The Brady Bunch: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 27

The Dropout

Don Drysdale’s tips for Greg on his baseball playing go to his head. Which leads to Greg deciding to not go to college and he even starts to think about dropping out of…

2 Oct 02

The Babysitters

Mike and Carol decide to allow Greg and Marcia babysit for the younger Bradys one evening when they go out for the evening and Alice is out with Sam.

3 Oct 09

The Slumber Caper

Mike and Carol agree to allow Marcia to have a slumber party and the boys are thrilled because then they’ll be able to play tricks on everyone. Then when Marcia gets int…

4 Oct 16

The Un-Underground Movie

Greg’s history project is a home movie about the pilgrims with the rest of the Bradys clan as the cast. However, soon the other Bradys take over and pretty soon Greg los…

5 Oct 23

Going, Going...Steady

Marcia has a crush on a boy who doesn’t even know she’s alive, at least not until she studies up on his favorite hobby, insect collecting.

6 Oct 30

Call Me Irresponsible

Greg gets his first job as an office boy at Mike’s architectural firm. However, he places his job in jeopardy when he carelessly loses some important designs.

7 Nov 06

The Treasure of Sierra Avenue

While playing football in a vacant lot with Greg and Peter, Bobby discovers a wallet containing $1,100. When the girls learn about the boys coup, they decide they want a cut o…

8 Nov 13

A Fistful of Reasons

A bully named Buddy Hinton has been making fun of Cindy’s lisp. So in order to defend her, Peter tries to learn how to defend himself.

9 Nov 20

The Not-So-Ugly Duckling

Clark Tyson, a boy that Jan has a crush on, likes older girls, especially Marcia. This leads Jan to make up an imaginary boyfriend, George Glass.

10 Dec 04

The Tattle-Tale

Cindy has become somewhat of a tattletale leading Alice to get in a fight with Sam and the other siblings leaving her out of their activities.

11 Dec 11

What Goes Up . . .

When Bobby falls from a tree and sprains his ankle, he devolops a fear of heights. This prompts the Brady family to try to cure his fear.

12 Dec 18

Confessions, Confessions

Peter breaks Carol’s favorite vase on the eve of a camping trip that he’s looking forward to. So in order for him to go on the trip, the other Brady siblings unkno…

13 Jan 01

The Impractical Joker

Jan’s practical joking puts Greg’s science project, a mouse named Myron, in mortal danger when he gets loose allowing Alice to catch a glimpse of him which leads to…

14 Jan 08

Where There's Smoke

Jan and Cindy catch Greg smoking with some friends. This leads to them telling Marcia who in turn tells Mike and Carol.

15 Jan 15

Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?

Tired of being the middle blond girl of the family, Jan tries to alter her appearance by buying a black wig, which she intends to wear to a friend’s upcoming birthday par…

16 Jan 22

The Drummer Boy

When Bobby gets a set of drums he drives the family up the wall. Meanwhile, Peter is made fun of for being in the glee club by his football teammates.

17 Jan 29

Coming-Out Party

Mike’ boss, Mr. Phillips, invites him and his family on a fishing trip on his boat. However when Cindy comes down with tonsillitis, the trip is postponed. Tonsillitis q…

18 Feb 05

Our Son, the Man

Greg, tired of the antics of his younger siblings, thinks he should have his own room. Mike allows Greg to turn his den into his own room. This also leads to Greg dressing a…

19 Feb 12

The Liberation of Marcia Brady

A reporter interviews Marcia and asks her about her views on Women’s Lib. This leads to her joining Greg’s Frontier Scouts to try to prove a woman can do anything…

20 Feb 19

Lights Out

After witnessing a magician performing a disappearing act, Cindy refuses to sleep with the lights off. Meanwhile, Peter begins to develop a magic act and a reluctant Cindy agr…

21 Feb 26

The Winner

After discovering he is the only Brady without a trophy, Bobby enters numerous contests in order to win one. Including, selling magazines and a televised ice cream eating cont…

22 Mar 05

Double Parked

The Brady family goes all out to try to save a neighborhood park from being built on. This puts Mike’s job in jeopardy since his company is the firm in charge of the con…

23 Mar 12

Alice's September Song

An old boyfriend of Alice’s, Mark Millard, comes to town and begins to wine and dine her, unknown to her he has other intentions in mind.

24 Mar 26

Tell it Like It Is

Carol is secretly writing an article about life with the Brady Bunch for Tomorrow’s Woman Magazine. But soon after sending the article in, she gets a rejection letter.

About The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch was one of the last of the old-style fun-around-the-house situation comedies, full of well-scrubbed children, trivial adventures, and relentlessly middle-class parents. The premise here was a kind of conglomerate family, formed by a widow with three daughters who married a widower with three sons; a nutty housekeeper, Alice, thrown in to act as referee; plus, of course, the family cat and a shaggy dog, Tiger.

All of these smiling faces lived in a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in the Los Angeles suburbs, from which Dad pursued his nice, clean profession as a designer and architect. Typical stories revolved around the children going steady, family camping trips, competition for the family telephone (at one point Dad installed a pay phone), and of course war in the bathroom.