The Flintstones: Season 3


# Air Date Title

Dino Goes Hollyrock

Hearing about a talent search for a new animal star to appear in ““The Adventures of Sassie,”“ Fred coaches Dino and prepares for an audition. But Din…


Fred's New Boss

When Barney loses his job, Fred approaches Mr. Slate about hiring his friend for the quarry. He is mortified, however, when Barney lands the position of vice president, and be…


Barney the Invisible

In an attempt to cure Barney’s hiccups, Fred offers his friend a swig from an experimental soft drink he has formulated. The brew turns Barney invisible, and Fred’…


Bowling Ballet

Fred discovers he is off his game right before the big bowling match. After hearing in a television commercial that rhythm is ““the secret of success in many activ…


The Twitch

Wilma is in dither over finding an act for her auxiliary’s benefit show until big mouth Fred boasts that he will line up singer Rock Roll, whose hit song is ““…


Here's Snow in Your Eyes

The Lodge delegates Fred and Barney depart for a convention at Stone Mountain Ski Resort, leaving their disappointed wives at home. The girls congratulate themselves on being…


The Buffalo Convention

The talking dodo bird that Fred gives Wilma for her birthday turns snitch, informing her that Fred and Barney are plotting to sneak away for a Water Buffalo Convention in Frant…


The Little Stranger

Fred overhears Wilma on the phone mentioning ““a little stranger”“ who will shortly be visiting the household. Assuming that Wilma is pregnant, Fred su…


Baby Barney

With his eye on an inheritance, Fred tells his rich Uncle Tex that he has named his child after him. Fred, of course, has no son, which means that he has to find a baby now th…


Hawaian Escapade

Wilma and Betty enter a television contest and win first prize, a trip for two to Rockiki Beach and a role on the television show ““Hawaiian Spy.”“ The…


Ladies Day

Barney and Fred skip work to go to the ball park, but Barney only has one ticket. The situation gets complicated when Fred dresses up as a women so he can get in free for Ladi…


Nuttin' But the Tooth

Barney’s loud suffering from a toothache has been keeping the entire neighborhood awake at night, so Fred promises to take him to the dentist the next morning. But havin…


High School Fred

An efficiency expert hired by Mr. Slate informs Fred that he will be fired unless he gets a high school diploma. Slate offers to send Fred to school, and Wilma mistakenly assu…


Dial S for Suspicion

A series of strange accidents coupled with Wilma’s sudden insistence on having Fred take out a life insurance policy, and her devotion to a murder mystery novel about a w…


Flash Gun Freddie

Fred convinces Barney to buy an instant Polarock camera and the two go into the photo business. When they mistakenly snap the pictures of two escaping bank robbers, they are a…


The Kissing Burglar

Wilma is charmed by the exploits of the Kissing Burglar, a criminal whose m.o. involves leaving a rose and a kiss for the lady of the house. Her comment that she has nothing w…


Wilma, the Maid

At Wilma’s insistence, Fred hires an Italian maid, Gina Lolabrickida, to do the cooking and cleaning, but problems arise when she quits on the night Wilma has promised he…


The Hero

Barney rescues a baby from a runaway carriage, but it is Fred who gets the credit and attention. His feeble attempts to set the record straight finally give way to his enjoym…


The Surprise

The appearance of Barney’s nephew, baby Marblehead, causes a rift between him and Fred. Fred just can’t understand Barney’s devotion to the visiting baby, b…


Mother-In-Law's Visit

With fatherhood impending, Fred promises to become more kind, considerate, and thoughtful. His willingness to change is strechted practically beyond endurance when his mother-…


Foxy Grandma

Fred’s inept efforts at housework during Wilma’s pregnancy are worse than no efforts at all, so he sets out to hire a housekeeper, ultimately bringing home a bank r…


Fred's New Job

With the baby coming, Fred asks Mr. Slate for a raise. Slate, however, is tired of such demands from expectant fathers, so he plans to head Fred off with ““Operati…


The Blessed Event

Wilma is still pregnant and Fred is trying to be calm. This shatters when the docter tells him the blessed event could happen any day now. When Betty suggests a rehersal, it tu…


Carry On, Nurse Fred

Fatherhood has already made Fred resolute in his effort to acquire serenity, but his will power is put to the test by the formidable Nurse Frightenshale, who is sent by Wilma&#…


Ventriloquist Barney

Barney learns how to throw his voice and can’t resist having some fun at Fred’s expense. He leads Fred to believe that his newborn daughter Pebbles has miraculousl…


The Big Move

Having worked to clean up his own act, Fred now worries that Pebbles will pick up Barney’s uncouth ways. Fred moves the family to a ““better”“ ne…


Swedish Visitors

After using the family’s vacation money to buy a fur wrap, Wilma devises a scheme to repay the money by renting their home to Swedish musicians.


The Birthday Party

While preparing a surprise birthday party for Fred, Wilma assigns to Barney the task of keeping Fred out of the way and occupied, and Barney is so successful that both he and F…

About The Flintstones

The Flintstones was a parody on modern suburban life, set in the Stone Age. The characters in the cartoon series all behaved and spoke in a contemporary manner, though they lived in the prehistoric city of Bedrock. Fred worked as operator of a dinosaur-powered crane at Rock Hard & Quarry Cave Construction Co. (slogan: “Own Your Own Cave and Be Secure”). Around their split-level cave the Flintstones enjoyed such conveniences as Wilma’s Stoneway piano, a hi-fi on which Fred could play his “rock” music (it consisted of a turntable and a bird with a long beak to serve as a needle), a vacuum cleaner (a baby elephant with a long trunk), and an automatic garbage disposal unit (a famished buzzard stashed under the sink). Their car, which sported tail fins, also
came equipped with steamroller wheels—to smooth out the rocky road.