The Cosby Show: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 06

Together Again and Again

As Theo begins his freshman year at New York University, Denise announces that she is dropping out of Hillman College. Sondra is revealed to be pregnant.
First mention of…

2 Oct 13

The Physical

Cliff prepares for a physical. John Amos as Dr. Bradley Herbert, Jr.

3 Oct 20

Rudy's All-Nighter

Rudy’s friend sleeps over.

4 Oct 27

Move It (a.k.a. The Baby Game)

Everyone wants pregnant Sondra and Elvin to find a new house. Elvin’s surname, Tibideaux, is revealed.

5 Nov 03

Out of Brooklyn

Denise leaves Brooklyn for a job in Africa (Lisa Bonet’s last appearance of Season 5).

6 Nov 10

The Birth (1)

Sondra goes into labor, and Elvin is a nervous wreck.
Deon Richmond as Kenny. Michelle Thomas as Justine. First appearances of Reno Wilson as Howard, and Elizabeth Narvae…

7 Nov 10

The Birth (2)

Sondra gives birth to twins — a boy and a girl — who are named after Nelson Mandela and his then-wife Winnie. Elvin decides to return to medical school.

8 Nov 17

Cyranoise de Bergington

Theo wants to date his friend Howard’s ex-girlfriend, but he is stunned upon learning who she wants to date. Troy Winbush as Denny. Reno Wilson as Howard.

9 Dec 01

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

Vanessa, Janet and Kara want to be professional singers; Russell wins a prize in a sweepstakes, which turns out to be a toaster. Pam Potillo as Janet. Elizabeth Narvaez as Kara…

10 Dec 08

If the Dress Fits, Wear It

Clair secretly goes on a crash diet and exercise program to lose five pounds in a week so she can fit into a dress. Appearance by Debbie Allen; voice-over by Ahmad Rash?d (Phyl…

11 Dec 15

Is There a Hamster in the House?

Rudy takes care of a friend’s hamster for the weekend.

12 Jan 05

Truth or Consequences

Rudy lies to cover for Vanessa, who secretly goes out on a date with her older boyfriend.

13 Jan 12

Cliff Babysits

While the family attends a Michael Jackson concert, Cliff babysits his grandchildren Nelson and Winnie. First mention of Cliff’s younger brother James, who died of rheuma…

14 Jan 26

Mrs. Huxtable Goes to Kindergarten

Clair appears as a panelist on a local Sunday morning talk show entitled “Retrospective”. Clair buys a new couch and Cliff tries to keep the old one. Clair’s…

15 Feb 02

The Lost Weekend

With the rest of the family gone for the night, Theo throws a “small” party that gets out of control. Troy Winbush as Denny. Reno Wilson as Howard. First appearance…

16 Feb 06

No Way, Baby

Cliff tracks down the grandfather of one of his patients: an expectant teenage mother with no other family. Clair deduces that the charming man is illiterate. Guest appearance…

17 Feb 09

Can I Say Something, Please?

Rudy wants to change some of her rules. Voice-over by Ed McMahon (from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson).

18 Feb 16

The Dead End Kids Meet Dr. Lotus

Theo consults a voodoo shopkeeper for advice on winning his girlfriend back.
Troy Winbush as Denny. Reno Wilson as Howard. Alex Ruiz as Lou. Michelle Thomas as Justine. G…

19 Feb 23

The Boys of Winter

Cliff’s old basketball friend comes to visit. Guest appearance by U.S. Senator (and former NBA basketball player) Bill Bradley.

20 Mar 09

It Comes and It Goes

Sondra bemoans taking care of the twins.

21 Mar 16

Theo's Women

After catching Theo kissing another woman in the lounge of her dormitory, Justine breaks up with him. Desperate to win her back, Theo turns to Cliff for advice. Michelle Thomas…

22 Mar 30

Birthday Blues

Clair’s 46th birthday.

23 Apr 13

A Room With No View

Vanessa and Rudy argue and fight. After the sisters do physical damage to the house, Cliff exiles them to the basement.

24 Apr 27

What He Did for Love

Theo’s friend Denny finds an expensive watch and gives it to his girlfriend, but it is soon revealed to be stolen merchandise. Troy Winbush as Denny. Alex Ruiz as Lou. Va…

25 May 04

Day of the Locusts

Sondra comes down with strep throat, prompting her mother Clair and Elvin’s mother Francine to “steal” the babies.

26 May 11

57 Varieties

Theo wants to go to Egypt for an archaeological dig. Reno Wilson as Howard. Alex Ruiz as Lou. Deon Richmond as Kenny.

About The Cosby Show

Dr. Heathcliff “Cliff” Huxtable was an OBGYN (obstetrician/gynecologist), and his wife Clair was a successful attorney. They had five children: Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. Sondra was rarely seen during the first season because she was away at Princeton. She became a regular character in the second season, and was usually seen with her on-again off-again beau, Elvin. They eventually married and had twins; but not before stunning their families by announcing the fact that Elvin was dropping out of medical school to open a camping store, and Sondra was dropping out of law school to help her husband in his endeavor. Denise was the “unique” child, the black sheep of the family. She had her own way of doing things, right down to the style of clothing she wore. After graduating high school, she left for Hillman College in 1986 (a year later, this would become the setting for the spin-off A Different World), but returned two years later with news that she was dropping ou