The Mind of the Married Man: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 23


A married Chicago newspaper reporter struggles with sexual temptation when he hires a beautiful assistant.

2 Sep 29

The Secret of the Universe

Micky’s not pleased when Donna asks Missy out to lunch. Doug offers Micky self-help marriage videotapes and shares his well-guarded secrets of the universe.

3 Oct 07

The God of Marriage

Micky gets upset with Donna over a Three Stooges joke; Jake ends his affair with Ilene; Doug tries to limit his wife’s spending; and Jake takes Micky to a massage parlor.…

4 Oct 14

Time On The Lake

While Micky and Donna search for a hobby, the guys enlist Jake to find out whether a man has become bored with his beautiful wife.

5 Oct 21

Anywhere, Anytime

Donna gives Micky a pager, known as the ““electronic tether.”“ Meanwhile, Jake’s jilted girlfriend threatens to talk to his wife about their affai…

6 Oct 28

Wonderful News

Donna discovers that she might be pregnant. Meanwhile, Doug’s visiting mother-in-law affects his sex life.

7 Nov 04

Just Thinking of You

Mikey and Donna start to remodel their kitchen—and their marriage. The prostitute Jake sees retires. And work forces Doug to skip Carol’s birthday celebration.

8 Nov 11

When We Were Nice

Increased tension in the Barnes household forces Micky to re-evaluate his feelings toward his assistant; Doug’s back problems remind him of the good old days.

9 Nov 18

Lay Down Dancing

Micky sees a problem when Jake begins to flirt with Missy, but an impulsive solution only deepens his guilt.

10 Nov 25

Cold Splash of Truth

Micky considers telling Donna about his extramarital excursion. Despite Doug’s wishes, Carol returns to her career.

About The Mind of the Married Man

The Mind of the Married Man is an occasion for celebration. By tossing in a healthy helping of libido, it makes a traditional genre, the family sitcom, more realistic and, therefore, less predictable…love it or hate it, they have changed the rules. The Mind of the Married Man takes a funny, insightful look at the challenges of modern-day marriage from a decidedly male perspective. Back for a second season, the HBO comedy series follows three friends and co-workers who are bonded together in the institution of long-term marriage, but have very different opinions on how to make their marriages work. Can married men survive in modern times? Go inside and find out.