The Bob Newhart Show: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 14

Big Brother is Watching

Bob is faced with the possibility that his younger sister, Ellen, may move in with Howard, her boyfriend.

2 Sep 21

The Battle of the Groups

Bob takes two of his therapy groups to a rustic retreat for a marathon session that never progresses further than everyone’s complaints about the primitive conditions of…

3 Sep 28

The Great Timpau Medical Arts Experiment

Jerry Robinson suggests that all the doctors in the building form a co-op to treat each other for free. This leads to chaos and hostility that find expression in Bob’s sp…

4 Oct 05

The Separation Story

For the sake of their marriage—as well as Emily’s Master’s Degree and Bob’s heavy work schedule—the Hartleys decide that it would be best if they took up…

5 Oct 12

Sorry, Wrong Mother

As Howard prepares to introduce Howie to Ellen, he tries to remold Ellen into an image the boy will like.

6 Oct 19

The Gray Flannel Shrink

Bob gives up most of his private practice to become the staff psychologist with a major insurance company. He soon learns that it’s possible for a man in the corporate wo…

7 Oct 26

Dr. Ryan's Express

Bob’s office routine becomes a wreck when Jerry hires a temporary receptionist. She’s a very nice but very vague woman who can’t even get Bob’s name str…

8 Nov 02

Brutally Yours, Bob Hartley

Having preached honesty in relationships to his patients, Bob decides to follow his own advice. Immediately he offends two dinner guests and starts an argument with Emily.

9 Nov 09

Ship of Shrinks

Bob’s first literary venture turns out to be less than triumphant. His embarrassment makes him reluctant to join a convention of psychologists on a flight to Hawaii, espe…

10 Nov 16

Life is a Hamburger

Carol’s announcement that she’s going to marry Don Fesler—an unpublished poet with bad feet—brings negative reactions from her friends.

11 Nov 23

An American Family

Emily’s plans for a wonderful turkey dinner go downhill when Bob’s mother and Emily’s father begin insulting one another the night before Thanksgiving.

12 Nov 30

We Love You... Good-Bye

Bob forms an all-women consciousness-raising group. He gets kicked out after Emily joins and inadvertently points out some of the unliberated areas in their own marriage.

13 Dec 07

Jerry Robinson Crusoe

After renewing an acquaintance with the beautiful and free-spirited Courtney Simpson, Jerry decides to give up his dental practice: he wants to follow his dreams of romance and…

14 Dec 14

Serve for Daylight

Bob thinks his chances of winning a doctor’s tennis tournament are pretty good until he learns that his doubles partner will be Emily.

15 Dec 21

Home is Where the Hurt Is

Facing the depressing prospect of returning home to Iowa to spend the holidays with her domineering parents, Carol brings her troubles to Bob’s apartment. There she spend…

16 Jan 04

Tobin's Back in Town

Ellen’s ex-fiancee, John Tobin—a tall, handsome egomaniac in suede and leather—arrives in Chicago to win Ellen back. The situation plays havoc with Howard’s bas…

17 Jan 11

Think Smartly--Vote Hartley

Before he has a chance to say no, Bob finds himself running for the chairman of the local school board against an incumbent who hasn’t attended a board meeting for six mo…

18 Jan 18

The Way We Weren't

Emily is more than a little curious about Bob’s reluctance to talk about a girl he used to date. Then Howard inadvertently spills the beans.

19 Jan 25

A Pound of Flesh

Bob and Jerry have a falling-out when Jerry demands that Bob lend him money for a new motorcycle.

20 Feb 01

My Business is Shrinking

With his confidence fading as fast as his list of patients, Bob decides to follow Emily’s advice and see a psychiatrist about his problem.

21 Feb 08

The New Look

Emily redecorates the apartment in antiques. Bob finds her choice of furniture uncomfortable, unappealing, and hazardous to his health.

22 Feb 15

Bob Hits the Ceiling

Bob breaks a long-standing rule against treating friends when he agrees to counsel Emily’s chum, whose marriage to a muscular gym teacher seems to be breaking up.

23 Feb 22

Emily Hits the Ceiling

Emily agrees to help operate a children’s summer camp and tries to persuade Bob to be one of the counselors.

24 Mar 08

The Ceiling Hits Bob

Bob becomes the ““oldest permanent psychologist in Chicago”“ when the ceiling in his office collapses and he has to set up shop wherever he can find the…

About The Bob Newhart Show

The Bob Newhart Show was part of CBS’ highly successful Saturday night lineup which also featured The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Carol Burnett Show and All in the Family. Another connection to The Mary Tyler Moore Show was that The Bob Newhart Show was produced by the same team that made that series a success. Bob Newhart plays Dr. Robert Hartley, a psychologist living in Chicago with his wife Emily, a schoolteacher. His neighbor, Howard Borden, is a divorced airplane navigator. One of Bob’s best friends is Dr. Jerry Robinson, an orthodontist that works on the same floor as Bob. There’s also Bob and Jerry’s receptionist Carol Kester as well as a long list of patients of Bob’s such as Elliot Carlin, Lillian Bakerman, Emil Peterson and Victor Gianelli. First Telecast: September 16, 1972
Last Telecast: September 2, 1978 Episodes: 142 Color Episodes, 1 Special & 1 Unaired Pilot CBS Broadcast History
September 1972-October 1976——Saturdays——9:30 p.m
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