The Larry Sanders Show: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Jun 22


Larry’s going out of his mind with boredom up in Montana when Artie appears with a scheme to resurrect the show.

2 Jun 29

You're Having My Baby

Larry’s chances with Mimi Rogers drop dramatically when a woman from Montana turns up with the claim that she’s carrying Larry’s baby.

3 Jul 06

Would You Do Me a Favor?

Larry’s dad pays a visit to California, but Larry doesn’t want to see him, so he adds that little chore to the things an already fed-up Beverly has to cope with.

4 Jul 13

The Gift Episode

Paula worries about her job when Larry gets angry with her over guests canceling, and really goes all out to convince a reluctant Danny DeVito not to cancel too. Larry and Arti…

5 Jul 20

People's Choice

Artie is chosen to produce the People’s Choice Awards, prompting both Larry and Hank to try for a role in the show.

6 Jul 27

Hank's Night in the Sun

Hank gets his shot at the big chair when Larry gets food poisoning just before a taping.

7 Aug 03

Office Romance

The office suffers when Larry and Darlene tentatively begin a romance, prompting a domino effect of hurt feelings and jealousy.

8 Aug 10

The Mr. Sharon Stone Show

Larry hits it off with guest Sharon Stone, but finds he can’t cope with her greater celebrity status.

9 Aug 17

Headwriter (a.k.a. Headwriter Phil)

Phil whines and pleads to be made headwriter for the show, then finds it isn’t what he thought it would be.

10 Aug 24

Like No Business I Know

Regis Philbin causes some major unrest when he intimates to Hank that there might be place for him on Regis’ new show. Larry and Artie worry about what guest Bobcat Goldt…

11 Aug 31

Larry Loses a Friend

Jon Lovitz makes a strong play for a reluctant Darlene.

12 Sep 07

Doubt of the Benefit

Larry becomes convinced that Rob Reiner is snubbing him and the show, and retaliates by canceling out of a benefit.

13 Sep 14

Hank's Divorce

It looks like Hank’s marriage is over, despite everyone’s efforts to patch it up.

14 Sep 21

The Fourteenth Floor

Larry gets into a feud with the network when he makes fun of their new fall schedule on the air.

15 Sep 28

Next Stop Bottom

A depressed and unhappy Hank hits on all the female guests before retreating to a hotel room for a boozy marathon with a series of prostitutes.

16 Oct 05

Arthur's Crises (a.k.a. Artie's Crisis)

Larry fears that Artie’s intimate relationship with a CBS network executive spells the end of their relationship. Darlene longs to sing with Cli…

17 Oct 12

End of the Season

Roseanne spots Larry’s drug dependence and offers herself as his friend and keeper as he kicks the habit.

About The Larry Sanders Show

Comic Garry Shandling draws upon his own talk show experiences to create the character of Larry Sanders, a paranoid, insecure host of a late night talk show. Larry, along with his obsequious TV sidekick Hank Kingsley and his fiercely protective producer Artie, allows Garry Shandling and his talented writers to look behind the scenes and to show us a convincing slice of behind the camera life.