The Jeffersons: Season 6


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 23

The Announcement

Lionel and Jenny after wonderful news, Jenny is pregnant, but they only share the news with Tom and Helen, reason being Lionel doesn’t want George making jokes about what…

2 Sep 30

A Short Story

George is ecstatic when he learns he’s been named Small Businessman of the Year. However, Louise quickly learns that the basis of the award is purely physical. The awar…

3 Oct 07

Louise's Old Boyfriend

Louise is excited when she receives a letter from her old boyfriend, Bill Simpson, asking her out to dinner. However, she decides not to go because she knows George will be up…

4 Oct 21

Now You See It, Now You Don't (1)

It’s Halloween, and the Jeffersons and the Willis are all gearing up for a costume contest, they’re each going as old movie stars. Meanwhile, Harry brings his tele…

5 Oct 28

Now You See It, Now You Don't (2)

When the Killer Rabbit overhears Louise telling Harry what she saw through the telescope, he follows her to her apartment and waits until everyone leaves to confront her. The…

6 Nov 04

Where's Papa?

While going through a bunch of old items, George and Louise discover an old will which belonged to his father. The will states that his father wanted to be buried next to Moth…

7 Nov 11

The Expectant Father

Lionel becomes overwhelmed with advice on being a father when he and Jenny arrive at the Jefferson apartment, one evening which prompts him to storm out.

8 Nov 18

Joltin' George

George takes Marcus to the gym to teach him how to box, after the boyfriend of a girl that Marcus made a move on beats him up. However, George’s bigmouth gets him in the…

9 Dec 02

Baby Love

With all the excitement over Jenny’s pregnancy, Florence begins to hear her biological clock ticking. This prompts her to find a prospective husband and father through a…

10 Dec 09

Louise vs. Florence

Louise is to present a Volunteer award and must take care of the engraving on the plaque. However, when Florence takes it to her cousin, he mispells the name. This leads to a…

11 Dec 30

Me and Mr. G.

Louise is excited when she gets to have an orphan, stay at the Jefferson’s apartment for a week. However, when she and Florence go out to the store and leave George in c…

12 Jan 06

One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest

While making a dry cleaning delivery at a mental institution, George is accidentally mistaken as a mental patient, when the real patient escapes disguised as George.

13 Jan 13

Louise's Setback

Louise is ecstatic when she learns that a television documentary will be done on the suicide helpline available down at the Help Center, and she is going to be interviewed. Ho…

14 Jan 27

Brother Tom

When two old friends of Helen’s come for a visit, Tom feels like a ““white”“ outsider in his own home. This prompts him to ask George to teach hi…

15 Feb 03

The Arrival (1)

George and Louise are disappointed with the news that if Lionel gets the job that he’s getting interviewed for, Jenny and him will have to move to Boston. Meanwhile, whe…

16 Feb 10

The Arrival (2)

George rushes Jenny to the hospital as she begins having contractions. Meanwhile, Lionel is offered the job in Boston, and returns from the interview to find out the news the…

17 Feb 17

The Shower

George and Louise are happily planning a belated baby shower for Jenny and Lionel. However, as soon as the shower begins, a workaholic Lionel walks out, leaving behind a lonel…

18 Feb 24

The Longest Day

When Louise, Helen, Florence and Jenny go out for the day, George, Tom and Lionel are left to take care of baby Jessica. They soon find out that taking care of a baby is no ea…

19 Mar 02

George's Birthday

Louise is planning a surprise party for George’s 50th birthday and has invited all his friends to meet up at the Willis for the party. Meanwhile, George gets the idea to…

20 Mar 09

A Night to Remember

On their anniversary, George and Louise get into an argument over his honesty, this prompts George to storm out to a hotel and Louise is left to think about George’s fide…

21 Mar 23

The Loan

Lionel and Jenny are excited with the news that they’re trying to purchase a home. However, when the bank turns down their loan application, George, Louise, Helen and To…

22 Mar 30

Louise Takes a Stand

George is excited when he learns he will be able to expand his store on the first floor of the building. However, his excitement starts to dwindle when he learns the expansion…

23 Apr 06

The First Store

As Louise and George look through old photos, they recall George opening his first store in 1968. His opening coincides with the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr and wh…

24 Apr 13

Once Upon a Time

While babysitting his granddaughter, Jessica, George entertains her with his version of King Arthur, King George. In his tale, King George is defending his kingdom from the ev…

About The Jeffersons

A sitcom about a black couple “movin’ on up” from a modest Queens neighborhood to deluxe apartment in Manhattan’s ritzy East Side. The show was spun-off from “All in the Family” in 1975 and for the next 11 seasons, The Jeffersons lived among a kaleidoscope of characters, including their sassy maid Florence, a bizarre British neighbor named Bentley, and the Willises — TV’s first married couple in which one character was black and one was white. Like All in the Family, The Jeffersons had a bigoted, opinionated loud-mouth at its center: George Jefferson, who was constantly putting his foot in his mouth. The show tackled many serious issues, although comedy was the key element of its success.