The Invisible Man: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Jun 09

Pilot (1)

Darien Fawkes is a con-man and thief who is captured for a third time. Rather then face California’s three-strike law, he volunteers for an experiment conducted by his br…

2 Jun 09

Pilot (2)

Going to Mexico to investigate Arnaud, Bobby meets his new partner Bobby Hobbes: a veteran spy and near basket-case. They escape an ambush by French-Canadian spies. Meanwhile,…

3 Jun 16

The Catevari

A patient in a coma hidden away at a secret hospital recovers and escapes, killing the guards in the process with a poisonous touch. The Agency is called in to investigate, and…

4 Jun 23


A young girl is a witness to an assassination by a sniper. Traumatized, she only speaks to her imaginary friend ““Ralph.”“ Darien, using his powers of i…

5 Jul 07


Darien and Hobbes are assigned to help investigate an auditor’s relative’s suicide, and run into a man who can see the future and use it to his advantage.

6 Jul 14


Darien encounters a bizarrely-aged woman and soon becomes infected with the same disease, causing him to rapidly age.

7 Jul 21

The Devil You Know

The Official is forced to resign because of Darien’s screw-up, and he and Hobbes have a new boss to deal with.

8 Jul 28

Liberty & Larceny

Darien is contacted by his former mentor and partner, Liz, who wants his help. She wants him to return to his thieving ways and help her steal some FBI

9 Aug 04

The Value of Secrets

Darien comes to the aid of a female scientist who may be able to remove the Quicksilver gland.

10 Aug 11

Separation Anxiety

Hobbes starts trailing his ex-wife, and gets arrested as a stalker. Hobbes believes his ex-wife Vivian’s new fiance is a crook. Darien thinks he’s jealous, but it t…

11 Aug 18

It Hurts When You Do This

While suffering from memory loss and undergoing hospitalization, Bobby witnesses a strange experiment and later he and Darien investigate related disappearances.

12 Aug 25

The Other Invisible Man

The Official is assault by an invisible man and Fawkes is suspected – Darien and Hobbes work to clear Darin and find the true assailant.

13 Sep 08


Darien gets called to his hometown to investigate the appearance of his dead brother Kevin.

14 Sep 15

Cat & Mouse

Unable to craft their own invisiblity gland, the Chinese government sets out to steal the American one. Unfortunately, they have the idea that Bobby Hobbes is the invisible mem…

15 Sep 22


A ghoulish hitman uses a laser to blind any witnesses to his killings. Fawkes and Hobbes trace him to a blind model who the killer is romantically involved in, but the assassin…

16 Jan 08

Ghost of a Chance

Darien, the Keeper and Hobbes head south of the border to Santa Ruego to convince the Prime Minister to vote against installing the Biox chemical weapon system. How? By having…

17 Jan 15

Flowers for Hobbes

Hobbes and Darien are on the trail of a sperm thief. A college professor is using the sperm to isolate intelligence-causing genes, and put them into a retrovirus. Hobbes is acc…

18 Jan 22

Perchance to Dream

A series of bizarre killings involve murderers who have no connection to the victims. The Keeper becomes the next unwitting ““murder,”“ as she is part o…

19 Jan 29

Frozen in Time

Kate Easton (The Value of Secrets) is on the run from Allianora. Easton is grabbed before Darien can get her to safety and put into cyrogenic suspension by Allianora’s (a…

20 Feb 05


Hobbes and Darien meet with one of Hobbes’ contacts to set a trap for their arch-enemy, Arnaud. Arnaud manages to escape Darien with the aid of a smoke canister, which tu…

21 Feb 12

The Lesser Evil

Allianora (from ““Ghost of a Chance”“), the Woman in Black, contacts Darien and invites him to join the Organization (i.e., Chrysalis). He is understand…

22 Mar 23

Money for Nothing (1)

To bolster Agency funds, the Official comes up with a plan where he, the Keeper, and Hobbes will go to one of Arnaud’s casinos and, using Darian’s invisibility powe…

23 Mar 30

Money for Nothing (2)

Presumably the audience voted yes to Hobbes’ decision to join Fawkes. Darien, in end-stage Quicksilver Madness, is now obsessed with finding Arnaud. Hobbes sticks close b…

24 Apr 06

It's a Small World

Thanks to a leak in Chrysalis, Hobbes and Darien get the goods on a politician that Allianora is trying to bribe. Realizing they have a leak, Chrysalis takes unspecified measur…

About The Invisible Man

Darien Fawkes is a thief and conman with a scientist brother, Kevin. Kevin develops a gland that allows the implantee to excrete “Quicksilver” and turn invisible. Unfortunately, the gland has the side effect of rendering the implantee berserk if a counteragent isn’t occasionally injected. Darien agrees to the operation to avoid a jail sentence. Terrorists kill Kevin, leaving Darien with the gland stuck in his head. A mysterious “Agency” was behind Kevin’s research, and offer Darien a deal: work for them in return for injections of the Counteragent. Using his powers of invisibility, Darien takes on spies and other criminals for the government.