his daughter Essiebelle. He found the love letters Jethro wrote to her & wants Jethro & Essiebelle to Marry-up. Lafe is only interested in Ma…


Lafe Lingers On

From TV Guide: Granny makes freeloader Lafe Crick look for a job.


The Race for Queen

From TV Guide: Bob Cummings has a cameo as the Clampetts strike more oil.


Lafe Returns

Lafe returns & talks Mr Drysdale into giving him a job as a nightwatchman at the bank to look after Jed’s money. When Mr Drysdale tells Lafe that only some of the mon…


Son of Lafe Returns

From TV Guide: Lafe Crick tries to pair his son with Elly.


The Clampetts Go Fishing

From TV Guide: The Clampetts tackle deep-sea fishing.


The Critter Doctor

Granny and Elly May clash over who’s going to treat an ailing dog.


A Bride for Jed

Country musicians Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampetts.


Granny Versus the Weather Bureau

Granny locks horns with the weather forecaster (John McGiver).


Another Neighbor

Granny is dispensing her tonic to her neighbors in Beverly Hills.


The Bank Raising

The Clampetts come prepared to a ground-breaking ceremony.


The Great Crawdad Hunt

Jed offers Drysdale half of the crawdad shipment he just received.


The Dress Shop

The Clampetts open an exclusive Beverly Hills dress shop.


The House of Granny

The Clampetts’ dress shop opens at dawn to beat the competition.


The Continental Touch

Elly acquires a new look when she buys some daring creations.


Jed, Incorporated

Drysdale schemes to get control of the Clampetts’ investments.


Granny Learns to Drive

Motorists and pedestrians become endangered species when Granny learns to drive.


Cabin in Beverly Hills

Granny gets Jed to build a cabin behind the mansion because she is homesick. The cabin is on the Drysdale/Clampett property line and Mrs. Drysdale calls a ““home w…


Jed Foils a Home Wrecker

Mrs. Drysdale turns a wrecking company loose on the Clampetts’ cabin.


Jethro's Graduation

Jethro is graduating at last — from the sixth grade.

About The Beverly Hillbillies

The Beverly Hillbillies (1962 – 1971) is an American sitcom that was one of the most successful comedies in the history of American television.

The story of Jed Clampett, a widowed, simple backwoods mountaineer who becomes a millionaire when oil is discovered on his property in Sibly (an Ozark community). Episodes relate his misadventures when he and his family move to Beverly Hills, California, and struggle to adjust to the fast, sophisticated modern life of the big city.