The Game: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 03

Baby on Board

Melanie finally confesses to Derwin that she is in love with him, but soon after Derwin tells her about Janay’s pregancy. Meanwhile, Malik has to face Tasha once she find…

2 Oct 10


Melanie has a confrontation with Janay when she thinks that Janay may be lying about her pregnancy with Derwin’s baby. Meanwhile, Kelly invites Melanie and Tasha for a gi…

3 Oct 17

Just When I Thought I Was Out... She Pulls Me Back In

While Rick is ready to make their relationship public, Tasha refuses to do so and goes out of her way to keep it a secret from their co-workers. Meanwhile, Malik begins to real…

4 Oct 24

Just the Three of Us

Melanie feels jealous after Derwin goes with Janay to her first pregnancy appointment. Meanwhile, Kelly decides that it’s time for her and Jason to talk to Brittany about…

5 Oct 31

A Delectable Basket of Treats

Tasha boycotts Malik’s marriage to Robin Givens, fearing that their marriage is a scam. At the reception, everyone assumes Melanie is the girl who is expecting DerwinR…

6 Nov 07

The Platski Thickens

Kelly catches Jason with another woman after they each agree to move on from one another. Wendy Raquel Robinson, Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall also star.

7 Nov 14

White Coats and White Lies

Melanie reluctantly turns to her parents for financial help when she learns that her grant money to cover for her tuition has been revoked and she has been placed on academic p…

8 Nov 21

The Side Part, Under Episode

Melanie meets her very own Dr. McHottie (Guest star Jason Olive) at the hospital where she is a first year resident.

9 Nov 28

Oh, What a Night

Believing her future with Rick Fox is over, Tasha begins dating other men. Melanie is trying to deal with dating two guys at once. Jason hopes to mend the relationship between…

10 Jan 09

The Negotiation Episode

Derwin advises Jason to stop at nothing to win Kelly back and put an end to all the divorce talk, but Jason’s grand gesture may be too little too late for Kelly.

11 Jan 16

Insert Car Here

Seeing Kelly with a date causes Jason to feel jealous. Tasha faces the insecurities between her relationship with Rick Fox. Melanie would like to find a connection with Derwin…

12 Jan 23

Stay Fierce, Malik

Everyone believes that Malik is gay after Robin Given’s implies this while on national TV as the reason for their breakup. While Malik is teased by his teammates, its rev…

13 Jan 30

Do the Wright Thing

14 Mar 13

Punk Ass Chauncey

15 Mar 20

Take a Bow

16 Mar 27

Truth and Consequences

Tasha is betrayed by Kelly at work, but gets her revenge by introducing Jason to a pretty TV personality.

17 Apr 03

Hill Street Blues

18 Apr 24

The Third Legacy

Malik is introduced to his step-sister and worries that he may have slept with her unaware they were related. Tasha meets her former husband’s new wife and is surprised t…

19 May 01

Put a Ring on It

20 May 08

The Fall of the Roman

Jason wants his daughter to meet his new girlfriend, but Kelly believes it’s a bad idea. Meanwhile, Melanie has found the perfect wedding dress, but is afraid to buy it.<…

21 May 15

I Want It All and I Want It Now

22 May 15

The Wedding Episode

About The Game

The Game is the spin-off of the long-running sitcom Girlfriends.

By creators Mara Brock Akil and Kelsey Grammer come a comedy about three special woman in a relationship with three hard-working football players. Melanie (Tia Mowry) is trying to work her relationship with Derwin (Pooch Hall), her boyfriend, while Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson) balances the relationship she has with her son and with her husband, Malik (Horsea Canchez). Tiffany (Brittany Daniels) and Jason (Coby Bell) are also working hard to make their relationship last.

The Game focuses on each of the relationships present in these women’s lives — those with both friends and lovers — as they learn the rules of the game.