The Twilight Zone (1985): Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 27

The Once and Future King

An Elvis impersonator is transported to the 1950s where he meets the real Elvis who thinks that the impersonator is his long dead brother.

2 Sep 27

A Saucer of Loneliness

A quiet waitress sees a glowing UFO, which gives her a message that everyone wants to know. She refuses to reveal exactly what the message is.

3 Oct 04

What Are Friends For?

4 Oct 04

Aqua Vita

This episode is a cruel ““fountain of youth”“ spin-off. A fortyish reporter is at risk of losing her anchor position on a network evening news broadcas…

5 Oct 11

The Storyteller

In the early 20th century a young woman takes a job as a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. One of her students, Mica, secretly takes extra books home to read. When the teach…

6 Oct 11


A young DJ working the graveyard shift at a radio station rediscovers a record album by her boyfriend who disappeared five years ago. When he suddenly appears again, she is sur…

7 Oct 18

The After Hours

A Woman goes to a mall for a doll, but encounters strange things after the closing hours…

8 Oct 18

Lost and Found

A young college student has been losing personal items for some time. The mystery is resolved when she finds two time-travelers in her closet.

9 Oct 18

The World Next Door

A hen-pecked man with a boring life and a secret yearn to build inventions finds a secret door in his basement that leads to a parallel world. In that world, his counterpart is…

10 Dec 04

The Toys of Caliban

An elderly husband and wife live in terror of their son, a retarded boy who has the power to summon anything he can conceive. They are forced to limit what he sees and reads, s…

11 Dec 11

The Convict's Piano

A man in prison who insists that he is innocent of a crime discovers a piano that transports him to the old days of gangsters.

12 Dec 18

The Road Less Traveled

A man who dodges the Vietnam draft is haunted by visions of his other life as a soldier during the war.

13 Feb 21

The Card

A compulsive spender accepts ““The Card”“ to keep up her habit. Unfortunately stringent penalties kick in for late payments.

14 Feb 21

The Junction

A modern-day miner has an argument with his wife and then goes off to work in the local mine. A collapse traps him, but he finds another survivor – a miner who claims to…

15 May 21

Joy Ride

Two teenage boys and their girlfriends steal a recently deceased man’s classic car. While they are on a joyride, they accidentally kill a policeman.

16 May 21

Private Channel

On board an airplane, a lightning storm transforms a boy’s walkman into a telepathic tuning device that informs him that the man sitting next to him is carrying a bomb.

17 May 21

Shelter Skelter

A survivalist traps himself in his bomb shelter when a nuclear blast finally comes.

18 Jul 10

Time and Teresa Golowitz

A Broadway composer, Bluestone, who has just died of a heart attack is visited by ““Prince”“, who gives him one wish because of his contributions to ent…

19 Jul 10

Voices in the Earth

In the far future. an expedition returns to a desolate barren Earth where a scientist begins to see the ghosts of those who died years ago.

20 Jul 17

Song of the Younger World

In 1916 a girl and a young man from a reformatory for wayward boys fall in love and try to get away from her father, the superintendent. He finds out and doesn’t approve…

21 Jul 17

The Girl I Married

An attorney and his wife have successful careers. They feel something is lacking in their marriage. Soon, they encounter younger versions of their mates.

About The Twilight Zone (1985)

This show is based on Rod Serling’s classic TV anthology show, The Twilight Zone. Redoing some episodes and doing new ones 20 years laters after the originals, these are made in color and in one-hour episodes. Most of the episodes contained two or three stories, and were broken up in half hour episodes for syndication. CBS cancelled the show in its second season, but it was picked up by a Canadian producer and aired in syndication in a half-hour format.

The show contains mostly ironic or special situations with a twist at the end, which show the human nature, coupled with science fiction, horror or fantasy. Some of the show’s writers are well known: Harlan Ellison, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Sidney Sheldon and J. Michael Straczynski. The opening and closing music was done by The Grateful Dead.