The Beverly Hillbillies: Season 4


# Air Date Title

Admiral Jed Clampett

Mr Drysdale wants Jed to buy a yacht & join the Yacht club. Jethro sees Mr Drysdale’s captains hat & goes out to find a something similar for Jed. He returns wi…


That Old Black Magic

Granny thinks Mrs Drysdale’s astrology is Black Magic, Mrs Drysdale’s horoscope says to make friends with the neighbours. Granny chases her away, but later goes t…


The Sheik

Jed appears on TV with an Oil Sheik & the president of the O.K. Oil Company. When Jed mentions ““he ain’t got no wife”“ the Sheik sends him fo…


The Private Eye

Jethro is a ‘double nought’ spy waiting for a call from ‘M’ so he can go on an adventure. Mr Drysdale gives him an office in the bank & Elly May is…


Possum Day

Granny thinks Mrs.Drysdale is running against her for Possum Queen.Granny and the family put on a rip-snotin’ campaign to elect Granny Possum Queen.Mr.Drysdale,in the mea…


The Possum Day Parade

Granny is wondering why her opponent Mrs Drysdale hasn’t started her campaign for Possum Queen yet. When Mr Drysdale learns this he immediately starts campaigning for h…


The Clampetts Play the Rams

Drysdale’s maid is spending too much time with Jethro.


The Courtship of Elly

Elly May again becomes the target of one of Granny’s matchmaking schemes.


A Real Nice Neighbor

The Clampetts think the house keeper from next door is their new neighbour.


The Poor Farmer

Drysdale organizes a financial syndicate.


Hoe Down a-Go-Go

Jethro has girl trouble—he can’t get one! Jed and Granny decide throw a wing-ding where he and Elly Mae can meet nice young folks. The bank’s Ms. Hathaway and…


Mrs. Drysdale's Father

Mrs Drysdale’s father arrives & is a little short of cash. After hearing that Jed next-door is a millionaire he invites himself over for a game of poker. Mrs Drysda…


Mr. Farquhar Stays On

Mrs. Drysdale’s father, an aristocratic Bostonian, is coming to visit, and she’s afraid that one glimpse of the unrefined Clampetts will send him back to Boston.


Military School

Jethro enters military school.


The Common Cold

Granny has a cure for the common cold & opens up an office in Mr Drysdale’s Building.


The Richest Woman

The world’s richest woman has her eye on the Clampett estate.


The Trotting Horse

Granny asks Jethro to give her driving lessons. After the first lesson he quits & Mr Drysdale talks Jed into buying a trotter. The Clampetts just want the horse to take G…


The Buggy

The Clampetts buy a horse for Mrs Drysdale named Lightning. Jed wants Mr Drysdale to ask his wife if she’ll compete with Granny in a buggy race.


The Cat Burglar

Elly-May is worried because she heard there was a Cat-Burglar on the loose. So she gathered up all her cats & took them inside the house. Later the Cat Burglar posing as a…


The Big Chicken

Granny thinks an ostrich in their yard is a big chicken & tries to catch it for supper.


Sonny Drysdale Returns

Perpetual student Sonny Drysdale returns home.


Brewster's Baby

Granny and Elly head for the Ozarks to help deliver a friend’s baby.


The Great Jethro

Jethro decides to be a magician after seeing Marvo the Magnificent.Marvo puts on a magic show for the Clampetts-and later sells Jethro his entire warehouse of equipment(which h…


The Old Folks Home

A spring-fever epidemic hits the Clampett home.


Flatt and Scruggs Return

Musicians Flatt and Scruggs pay a visit.


The Folk Singers

Jethro abandons his career as an astronaut to become a folk singer.


The Beautiful Maid

Julie Newmar as an actress studying backwoods behavior for a movie role.


Jethro's Pad

While cleaning out Mr Drysdale’s garage to earn some extra money for his new pad, Jethro finds a large pile of ““mens magazines”“. With his ne…


The Bird Watchers

Mr Drysdale wants Dash to ask Elly for another date. Miss Jane meets her hero, Prof. Biddle (of the Biddle birdwatchers)& they go out on a field trip looking for birds to w…


Jethro Gets Engaged

Jethro get’s a job as Dash Riprock’s stunt double. He changes his name to ““Beef Jerky”“.


Granny Tonics a Birdwatcher

Prof.Biddle drinks some of Granny’s tonic thinking it’s water & his personality changes.


Jethro Goes to College

Jethro goes to college & when he graduates Mr Drysdale makes him Vice President of the Bank. Elly wants to go to college too, but she ends up in a karate school.!

About The Beverly Hillbillies

The Beverly Hillbillies (1962 – 1971) is an American sitcom that was one of the most successful comedies in the history of American television.

The story of Jed Clampett, a widowed, simple backwoods mountaineer who becomes a millionaire when oil is discovered on his property in Sibly (an Ozark community). Episodes relate his misadventures when he and his family move to Beverly Hills, California, and struggle to adjust to the fast, sophisticated modern life of the big city.