The Dukes of Hazzard: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 24

The New Dukes

Bo and Luke have left Hazzard to full fill a life long dream of racing on the NASCAR Circuit. Boss is so happy about it, that he unleashes his ultimat…

2 Oct 01

Dukes Strike it Rich

Boss Hogg swindles newlyweds Jeb and Carrie Morton into buying a worthless piece of land next to the Duke Farm. So the Dukes try and help them by scamming Boss by making it loo…

3 Oct 08

Lawman of the Year

Boss hired two crooks to rob the jewelry store and Coy and Vance are very suspicious about them and go and investigate while being chased by Cletus and Enos. But when Boss send…

4 Oct 15

Coy Meets Girl

While delivering a shipment of antiques to some friends, Coy and Vance are hijacked by a couple of Boss’ henchmen. But they didn’t known that a runaway orphan was s…

5 Oct 22

The Hazzardgate Tape

Boss double-crosses the Bosses of a few neighboring counties and their out to get him. The Dukes let him hold up on the farm until Vance plans to expose them by tape-recording…

6 Oct 29

Big Daddy

Boss frames Coy and Vance by putting a hot license plate on the General Lee. But Boss calls off the chase when he is told that his daddy is coming to Hazzard who is supposedly…

7 Nov 05

Vance's Lady

Vance’s old girlfriend comes to Hazzard to see him but is chased by crooked politician’s associates who are trying to kill her after she witnessed the Senator’…

8 Nov 12

Hazzard Hustle

Boss opens up an illegal horse-betting saloon in Rapahoe County and uses the Dukes’ phone line to frame them. But the Boss of Rapahoe County is not happy being cheated ou…

9 Nov 19

Enos in Trouble

A pair of crooks is after Enos’ footlocker that he and the Dukes picked up at the bus depot from California that contains a handful of emeralds – unbeknownst to Eno…

10 Nov 26

The Great Insurance Fraud

Boss Hogg’s phony insurance policies are thrown right back at him when con artists Ward and Lavinia pull a phony car accident at Bottomless Lake. But to make matters wors…

11 Dec 03

A Little Game of Pool

Boss Hogg is trying to get his hands on the General Lee to sell to two crooks that need it. But when they try and steal it, they get caught. So Boss challenges Jesse to a game…

12 Dec 10

The Treasure of Soggy Marsh

Boss has Coy, Vance and Daisy framed and sends them to Chickasaw County where they are arrested by Sheriff Little so that he can go ahead with his master plan and hires two cro…

13 Dec 17

The Revenge of Hughie Hogg

When Rosco is up for re-election, Boss has no trouble supporting him until his devious nephew Hughie Hogg returns to run for sheriff and blackmails his uncle into helping him b…

14 Jan 07

The Return of the Mean Green Machine

Boss tries to use the mean green machine again but it gets stolen by the original crook who try and rob the Hazzard Emporium for all the gold. But when it breaks down, they kid…

15 Jan 21

Ding, Dong, The Boss is Dead

A mobster named Calloway is out to exact revenge on ““the fat water buffalo”“ (Boss), for sending him to prison on his testimony. To thwart CallowayR…

16 Feb 04

Coy vs. Vance

Coy falls for a shady motorcycle stunt driving woman who turns out to be one of the crooked cops hijackers that has been robbing people. When Vance finds this out, a fight betw…

17 Feb 11

Comrade Duke

The Russians’ gymnast team comes to Hazzard and a defector named Natasha escapes and hides out at the Duke farm while Boss helps the Russian gymnast leader find her.

18 Feb 18

Witness: Jesse Duke

Uncle Jesse is blinded while trying to foil a robbery. But the robbers won’t rest until Jesse’s dead. So they go to Hazzard to track him down while Coy, Vance and D…

19 Feb 25

Welcome Back Bo 'n' Luke

Bo and Luke return to Hazzard after great season at the NASCAR Circuit and they won but they wanted to come home – which is ok since Coy and Van…

20 Mar 04

Big Brothers, Duke

Bo and Luke become big brothers to a young boy who steals the General Lee, hubcaps, etc. But Bo and Luke try and point him in the right direction. Meanwhile, Boss hasn’t…

21 Mar 11

Farewell, Hazzard

Boss Hogg forecloses on the Duke farm and a bunch of other farms to sell the land to a big developer named L.S. Pritchard. But what he don’t know is that she plans on usi…

22 Mar 25

Daisy's Shotgun Wedding

Bo and Luke have been very over-protective towards Daisy ever since they’ve gotten back. So Daisy decides to move out for a while. But on the way, she is kidnapped by the…

About The Dukes of Hazzard

The Duke Family—-Cousins Bo and Luke, assisted by their cousin Daisy and their Uncle Jesse, fight the system and root out the corrupt practices of Hazzard County Commissioner Boss Hogg and his bumbling Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. The show became an instant hit, never failing to win its time slot during its original run on CBS for seven seasons from 1979-1985. The Duke boys, a pair of ‘Robin Hood’ types complete with flaming bows and arrows, are assisted in their adventures by their car, an orange 1969 Dodge Charger named ‘The General Lee.’ “The Dukes of Hazzard” is set in Georgia, and the show’s southern influence is felt throughout. Country singing superstar Waylon Jennings performed the famous theme song to the show (“Good Ol’ Boys”), and acts as ‘The Balladeer,’ narrating the adventures of each episode. Furthermore, many of the plots revolved around the Dukes’ history as an ex-moon-shining family. The story followed Bo and Luke until season 5, because during episo