The District: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 07


Jack Mannion is hired as Washington, D.C.‘s new police chief and isinstantly greeted with hostility by the city’s top brass, led by chief of patrol Joe Noland, who…

2 Oct 14

Dirty Laundry

Mannion issues a mandate to get illegal guns off the streets and uncovers the surprising motive behind the murder of a well-connected young man.

3 Oct 21

Worst Block

As Mannion vows to clean up the most crime-ridden block in the city, community tensions rise when Temple is accused of intentionally pushing a police suspect into oncoming traf…

4 Oct 28


Mannion creates departmental strife when he orders a special night shift that will put senior officers out on the streets during peak crime hours.

5 Nov 04

The Real Terrorist

The threat of biological terrorism strikes Washington and Chief Mannion has to arrange almost all his force to search for a potential terrorist. An escapee from juvenile detent…

6 Nov 11

How They Lived

The statement on this episode about the Pumpkin Tapes should be on Episode #8

7 Nov 18

Imperfect Victims

Ella is fearful of what will happen to Ricky when he testifies against his father, who’s on trial for murdering the boy’s mother; Temple tries to convince the victi…

8 Nov 25

The Jackal

The city is terrorized by a criminal who stalks elderly people, empties their bank accounts and then kills them; the Mayor comes clean about his sordid past; Ella is asked out…

9 Dec 02

Pot Scrubbers

Mannion goes after a dealer who is supplying drugs to rich executives. Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Sherry, shows up unexpectedly to deliver bad news.

10 Dec 16

The Santa Wars

Jack is threatened by an ex-cop who was fired. Ella has to deal with Santas fighting over the hot spots of the city. Jack’s suspicious that Nick is seeing his daughter be…

11 Jan 06

The D.C. Strangler

Temple leads an investigation to catch a serial killer who is murdering prostitutes, but after viewing the women’s mutilated bodies he doesn’t know if he’s st…

12 Jan 20

Old Ghosts

Mannion becomes personally involved in a case after a woman asks him to find her husband; McGregor threatens a former I.R.A. gunman who is in town for peace talks.

13 Feb 03


Mannion searches for a vigilante who is killing convicted child molesters; Ella learns that one of her neighbors is a former sex offender.

14 Feb 10

Rage Against the Machine

Mannion attempts to reunite a troubled boy living in foster care with his mother, who is in jail on a drug charge; McGregor tries to prevent a stalker from harming a woman; a f…

15 Feb 17

The Most Dangerous Job

Mannion vows to better protect cab drivers after a cabbie fatally shoots a passenger he thought was trying to rob him. Also, a new U.S. Attorney stirs up controversy, and McGre…

16 Feb 24

A Southern Town

Mannion goes to New York to attend his ex-wife’s wedding — and perhaps stop it; an ex-cop accuses Noland of covering up a case 30 years ago that involved a politician&#…

17 Mar 10

New World

A respected Vietnamese colonel, who is now a successful local businessman, is suspected of running a sex-slave operation using kidnapped Asian girls, one of whom is murdered. A…

18 Apr 07

Night Moves

Mannion decides to declare war against street gangs after a drive by shooting kills an innocent pedestrian. Two Latino gangs (the ““Colombian Guardian Crew”&#…

19 Apr 21

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Just as Mannion and his ex-wife, Sherry, are making plans to get back together, their son, Jack Jr., arrives for a visit. He brings his new girlfriend with him and they announc…

20 Apr 28

Running Towards Fire

Detective Travis Haywood is shot while performing an undercover operation by an off-duty cop. Mannion has to handle the manipulative press that keeps referring to the incident…

21 May 05

Don't Fence Me In

An operation to catch a theft mob is set and Temple goes undercover as a pawn shop salesman who also works selling stolen objects. After entering a scheme for stolen credit car…

22 May 12

Fools Russian (1)

Two ex-cops who worked as bank securities are shot to death and Mannion suspects that the Russian mob is behind it. The FBI wants the case, but Mannio…

23 May 19

Fools Russian (2)

Mannion receives Monya’s hand by the mail, an indication that someone is plotting against him. Temple hasn’t recovered from his fiancée’s death, but Mannion…

About The District

A drama inspired by the real-life experiences of former New York Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Maple, The District revolves around Jack Mannion (Craig T. Nelson), a tenacious champion of the underdog and an avowed crime-fighter, whose revolutionary tactics have resulted in a 50-percent drop in crime, first in Boston, then in Newark, N.J. His latest challenge is Washington, D.C., which, despite being home to more law enforcement agencies than any other city on the planet, is riddled with crime and has a local police department that is demoralized and ineffective. Appointed Chief of Police by the mayor, Mannion works closely at Police Headquarters with Deputy Chief Joe Noland (Roger Aaron Brown). In his quest to “make crime a thing of the past,” Mannion has recruited Temple Page (Sean Patrick Thomas), a young detective on the force who is Mannion’s eyes and ears on the most crime-ridden, drug-infested streets in America. Nancy Parras (Elizabeth Marvel), an intuitive officer, rounds out