The Jeffersons: Season 7


# Air Date Title
1 Nov 02

Marathon Men

George and Tom get into an argument over who’s in better shape, so to prove who actually is, George and Tom agree to run in a marathon through Central Park.

2 Nov 09

The Jefferson's Go to Hawaii (1)

Tom and Helen are enjoying their vacation in Hawaii, while Florence is back home wanting to take a vacation. This leads Louise to buy her a plane ticket to Hawaii. Meanwhile,…

3 Nov 16

The Jefferson's Go to Hawaii (2)

George, Louise and Florence arrive in Hawaii and discover that Tom and Helen have decided to stay a few more days. Meanwhile, George begins to work on lowering his blood press…

4 Nov 16

The Jefferson's Go to Hawaii (3)

George begins to get involved in the investment plan that would allow him and Louise to live in Hawaii and begins hinting to her that that’s what he wants to do. Meanwhi…

5 Nov 23

The Jefferson's Go to Hawaii (4)

After their boat tips over, George and Tom wash ashore on another part of the island. George and Tom are aided by some friendly islanders who will have to leave their home due…

6 Nov 30

Put It On

Helen and Jenny talk a hesitant Louise into going to a male strip club but when George forbids her to go she’s all for it. Unknown the Louise, Helen and Jenny, George an…

7 Dec 07

Florence's Cousin

Florence’s cousin, Ernie, comes to town and pays Florence a visit. He quickly asks her for $1000 and Florence doesn’t hesitate to ask George. However, George is c…

8 Dec 21

All I Want For Christmas

When Tom sprains his ankle, Louise and Helen coerce George into dressing up as Santa down at the Help Center. However, George gets carried away with holiday cheer and promises…

9 Jan 04

Calendar Girl

Lionel and Jenny are both dead set against entering baby Jessica in a baby contest much to George and Louise’s dismay. However, one afternoon when Lionel and Jenny leave…

10 Jan 11

As Florence Turns

Wanting to do something more with her life, Florence tries writing a soap opera script using the ‘Who Shot J.R.’ storyline on ““Dallas”“ as…

11 Jan 18

God Bless Americans

George is ecstatic when he is chosen to guest star on a talk show to discuss Americanism. However, his chance at appearing on the show is up in the air when the host learns th…

12 Jan 25

Alley Oops

George and a rival cleaner are competing against each other in a bowling league. When his star bowler gets sick, George is reluctant to have Tom take his place, especially sin…

13 Feb 01

And the Doorknobs Shined Like Diamonds

Louise is heartbroken when she discovers that the city is planning to tear down the building she grew up in. This leads her to make one last visit to her childhood home where…

14 Feb 15

Sorry, Wrong Meeting

Louise and Florence run into members of the Ku Klux Klan at the CPR class held for the tenants in the building. Meanwhile, a rash of robberies in the…

15 Feb 22

My Hero

George is hailed a hero after saving a woman from a mugging. However, later, George is intimidated by the mugger who threatens him which leads George to hire a personal bodygu…

16 Mar 01

I Buy the Songs

After hearing the romantic poem, Tom wrote for Helen for Valentine’s Day, Louise longs for a romantic gift. However, when George forgets Valentine’s Day and offers…

17 Mar 08

Small Fish, Big Pond

To get into an exclusive club, George exaggerates how many stores he owns. However, once a member of the club, George finds himself in over his head, by pledging $100 for a fo…

18 Mar 15

Not So Dearly Beloved

George has had it with his obnoxious manager who’s in charge of the store in the building and decides to fire him. However, in the middle of his termination, the man dro…

19 Mar 29

Florence's New Job (1)

George is trying to win a cleaning contract at a hotel and invites Mr. Claymore, the owner over to try to get it, however, Claymore takes more of an interest in Florence and of…

20 Mar 29

Florence's New Job (2)

As the new executive housekeeper, Florence must do two things that she doesn’t want to do, fire a maid who happens to be her friend and tell George he didn’t get th…

About The Jeffersons

A sitcom about a black couple “movin’ on up” from a modest Queens neighborhood to deluxe apartment in Manhattan’s ritzy East Side. The show was spun-off from “All in the Family” in 1975 and for the next 11 seasons, The Jeffersons lived among a kaleidoscope of characters, including their sassy maid Florence, a bizarre British neighbor named Bentley, and the Willises — TV’s first married couple in which one character was black and one was white. Like All in the Family, The Jeffersons had a bigoted, opinionated loud-mouth at its center: George Jefferson, who was constantly putting his foot in his mouth. The show tackled many serious issues, although comedy was the key element of its success.