The Invisible Man: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Apr 13


The Agency is now under the auspices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, losing their support from Fish & Game. Darien, Hobbes, and the Keeper are sent to investigate the brut…

2 Apr 20

The Camp

The Agency is now controlled by the Department of Human Services. Quintuple-A rated agent Alex Munro comes barging in, taking control of the place. She knows everything about e…

3 Apr 27

The Importance of Being Eberts

Hobbes and Darien investigate a hacker trying to break into the Agency computer system. The hacker escapes, and Eberts manages to suggest being allowed to tag along with the te…

4 Jun 15

Johnny Apocalypse

Fawkes, Hobbes, and Alex are sent to bring in a kid, Adam Reese, for testing. After thwarting a Chrysalis attack, Alex explains that Adam has an Ebola-like retrovirus as part o…

5 Jun 22

Going Postal

Hobbes, Fawkes, and Alex go undercover since the Agency is now under the Post Office. They are sent to investigate thefts from the dead-letter office. When Hobbes opens an enve…

6 Jun 29

Brother's Keeper

After an operation goes bad and Fawkes goes into Quicksilver Madness, Darien realizes that there may be a way to find a cure. Despite the Official’s orders not to, he has…

7 Jul 06


Darien is approached by Tommy Walker, a man whose senses (except touch) have been rendered inoperative. Using a special chest-mounted sensor device, Walker can get around, and…

8 Jul 13

Den of Thieves

Darien goes undercover as a thief to infiltrate the gang of the mysterious terrorist Javier and discover why they are stealing random parts. He and the leader of the gang, Dant…

9 Jul 20

Bad Chi

During a mission Darien gets a back injury, and the Official refuses to pay for treatment. Seeking out an accupuncturist, Darien inadverently reveals he can become invisible. O…

10 Jul 27

Flash to Bang

During an attempt to stop Chrysalis from testing a stolen laser that generates lightning, Darien is shocked and gets amnesia. He turns himself in to the police but they try to…

11 Aug 03

Germ Theory

While getting his weekly Counteragent shot, Darien becomes infected with an experimental batch of Counteragent. The experimental stuff renders Darien randomly invisible…a…

12 Aug 10

The Choice

One of Chrysalis’ ““babycamps”“ is located, and Hobbes and Darien are sent in to get the kids out. Alex (still looking for her own son) gets word…

13 Aug 17

Immaterial Girl

While investigating out a water company as part of their new assignment as members of the Bureau of Weights and Measures, Darien spots the mysterious figure of a woman hovering…

14 Aug 24

Father Figure

The NSA asks the Agency to bring in a rogue sniper, Forrester Purdue, and the Agency sends Darien and Bobby. Darien confronts the sniper, who can see…

15 Sep 07

A Sense of Community

Hobbes and Fawkes are imprisoned in ““The Community”“ a hideaway for agents that can never go back into the outside world.

16 Sep 14

The Three Phases of Claire

Claire is injected with a drug that forces her to babble wildly and lose her inhibitions, and will kill her if Fawkes doesn’t find the cure.

17 Sep 28


Tommy Walker begins to recover his memories, but another government agency wants him and will stop at nothing.

18 Jan 04

The Invisible Woman

Darien is contacted by a Chinese ““invisible women”“ who needs his help.

19 Jan 11

Mere Mortals

Fawkes gets a ““cure,”“ but is at a loss without his powers when a new case comes up that require his skills.

20 Jan 18


Not only is Darien gaining an immunity to the counteragent, but his Quicksilver Madness starts becoming contagious.

21 Jan 25

Enemy of My Enemy

Arnaud has a new scheme but when the team catches on, they have to negotiate with him to get a cure for Darien.

22 Feb 01

The New Stuff

Time is running out for Darien in the onslaught of Quicksilver Madness, forcing the Keeper to give him a cure that frees him from the Agency.

About The Invisible Man

Darien Fawkes is a thief and conman with a scientist brother, Kevin. Kevin develops a gland that allows the implantee to excrete “Quicksilver” and turn invisible. Unfortunately, the gland has the side effect of rendering the implantee berserk if a counteragent isn’t occasionally injected. Darien agrees to the operation to avoid a jail sentence. Terrorists kill Kevin, leaving Darien with the gland stuck in his head. A mysterious “Agency” was behind Kevin’s research, and offer Darien a deal: work for them in return for injections of the Counteragent. Using his powers of invisibility, Darien takes on spies and other criminals for the government.