The Waltons: Season 1


# Air Date Title
0 Dec 19

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story

It is 1933, during the Depression, and being Christmas Eve, the Walton family are in the midst of their Christmas preparations and hoping to celebrate it together. The problem…

1 Sep 14

The Foundling

When a young girl is left on the doorstep of the Walton’s home, they take her in. Not Before learning she is deaf after taking her to the doctor. One night while the Walt…

2 Sep 21

The Carnival

A Carnival troupe comes to Walton’s Mountain. When the manager absconds with the money,four members are stranded at the Walton house.They thank the Waltons with a private…

3 Sep 28

The Calf

The Family cow,Chance,gives birth to a healthy calf,but John announces that it must be sold to make ends meet.Elizabeth and Jim Bob hide the Calf to save it.John relents and th…

4 Oct 05

The Hunt

John Boy prepares to go on his first hunt and distress over taking an animals life.During the hunt he saves John’s life from an attacking bear.Mean well Mary Ellen debate…

5 Oct 12

The Typewriter

John Boy borrows an antique typewriter from the Baldwin sisters so he can send a story to a magazine.Mary Ellen mistakenly sells it to a junk man,but through diligence,gets it…

6 Oct 19

The Star

When a meteorite falls on the Baldwin’s house,Zeb belives his time has come.The Baldwin sisters are hoaxed by their cousin until Zeb and John come to the rescue.

7 Oct 26

The Sinner

The Reverand Matthew Fordwick comes to Walton’s Mountain and upsets the family with his strict and forceful preaching. He innocently samples “the recipe,” and…

8 Nov 02

The Boy From the C.C.C.

Gino,a boy from the slums of New York City runs away from a CCC Camp and learns about trust and love from the Waltons

9 Nov 09

The Ceremony

A Jewish family,escaping refugees from Nazi Germany,come to Waltons Mountain for safety.Their 13 year old son loses respect for his father in the sons attempt to maintain his r…

10 Nov 16

The Legend

John’s old army buddy,Tip Harrison,tries to cover his lack of success with childish actions and comments culminating in an accidental fire and the shooting of reckless th…

11 Nov 30

The Literary Man

John-Boy’s truck breaks down and he meets the author,A.J. Covington.John-Boy jeopardizes a timber contract badley needed by the family

12 Dec 07

The Dust Bowl Cousins

The Walton’s distant cousins arrive on the mountain and immediately upset everyone’s life by their shiftless dishonest ways

13 Dec 14

The Reunion

The Baldwin sisters and The Recipe play a pivotal role in this story involving their unscrupulous scheming cousin, Homer Lee Baldwin

14 Dec 21

The Minstrel

Mary Ellen meets a traveling troubador, Jamie, and neglects her responsibilities of helping pick fruit.

15 Jan 04

The Actress

When her car breaks down,the famous extravagant actress,Alvira Drummond,finds herself stranded on Waltons Mountain.The Children, especially Mary Ellen, are fascinated by her &#…

16 Jan 11

The Fire

A young girls father objects to Miss Hunter’s teaching Evolution. Durning a druken rage he burns down the school and is killed in the fire.

17 Jan 18

The Love Story

John Boy falls in love with Jenny Pendleton who returns to Walton’s Mountain.Jenny’s father and new step-mother follow her to the mountain.Her father is killed in a…

18 Jan 25

The Courtship

Olivia’s uncle Cody Nelson comes to visit with the Waltons and finds love with a woman who has been divorced four times

19 Feb 01

The Gypsies

A gypsy family is stranded,but the leader refuses to accept help from the Waltons. His pride almost costs the life of his baby son.

20 Feb 08

The Deed

It seems that the Waltons never officially registered the deed to Waltons Mountain.In order to help pay the legal fees,John-Boy leaves home for a job in the city.He meets new f…

21 Feb 22

The Scholar

A neighbor lady,Verdie Grant,ask John-Boy to teach her to read and write. He agrees to teach her as he helps Elizabeth. Things go wrong, however, and feelings get hurt.

22 Mar 01

The Bicycle

Local blacksmith,Curtis Norton,has John-Boy write letters to his bride-to-be.When she arrives on Walton’s Mountain,life and Curtis are much different than she expected. M…

23 Mar 08

The Townie

John-Boy’s friend, Sarah, sees him as a way to escape her “trapped” life with her demanding mother. When John-Boy rejects her advances, she runs off and plans…

24 Apr 19

An Easter Story (1)

The entire family suffers a crisis when Olivia is stricken with polio. Dr Vance prescribes the accepted treatment, but Olivia does not get better. John-Boy learns of a new trea…

25 Apr 19

An Easter Story (2)

The entire family suffers a crisis when Olivia is stricken with polio. Dr Vance prescribes the accepted treatment, but Olivia does not get better. John-Boy learns of a new trea…

About The Waltons

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, during the Great Depression, the Walton family makes its small income from its saw mill on Walton’s Mountain. The story is told through the eyes of John Boy, who wants to be a novelist and go to college. The saga follows the family through depression and war, through growing up, school, courtship, marriage, employment, birth, aging, illness and death.