The District: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 29

Lost and Found

Mannion decides to take every missing case as a homicide case after a rich woman is reported missing, which causes some problems among the African-American community. Debreno i…

2 Oct 06

Foreign Affair

Mannion has to handle an international crisis after the son of the Colombian ambassador is discovered to be the main dealer of the heaviest type of heroine yet. Threatened not…

3 Oct 13

Night Shift (a.k.a. Back Fire)

Temple and Debreno are working on a carjacking followed by murder case. Parras is suspicious when the victim’s fiancé cries but no tears come from her eyes. The case is…

4 Oct 20

The Project

After a women is stabbed to death outside her apartment building, and no witnesses are willing to speak to the police, Mannion moves in, hoping to gain the residents’ tru…

5 Oct 27

To Serve and Protect

A construction worker finds the skeleton of a dead boy. He was Noland’s last case before promoted – a case that was never solved. Now Noland devotes all his efforts…

6 Nov 03

Melt Down

When two children are shot by a 7-year-old boy, Mannion makes it his mission to find exactly how the boy got his hands on a gun.
When Mannion questions the 7-year-old, he…

7 Nov 10

Bulldog's Ghost

After Nancy discovers a murdered homeless man, Mannion notices that the body has a distinct military tattoo. He identifies the man as a former Marine believed to have been held…

8 Nov 24

Tug of War

When Mannion has Temple and Debreno investigate the woman’s murder, he discovers that the criminals weren’t going for the victim’s cash or credit cards, but f…

9 Dec 01

Cop Hunt

A woman who was driving home late at night is found beaten and raped after being stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation. After talking to the woman, Mannion discov…

10 Dec 15


When police officer Robert Turner woke up one Thursday morning, he thought it was going to be just a normal day on the force. However, when a car plunged off a bridge into a ri…

11 Jan 12

Russian Winter (a.k.a.The Russian Wars)

Mannion confronts his No. 1 enemy, Dimitri Putin, and learns who killed Det. Danny McGregor in this pivotal episode. A Russian woman, Erin Vratalov, comes aboard Mannion’…

12 Jan 26

Twist of Hate

After a mosque is vandalized, Mannion questions the mosque president, who reveals that the mosque has been receiving threats. Meanwhile, Temple and Debreno investigate two othe…

13 Feb 02

This Too Shall Pass

Page and Debreno investigate the murder of a reporter, and evidence point them to a wheel-chaired man, who claims the victim was already dead by the time he found her. Mannion…

14 Mar 02


A teacher, protesting the Board of Education’s inattention to her cries, takes the board hostage at gunpoint and Mannion is called in to diffuse the situation. Frustrated…

15 Mar 09

Daughter for Daughter

Mannion faces off with Putin once again and the stakes are even higher when Putin resurfaces and kidnaps Mannion’s daughter! Mannion’s initial theory is that Putin…

16 Mar 23

The Greenhouse Effect

Mannion’s friend Teddy Reed is the only witness to a Congressman’s murder, and Mannion thinks she’s lying about the whole situation. Meanwhile, the city erect…

17 Apr 06

Still Life

Mannion assigns Debreno and new detective Olivia Cahill to work together on a missing Picasso case. They get on each other’s nerves, but solve the case after Debreno make…

18 Apr 20

Shades of Gray

The crime level on District 9 is skyrocketing, and Mannion blames it on Commander Richard Gray, whose performance has fallen under expected. Mannion’s actions are recrimi…

19 Apr 27

Shell Game

When a man is murdered under suspicious circumstances and Mannion finds out his office is bugged, he starts his own investigation on the case. The latest person to see the vict…

20 May 04

The Killing Point

13 years ago a man was convicted for murdering two people at a convenience store. Now Patrick Debreno, Kevin Debreno’s brother who’s a priest, has to help save him…

21 May 11


When one of Debreno’s first cases solved under Mannion goes to trial, the defense uses Debreno’s troubled professional and personal past to discredit him, implying…

22 May 18


The gangster wars have crossed the limits, leaving a blood trail and innumerous victims. Mannion has Temple working undercovered trying to reach the big boss on the drug dealin…

About The District

A drama inspired by the real-life experiences of former New York Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Maple, The District revolves around Jack Mannion (Craig T. Nelson), a tenacious champion of the underdog and an avowed crime-fighter, whose revolutionary tactics have resulted in a 50-percent drop in crime, first in Boston, then in Newark, N.J. His latest challenge is Washington, D.C., which, despite being home to more law enforcement agencies than any other city on the planet, is riddled with crime and has a local police department that is demoralized and ineffective. Appointed Chief of Police by the mayor, Mannion works closely at Police Headquarters with Deputy Chief Joe Noland (Roger Aaron Brown). In his quest to “make crime a thing of the past,” Mannion has recruited Temple Page (Sean Patrick Thomas), a young detective on the force who is Mannion’s eyes and ears on the most crime-ridden, drug-infested streets in America. Nancy Parras (Elizabeth Marvel), an intuitive officer, rounds out