The Cosby Show: Season 8


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 19

With This Ring?

18 year old Vanessa reveals that she is engaged to a 29 year old Head Caretaker of her University . . . and has been for six months. First appearance of William Thomas, Jr. as…

2 Sep 26

There's No Place Like This Home

Cliff announces plans to add a new room to the house for Clair . . . and only Clair. Sondra and Elvin are on the verge of purchasing their first house.

3 Oct 03

Particles in Motion

During his first parent-counselor meeting, Theo and a single mother discover mutual attraction. Rudy meets Stanley and the two are immediately smitten with each other, much to…

4 Oct 10

Pam Applies to College

Pam begins to realize that, because of her below average grades earlier in high school, she will not be able to attend the same college as her best friend.

5 Oct 17

Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause a Meltdown

Anxious to see a famous rapper, Rudy and her friends lie to their parents in order to get into a club for 16 year olds and up. Cliff and Clair secretly send Pam, Lance and Char…

6 Oct 24

It's Apparent to Everyone

Winnie and Nelson drive Cliff and Clair crazy around the house while Elvin and Sondra wait to move into their new house.

7 Oct 31

The Iceman Bricketh

Vanessa’s grandparents Russell Huxtable and Carrie Hanks are desperate to meet her fiancĂ© Dabnis, who bonds with Cliff over a plumbing job.

8 Nov 07

Olivia's Field Trip

Cliff chaperones Olvia’s field trip to the museum; Theo falls victim to a scammer while ordering T-shirts for the community center.

9 Nov 14

For Men Only

Cliff teaches a class “for men only” at the community center.

10 Nov 21

Olivia Comes Out of the Closet

Olivia tries to delay Martin’s return to Asia. Last appearance of Joseph C. Phillips as Martin.

11 Dec 05

Two Is a Crowd

Vanessa and Dabnis have relationship problems, as do Rudy and Stanley.

12 Dec 19

Clair's Place

As Christmas approaches, Clair gets a wonderful present: the completion of her special room.

13 Jan 02

Theo's Future

Theo is accepted to graduate school at NYU, but faces a tough decision when he is unexpectedly offered a chance to interview for a corporate job in Sa…

14 Jan 09

The Price Is Wrong

Pam, Lance, Charmaine, and a group of senior citizens protest a grocery chain that gives preferential treatment to customers in wealthier neighborhoods.

15 Jan 16

Bring Me the Lip Gloss of Deirdre Arpelle

Kenny pretends that he is dating another girl, in order to make Rudy jealous and force Stanley out of the picture.

16 Jan 30

Eat, Drink and Be Wary

Rudy and her friends want to go on the subway.

17 Feb 06

The Getaway

Sondra, Elvin, and the twins finally move into their own house in New Jersey.

18 Feb 06

Cliff Gets Jilted

Vanessa and Dabnis announce that they have broken their engagement . . . and would-be father-in-law Cliff is devastated.

19 Feb 13

Cliff and Theo Come Clean

Theo decides to turn down the corporate job in San Francisco and attend graduate school in New York. One of the students at the community center finds $600.

20 Feb 20

Clair's Reunion

Clair and her college friends plan a retirement party for one of their former professors from Hillman. Vanessa brings home a Senegalese exchange student.

21 Feb 27

Rudy's Retreat

Cliff and Clair see Rudy changing. While preparing their wills, Sondra and Elvin try to determine who should be the twins’ legal guardian if the couple should both die. C…

22 Mar 26

You Can't Stop the Music

Cliff and Clair go to a local radio station for a live salsa performance. Kenny babysits Olivia.

23 Apr 23

Some Gifts Aren't Deductible

Kenny turns to Rudy and Cliff for help after lying to his girlfriend about plans for her birthday party. Cliff and Clair work on their income tax return.

24 Apr 30

And So We Commence (1)

Theo prepares to graduate from New York University. An elated Cliff continues to invite additional people to the ceremony, despite the fact that Theo only has a limited number…

25 Apr 30

And So We Commence (2)

As Theo graduates from NYU, Cliff remembers how a 14 year old Theo received D’s in 9th grade and had no desire to attend college at all. Denise…

About The Cosby Show

Dr. Heathcliff “Cliff” Huxtable was an OBGYN (obstetrician/gynecologist), and his wife Clair was a successful attorney. They had five children: Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. Sondra was rarely seen during the first season because she was away at Princeton. She became a regular character in the second season, and was usually seen with her on-again off-again beau, Elvin. They eventually married and had twins; but not before stunning their families by announcing the fact that Elvin was dropping out of medical school to open a camping store, and Sondra was dropping out of law school to help her husband in his endeavor. Denise was the “unique” child, the black sheep of the family. She had her own way of doing things, right down to the style of clothing she wore. After graduating high school, she left for Hillman College in 1986 (a year later, this would become the setting for the spin-off A Different World), but returned two years later with news that she was dropping ou