The Simpsons: Specials


# Air Date Title
1 Apr 19

Good Night

Good Night was the first ever Simpsons short to air on The Tracey Ullman Show. The five main family members – Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie – were first intr…

2 May 03

Watching TV

Bart and Lisa quarrel during commercial breaks over what channel they’ll watch. Repeatedly Maggie comes up to the television and changes the channel. Later Homer is sayin…

3 May 10

Jumping Bart

Homer makes several attempts to have Bart jump into his arms. Each time Bart jumps Homer is distracted and fails to catch him.

Towards the end of the episode boxing g…

4 May 31

Babysitting Maggie

Marge puts Bart and Lisa in charge of babysitting Maggie. They watch TV while Maggie gets electrocuted, falls down the stairs, and falls off the roof.

Maggie sticks a…

5 Jun 21

The Pacifier

Lisa and Bart try to get Maggie to stop sucking on her pacifier, but Maggie, who has an entire drawer full of them, refuses to kick the habit.


The E True Hollywood Story: The Simpson Family

6 Jun 28

Burping Contest

Despite Marge’s objections, Bart, Lisa and even Maggie compete in a contest to see who can make the most disgusting burp.

7 Jul 12

Dinner Time

Marge serves the family purple goop for dinner, insisting that they say grace first.

8 Sep 22

Making Faces

Despite Marge’s warnings, the kids make faces. Maggie unclearly speaks in this episode.

9 Oct 04

The Funeral

Bart is determined to see his uncle’s corpse…but not for long.

This is the only appearance of Uncle Hubert.

10 Oct 11

Maggie's Brain

Bart and Lisa wonder what’s inside Maggie’s mind.

11 Oct 18


Homer teaches Bart about the importance of Football.

12 Oct 25

House of Cards

Bart tries to make a house of cards, but Lisa & Maggie make noises that have the “house” fall every time.

13 Nov 01

Bart and Homer's Dinner

Bart can’t stomach it when he and Homer are forced to fend for themselves.

14 Nov 08

Space Patrol

Bart, Lisa and Maggie play a game of “Space Patrol” while Homer and Marge are out.

Lisa plays a superhero with Maggie as her sidekick, while Bart puts a j…

15 Nov 15

Bart's Haircut

Bart has his hair cut too short by a barber.

This is the first time we hear a character from The Simpsons series say a curse word.

16 Nov 22

World War III

Homer wakes up the family to practice for a nuclear drill… in the middle of the night.

17 Dec 13

The Perfect Crime

Marge bakes a batch of delicious cookies. Bart attempts to steal them, but burns his fingers trying to pick them up. Everyone except Bart and Maggie leave the kitchen to let th…

18 Dec 20

Scary Stories

Bart tells Lisa & Maggie a series of scary stories (in the middle of the dark) only to believe they’re coming true.

19 Jan 10

Grampa and the Kids

Grampa spends time with the kids.

This is Grampa’s first appearance.

20 Jan 24

Gone Fishin' (Sort of)

Bart and Homer go on a fishing trip. Homer asks Bart for a bologna sandwich, but Bart forgot the bologna. He puts the bait on the sandwich instead. Later on they hit rapids and…

21 Feb 07


Bart teaches his sisters how to skateboard…or is it the other way around.

22 Feb 14

The Pagans

The kids discuss paganism.

This is the first time Bart calls his dad “Homer”.

23 Feb 21


Bart locks himself in the closet, and when he busts out, he finds out that the family has gone out without him.

24 Feb 28

The Aquarium

At an aquarium Bart swims with the sharks…literally.
This is the first time we see a naked Simpsons character.
This also marks Lisa Simpson saying the word…

25 Mar 06

Family Portrait

Homer has trouble taking a normal family portrait.

26 Mar 13

Bart's Hiccups

Lisa and Maggie try to cure Bart’s hiccups…the hard way.

27 Mar 20

The Money Jar

The kids try to steal money from Marge’s money jar..

28 May 01

The Art Museum

The Simpsons go to the art museum.
This is the first time we hear Bart say “Whoooa, Mama!”.

29 May 08

Zoo Story

Homer unwisely teases a monkey at the zoo and gets a faceful of poo for his trouble.
This is the shortest Simpsons Short.

30 Nov 06

Shut Up, Simpsons

Maggie squeaks her toy, causing a chain reaction of anger in the family.

31 Nov 13

Shell Game

Bart tries to hide the cookies he stole from the jar from his parents.

32 Nov 20

The Bart Simpson Show

Bart puts on his own show after Homer tells him to stop watching cartoons. First appearance of Itchy and Scratchy.
This is the first time we hear Lisa call her dad ̶…

33 Nov 27

Punching Bag

Bart, Lisa and eventually Marge take out their frustrations on a punching bag with Homer’s picture on it.

34 Dec 18

Simpsons Christmas

Bart’s version of Christmas.

35 Jan 15

The Krusty the Clown Show

The kids get to see Krusty’s show live for the first time. First appearance of Krusty the Clown.

36 Jan 29

Bart the Hero

Sent out to exercise, Bart foils a robbery attempt.

37 Feb 05

Bart's Little Fantasy

Bart tells a story about large kids who throw their small parents into a small room.

38 Feb 12

Scary Movie

Bart, Lisa and Maggie go to the movie to see “The Happy Little Elves Return” (much to Bart’s dismay), but Bart convinces the girls to see “Space Mutants…

39 Feb 19

Home Hypnotism

Homer tries hypnosis to calm down his crazy kids.

40 Feb 26


Bart’s attempt to swipe some chocolate is foiled.

41 Mar 12

Echo Canyon

The family drives to Echo Canyon, takes turns making echoes, and Bart almost makes a boulder crunch the family car.

42 Mar 19


Homer makes Bart take his “Sunday Night Bath”, only to flood the bathroom.

43 Mar 26

Bart's Nightmare

In this sequel to “Shell Game”, Bart has a nightmare after eating every single cookie from the cookie jar.

44 Apr 16

Bart of the Jungle

The kids swing from the trees off Homer’s ties.

45 Apr 23

Family Therapy

Homer takes the family to a psychologist.
This is last Tracey Ullman Short we hear a character from The Simpsons series say a curse word.

46 Apr 30

Maggie in Peril (Chapter One)

Bart kicks Maggie’s ball out of sight and she takes off to retrieve it back. (To be Continued…)

47 May 07

Maggie in Peril (The Thrilling Conclusion)

Part 2. Maggie floats in the air hanging on to balloons and lands safely back in her playpen.

48 May 14

TV Simpsons

Homer attempts to fix the television antenna on the roof.

49 Sep 17

Springfield's Most Wanted

This special was aired before the premier of the 7th season opener; hosted by John Walsh (from the FOX series “Americas Most Wanted”), it…

50 Jul 27

The Simpsons Movie

After Homer accidentally pollutes the town’s water supply, Springfield is encased in a gigantic dome by the EPA and the Simpsons family are decl…


The Wiggum Files


Making Of

53 Dec 25

The Simpsons' Christmas Message

Marge comments on David and Victoria Beckham’s marriage in a negative comparison with hers and Homer’s, and compared the special relationship between the UK and the…


Inside the actors' studio


The world according to the simpsons

56 Jul 25

A Culture Show Special

Not long before the anticipated release of their movie, and after celebrating the 400th episode and 20 years, The Culture Show paid homage to the great success of The Simpsons…

57 Jan 10

The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: in 3-D! On Ice!

Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock takes on the behemoth task of documenting 20 years of the global phenomenon that is THE

58 Jan 11

Access All Areas

In the first of Sky One’s specials celebrating 20 years of “The Simpsons”, Ricky Gervais takes you behind the scenes to see how the show is made, talking to t…

59 Jan 12

Mischief & Mayhem

In the second of Sky One’s specials celebrating 20 years of “The Simpsons”, Ricky Gervais takes a look at the vast array of Simpsons merchandise the colourful…

60 Jan 13

Celebrity Friends

In the third of Sky One’s specials celebrating 20 years of “The Simpsons”, Ricky Gervais speaks to a selection of the huge number of celebrities who have gues…

61 Mar 17

The Longest Daycare

The youngest member of the Simpson family has a big adventure at the ‘Ayn Rand School for Tots’ in this Oscar-nominated animated short film.

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