The Cosby Show: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 25

Bring 'em Back Alive

The Huxtable house is thrown into chaos after Rudy finds a snake in the basement. Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach. Peter Costa as Peter.

2 Oct 02

Food for Thought

Clair challenges Cliff to not eat any salty food for the day. Denise leaves for her freshman year at Hillman College.

3 Oct 09

Golden Anniversary

Russell and Anna’s 50th wedding anniversary. The family performs James Brown’s “I Got the Feelin’ “ in this sequel to Season 2’s “Happ…

4 Oct 16

Man Talk

Although he has a steady girlfriend, Theo wants to start dating someone else. Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach.

5 Oct 23

Mother, May I?

After Clair specifically forbids her from wearing make-up, Vanessa, behind her mothers back does it anyways.

6 Oct 30

The March

Theo writes a report on the March on Washington. But gets a poor grade and is asked to redo his project. Much to his surprise he learns more about the march from his family tha…

7 Nov 06

Theo's Flight

Theo and Cockroach decide they want to learn to fly, but Cliff doesn’t want to waste his money on another dream of his sons’. Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach. Fi…

8 Nov 13

Vanessa's Rich

Friends call Vanessa a stuck-up rich girl at school. Guest appearance by Essence Atkins.

9 Nov 20

Denise Gets a D

Denise’s college career starts with a D, but Denise is to scared to show her parents. Clair needs to rest in bed because of a pinched nerve. Rudy portrays “the wind…

10 Dec 04

A Girl and Her Dog

Rudy and Peter find a dog and attempt to take care of it without her parents knowing. Peter Costa as Peter.

11 Dec 11

War Stories

Cliff and his father’s friend play a challenging game of cards. Venesa prepares to go to a skating party with date Robert Forman, soon find a very cute guy will cross her…

12 Dec 18

Cliff in Charge

Cliff is in charge when Clair leaves for 10 days.

13 Jan 08

Monster Man Huxtable

Elvin helps Theo with some wrestling moves, although he and Sondra have made plans for the weekend, and reveals that he is thinking of marrying her. Geoffrey Owens as Elvin.

14 Jan 15

Rudy Spends the Night

Cliff establishes the Huxtable Men’s Club when the women are away to help Theo get over his sadnes of a lost date. Venessa is very excited that big sister Denise is letti…

15 Jan 22

Say Hello to a Good Buy

Cliff buys a new car. Rudy cuts some animal pictures out of Cliff’s expensive books for school. Guest appearance by Sinbad, who would later portray Walter Oakes on the Co…

16 Feb 05

Denise Gets an Opinion

Denise has a blind date, but is really scared. So she asks Theo to grade him for her!!!! But this soon leads to a big hilarious mix up. Dondre Whitfield as Robert.

17 Feb 12

Calling Doctor Huxtable

Cliff is called to the hospital for 3 deliveries, Malinda Williams appearance, Patricia Richardson appearance.

18 Feb 19

You Only Hurt the One You Love

Rudy gets hurt from Theo’s rough games. Rudy cries. Theo gets punished. Clair goes to a doctor and gets the same advice that Cliff gave her. Cliff learns that the woman w…

19 Feb 26

The Shower

Denise holds a bridal shower for her pregnant and bride-to-be friend Veronica, but finds out some disturbing information.
Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable, alt…

20 Mar 12

Cliff's 50th Birthday

Cliff’s 50th birthday has all kinds of surprises.

21 Mar 19

I Know That You Know

When Sondra and Elvin announce their engagement, Clair and the children use the news to play a practical joke on Cliff, who launches a counter-offensive of his own. Geoffrey Ow…

22 Apr 02

Andalusian Flu

While Cliff and Clair have the flu, Theo tries to keep the house going.

23 Apr 09

Bald and Beautiful

Cliff’s Navy friend comes to visit. Cockroach shaves his head to be in a rock video. Robert Culp (Bill Cosby’s co-star from the 1960s TV series I Spy) appears as Sc…

24 Apr 30

Planning Parenthood

Clair’s sister decides she wants to be a mother. Cliff takes Rudy and her friends out to eat at a fancy restaurant.

25 May 07


The Huxtable family goes to Hillman College to attend a ceremony in honor of its president’s retirement. Guest appearance by Joe Seneca. Filmed at Spelman College in Atla…

About The Cosby Show

Dr. Heathcliff “Cliff” Huxtable was an OBGYN (obstetrician/gynecologist), and his wife Clair was a successful attorney. They had five children: Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. Sondra was rarely seen during the first season because she was away at Princeton. She became a regular character in the second season, and was usually seen with her on-again off-again beau, Elvin. They eventually married and had twins; but not before stunning their families by announcing the fact that Elvin was dropping out of medical school to open a camping store, and Sondra was dropping out of law school to help her husband in his endeavor. Denise was the “unique” child, the black sheep of the family. She had her own way of doing things, right down to the style of clothing she wore. After graduating high school, she left for Hillman College in 1986 (a year later, this would become the setting for the spin-off A Different World), but returned two years later with news that she was dropping ou