The Beverly Hillbillies: Season 6


# Air Date Title

Jed Inherits a Castle

Jed gets a letter in the mail saying he has inherited a castle in England. Jethro reads up on England & Queen Elizabeth the first. He thinks that England hasn’t chan…


The Clampetts in London

The Clampetts think they’ve arrived in London when the plane stops in San Francisco. Jethro points out tower bridge & the taxi driver tells them that ‘tower br…


Clampett Castle

The Clampetts arrive at their Castle & meet John Faversham who introduces himself as major domo (major domocile) Faversham. The Clampetts think his name is Major Domo &…


Robin Hood of Griffith Park

Mr Drysdale mourns a cheque for $10,000,000 Jed paid to Faversham for back taxes on the castle. Jethro starts the ‘war of the roses’ when he chased a dragon thro…


Robin Hood and the Sheriff

Miss Jane,Mr Drysdale,Jed & Granny go to Griffith Park looking for Jethro & Elly. Buddy the Hippie arrives back at the park with all his friends & they start party…


Greetings From the President

Jethro gets a letter from the President to enlist in the Army. Jed doesn’t want the Government to pay for Jethro’s training so he wants to pay all the expenses. Mr…


The Army Game

Jethro wants to be Inducted into the Army. Granny gives him a physical. Jethro arrives limping & hard of hearing. Col Stark is very impressed. The Psychiatrist tells the…


Mr. Universe Muscles In

Mr Drysdale gets Elly a date with Mr Universe, the Clampetts see him & think he’s suffering from bar-bell bloat.
John Cushing from a rival bank wants Elly to da…


A Plot for Granny

Jed wants to find some land for Granny to raise some crops. Jethro tells him about some plots for sale at Happy Valley. Jed phones Happy Valley & a representative arri…


The Social Climbers

Granny gets a letter from Adeline Ashley who wants to visit. When Mrs Drysdale learns of this she wants Adeline to visit her so she can make the social pages. When Adeline…


Jethro's Military Career

Granny is mixing up a batch of her moonshine & Jethro is trying out his frogman outfit in the cement pond. When Granny walks by the pond she thinks Jethro is a sea monster.…


The Reserve Program

Jethro joins the army reserve & Granny makes him wear her Grandpappy’s uniform. When he arrives the sergeant thinks he’s an extra in a civil war movie. The Colo…


The South Rises Again

Granny is preparing for the battle of the Culpepper plantation. General Grant arrives with a hangover. Mr Drysdale dresses as a southern General & Miss Jane is his privat…


Jethro in the Reserve

Granny wants an apology from General Grant for attacking the Culpepper plantation. Colonel Blake wants Jethro for the army reserve but he has to take a written test first. Afte…


Cimarron Drip

Dash Riprock’s new TV show ““Batchelor Sherriff Knows Best”“ needs a new co-star. Jethro hopes he’ll get the part. Mr Chapman the studio…


Corn Pone Picassos

Mrs Drysdale has purchased ‘Ecstasy’ a $2500 art sculpture. It was delivered to the Clampett’s mansion by mistake. Mrs Drysdale runs over & tells the de…


The Clampetts Play Cupid

Dash wants to marry Elly, Elly doesn’t want to marry Dash. Granny and Elly want Dash to turn his attention to Miss Jane. Granny invites Dash for dinner & Elly dre…


The Housekeeper

Jed feels guilty about Granny having to clean the mansion all by herself. He tells Mr Drysdale, who says he’ll find him a housekeeper so Granny can rest. Jed told him he…


The Diner

Jed wants Jethro to open up a business. Jethro decides he wants to be a fry cook & open up a restaurant. Jed tells Mr Drysdale about Jethro’s plan to be a fry cook an…


Topless Anyone?

The Happy Gizzard isn’t doing so well. Jethro realises what’s missing, ‘topless’ waitresses .! He hires Elly as his waitress & tells her to take off…


The Great Snow

Granny is homesick for snow, she wants to go home to Bugtussle. Mr Drysdale doesn’t want them to leave, He turns up the air-conditioning in the mansion & borrows a…


The Rass'lin' Clampetts

Granny & Mrs Drysdale have a ‘scrap’ & Jed’s ashamed of Granny for fightin’ with the neighbour. Jethro says that in Beverly Hills everyone ra…


The Great Tag-Team Match

Rebecca & her Manager come to the Clampett’s place. The Manager wants a rematch between Granny & the Boston strong girl. Granny says no. Jed offers to pay Rebec…


Jethro Proposes

Granny wants Jed to propose marriage to Miss Jane. He says no, so she asks Jethro. Jethro is going to ask but meets Ilsa on the way & forgets all about it. Granny tells…


The Clampetts Fiddle Around

Miss Jane & Jethro attend a violin recital.(Jethro sleeps through most of it) Miss Jane suggests Jethro takes violin lessons.
Maestro Stromboli arrives to teach Jethr…


The Soap Opera

Granny thinks her favourite T.V. soap opera is real. She invites the star to the Mansion because on the show he was sick & she wanted to Doctor him. When she thinks she&#…


Dog Days

Granny threatens to leave unless Elly gets rid of her menagerie.


The Crystal Gazers

Supernatural shenanigans spook the Clampetts.


From Rags to Riches

Mr Drysdale wants to make a commercial starring the Clampetts as lazy hillbillies wasting their lives at the beginning, to successful contributors to society at the end. He dre…


Cousin Roy

Cousin Roy arrives & wants to open a Hollywood branch of Mother Mabel’s elixir. Granny doesn’t want her old rival Mabel to be sucessful at her expense, so Grann…

About The Beverly Hillbillies

The Beverly Hillbillies (1962 – 1971) is an American sitcom that was one of the most successful comedies in the history of American television.

The story of Jed Clampett, a widowed, simple backwoods mountaineer who becomes a millionaire when oil is discovered on his property in Sibly (an Ozark community). Episodes relate his misadventures when he and his family move to Beverly Hills, California, and struggle to adjust to the fast, sophisticated modern life of the big city.