The Bob Newhart Show: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 16

Fly the Unfriendly Skies

Bob invites Emily to join his fear of flying group on a trip to New York City. Much to Bob’s surprise he finds that Emily also has a fear of flying and refuses to go. Aft…

2 Sep 23

Tracy Grammar School, I'll Lick You Yet

It’s Vocation Day in Emily’s class, and Bob feels left out when he’s not invited. At the last minute, he’s asked to fill in, but Emily’s worst fea…

3 Sep 30

Tennis, Emily?

Bob experiences pangs of jealousy when Emily’s handsome new tennis instructor comes to see him with an emotional problem, namely, his inability to turn down the women who…

4 Oct 07

Mom, I L-L-Love You

Bob finds it extremely difficult to tell his mother that he loves her.

5 Oct 21

Goodnight Nancy

Bob’s old girlfriend comes to Chicago with her husband and calls on Emily and Bob.

6 Oct 28

Come Live with Me

Carol tries to get Bob to approve her moving in with her new boyfriend Roger, who has just separated from his wife. Bob refuses, telling her she will have to make her own decis…

7 Nov 04

Father Knows Worst

Bob’s divorced neighbor, Howard Borden, is convinced that his son, Howie, doesn’t really like him. Later, Howard’s ex-wife convinces him that Howie thinks he…

8 Nov 11

Don't Go to Bed Mad

Bob wants to watch football every Monday night. Emily feels this is unfair: their other activities allow the couple only two nights each week to be together, and she thinks the…

9 Nov 18


Bob and Emily have been trying for some time to have a child. When they attend a party where the conversation turns to the subject of children, they feel so left out that they…

10 Nov 25

Anything Happen While I Was Gone?

As soon as Bob returns to the office from his vacation in Mexico, Jerry announces that he is about to be married to a girl he met nine days ago. Cynthia, a beautiful but domine…

11 Dec 02

I Want to Be Alone

Bob decides that for his own mental well-being, he needs some peace and quiet. He moves into a hotel room by himself, leaving a confused Howard Borden thinking that Bob and Emi…

12 Dec 09

Bob and Emily and Howard and Carol and Jerry

Howard “floats” into Bob’s office on Cloud Nine after having a tooth pulled. He is so poetic that Carol tells Emily, “I want him.” Emily agrees to…

13 Dec 16

I Owe It All to You... But Not That Much

Jerry decides there is something wrong with him because he never becomes serious about any of the girls he dates. He asks Bob if he can become one of his patients. Bob agrees,…

14 Dec 23

His Busiest Season

Christmas becomes a sad memory for Bob’s group therapy session, and it’s evident that “‘tis not the season”“ for everyone to be jolly. Bob d…

15 Jan 06

Let's Get Away From it Almost

Bob and Emily travel to a ski lodge that’s nearly deserted except for the annoying couple with whom they share a bathroom. After sitting through a disastrous dinner, the…

16 Jan 13

The Crash of 29 Years Old

Feeling unfulfilled as a woman, and having just passed her 29th birthday, Carol quits her job as Bob’s receptionist. After having been gone for a while, Carol suddenly sh…

17 Jan 20

The Man with the Golden Wrist

Bob refuses to wear the beautiful gold watch Emily gave him for his 40th birthday after he learns just how expensive it was.

18 Jan 27

The Two Loves of Dr. Hartley

When one of his patients falls in love with him, Bob has problems at the office and at home.

19 Feb 03

Not With My Sister You Don't

Howard Borden’s 22-year old sister Debbie arrives to spend the week with him. Emily arranges a blind date for her with Jerry Robinson and Howard suddenly turns into an ov…

20 Feb 10

A Home is Not Necessarily a House

Bob and Emily try to decide if they should give up their apartment and buy a house.

21 Feb 17

Emily, I'm Home... Emily?

Bob is upset when Emily takes a full-time job with the Board of Education. Emily explains that working full-time makes her feel wonderful, while quitting would make her miserab…

22 Feb 24

You Can Win 'Em All

When a star pitcher for the Chicago Cubs credits Bob with saving his career, the endorsement brings Bob a new patient, Moose Washburn, a second-string player whose career is be…

23 Mar 03

Bum Voyage

Afraid that his practice, as well as his patients, will fall apart if he leaves, Bob keeps resisting Emily’s plans for a two-month European cruise.

24 Mar 10

Who's Been Sleeping on My Couch?

Recovering from another broken romance, Jerry Robinson accepts Bob’s invitation to spend a couple of days at his apartment. Bob soon comes to regret his kindness.

About The Bob Newhart Show

The Bob Newhart Show was part of CBS’ highly successful Saturday night lineup which also featured The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Carol Burnett Show and All in the Family. Another connection to The Mary Tyler Moore Show was that The Bob Newhart Show was produced by the same team that made that series a success. Bob Newhart plays Dr. Robert Hartley, a psychologist living in Chicago with his wife Emily, a schoolteacher. His neighbor, Howard Borden, is a divorced airplane navigator. One of Bob’s best friends is Dr. Jerry Robinson, an orthodontist that works on the same floor as Bob. There’s also Bob and Jerry’s receptionist Carol Kester as well as a long list of patients of Bob’s such as Elliot Carlin, Lillian Bakerman, Emil Peterson and Victor Gianelli. First Telecast: September 16, 1972
Last Telecast: September 2, 1978 Episodes: 142 Color Episodes, 1 Special & 1 Unaired Pilot CBS Broadcast History
September 1972-October 1976——Saturdays——9:30 p.m
November 1