The Big C: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Aug 16


After being diagnosed with melanoma, Cathy decides to build a pool in her backyard, much to the chagrin of her older curmudgeonly neighbor, Marlene. Cathy’s son, Adam, plays pr…

2 Aug 23

Summer Time

Cathy learns from Dr. Todd just how little time she has left, and for the first time in her life, starts to appreciate her body. Paul tries to make sense of his wife’s re…

3 Aug 30

There's No C in Team

When Cathy’s attempt to connect to the people closest to her fails, she signs up for a well-meaning but overbearing cancer support group. Adam rebuffs Cathy’s attem…

4 Sep 13

Playing the Cancer Car

Cathy, eager to try on a carefree, impulsive persona, drains her 401K, buys a convertible and imagines what life would be like if she were Dr. Todd’s girlfriend. At his t…

5 Sep 20

Blue-Eyed Iris

Cathy meets someone new to feel sexy again. Meanwhile, Cathy’s eccentric brother Sean tries to keep his building and Adam is caught while watching pornography.

6 Sep 27

Taking Lumps

Cathy needs a lump on her butt removed and someone to pick her up after surgery. She asks Marlene, who becomes disoriented – so Lenny picks up Cathy instead. Sean moves i…

7 Oct 04

Two For The Road

Cathy and Sean hit the open road to visit their dad. During the trip, Cathy tells Sean she has cancer. Sean falls apart at the news, so Cathy pretends it was a big joke. Adam g…

8 Oct 11

Happy Birthday, Cancer

For her birthday, Paul surprises Cathy with a party just when Lenny has invited her to an art opening on the Bahamas. At the party, Cathy’s brother begins a fling with Ca…

9 Oct 18

The Ecstasy and the Agony

Dr. Todd tells Cathy that she’s been rejected from the clinical trial. Sean sets up Marlene on a date. At a party, Adam gets into a fight with Andrea. Cathy and Lenny take ecst…

10 Oct 25

Divine Intervention

Cathy’s unexpected visit to Andrea’s home yields many surprises. Later, Cathy seeks spiritual advice at church and while helping around the house. Rebecca calls it quits with S…

11 Nov 01

New Beginnings

Paul seeks support from people at his work place, but gets more than he bargained for. Sean pulls away from Rebecca when it appears she’s getting too serious. Cathy, Marlene an…

12 Nov 08

Everything That Rises Must Converge

Dr. Todd and Cathy go to see the Bee Man to seek non-traditional treatment for her cancer. Paul is overly supportive of Cathy around the house. Sean gives Adam relationship adv…

13 Nov 15

Taking the Plunge

In the Season 1 finale, Cathy receives the news about her bee treatments.

About The Big C

A suburban mom, diagnosed with cancer, tries to find the humor in the disease.