The Vampire Diaries: Specials


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 24

A Darker Truth

Garlic, holy water and a crucifix — it used to be that was all one needed to rid the world of vampires. Watch now!

2 Sep 24

A Darker Truth Part 2

A young man named Jason is on a crusade to avenge his sister’s death. Finding his suspect, Stefan Salvatore, living in the town of Mystic Falls, Jason arrives, prepared t…

3 Sep 24

A Darker Truth Part 3

Jason begins to think that the traps he set for Stefan were ineffective, failing to hurt the vampire. Realizing that he may be in way over his head, Jason begins to panic.

4 Sep 24

A Darker Truth Part 4

Jason takes a more destructive approach and soon finds his own life in danger. He discovers that someone or something more vicious than Stefan may be behind the killings.


Into Mystic Falls

Bringing Vampire Lore and the High School experience from Page to Screen


When Vampires Don't Suck!

The popularity of vampires and the fans who love them


A New Breed of Vampires

Casting the series


Vampires 101

The rules of the vampire


Second Bite

About The Vampire Diaries

As the school year begins, Elena Gilbert is immediately drawn to a handsome and mysterious new student, Stefan Salvatore. Elena has no way of knowing that Stefan is a vampire struggling to live peacefully among humans, while his brother Damon is the embodiment of vampire violence and brutality.