The Loop: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Mar 15


Sam has difficulties balancing his new job as an airline executive while still saving enough time to keep up with his slacker friends who don’t see working as a priority.…

2 Mar 16

Jack Air

Sam is given an assignment at work to make a low-cost airline carrier, but he may not be able to deliver his proposal because of a tequila challenge he took part in the night b…

3 Mar 23

Tiger Express

At the bar, Sam bumps into Jolie, a girl he previously ditched on their third date. Sam’s plan to reconnect with Jolie is hampered by a series of curve balls thrown by h…

4 Mar 30

Trouble in the Saddle

On his way to an important business meeting at Russ’s ranch, Sam stops off at home to put on some ranch attire.

5 Apr 06

Year of the Dog

Meryl seeks Sam’s expertise to assist with a vital presentation she’s giving to the Chinese Department of Transportation.

6 Apr 12

Bear Drop Soup

Sam’s latest business proposition turns his coworkers against him and Sully comes up with the perfect solution to rid Piper’s tutor of excess body hair.

7 Apr 13

Rusty Trombone

A last-minute brainstorming meeting forces Sam to bail on his date with Piper and rescue her from sleazy Derek.

About The Loop

This comedy revolves around a guy (Bret Harrison, Grounded for Life) right out of college who becomes the first among his friends to get a real job, as a Chicago-based airline’s youngest executive, and straddles the fence between slacker and working man.