The Waltons: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 13

The Journey

Maggie McKenzie would like to see the ocean once more. John-Boy takes her but must miss an important dance. Grandpa helps the children save an injured bird. Earl Hamner makes h…

2 Sep 20

The Odyssey

John-Boy heads for a mountain retreat and finds an old school mate who is expecting.The baby arrives with John-Boy’s help. The mule,Blue,makes his first appearance in thi…

3 Sep 27

The Separation

The family struggles with financial crisis and the electricity is turned off. Grandpa sets out to raise some money but tells no one about his plans. Grandma becomes angry and G…

4 Oct 04

The Theft

A wealthy widow, Mrs Clayborne, accuses John Walton of stealing antiques while working in her mansion. John needed new tires and he hook his wedding ring to buy them. He refuse…

5 Oct 11

The Roots

Harley Foster and his son Jodie are introduced to the series. Harley roams the countryside doing odd jobs. Jodie has had no formal education. Verdie Grant takes a strong liking…

6 Oct 18

The Chicken Thief

John-Boy accidently sees a family friend, Yancy Tucker, stealing chickens and must decide whether to turn him in to the sheriff. Yancy has been helping poor friends but is ar…

7 Oct 25

The Prize

The Country Fair has come to Walton’s Mountain. Grandma has entered a quilt in the competition. Ben sells a pig for the greased pig contest and Olivia’s old suitor,…

8 Nov 01

The Braggart

Hobart Shank,a teen-age orphan,returns to the Walton home while John attempts to get him a contract as a professional baseball pitcher. He breaks his arm after falling out of…

9 Nov 08

The Fawn

John-Boy secures a position of rent collector for a hated landlord while Erin,who is disappointed by her knight in shining armour,nurses an orphaned fawn back to health

10 Nov 15

The Thanksgiving Story (1)

John-Boy anticipates a visit from his girlfriend and is pending a college scholarship exam. He has an accident in the sawmill and his vision is blurred. He is unable to finish…

11 Nov 15

The Thanksgiving Story (2)

John-Boy anticipates a visit from his girlfriend and is pending a college scholarship exam. He has an accident in the sawmill and his vision is blurred. He is unable to finish…

12 Nov 22

The Substitute

An inexperienced but brilliant young sub teacher wrecks havoc in the Walton’s Mountain School. Because of her insecurity, she refuses advice from anyone until Olivia step…

13 Nov 29

The Bequest

Grandma finds out she has inherited $250 and decides to share her wealth. Mary Ellen experiments with being a blonde and uses Jim-Bob as a test case.

14 Dec 13

The Air Mail Man

An air mail pilot, due to engine trouble, lands his plane in the Walton’s meadow. With the help of John, the plane is repaired and Olivia receives a surprise brithday gif…

15 Dec 20

The Triangle

John-Boy experiences a heart ache because Miss Hunter, his teacher, starts dating Reverend Fordwick.

16 Jan 03

The Awakening

Grandma’s 68th birthday is here and the 2 faces of age are keenly felt by her as Grandma is confronted by old age. Mary Ellen, now 14 years old, poses an impossible barri…

17 Jan 10

The Honeymoon

Olivia and John go on a late honeymoon at Virginia Beach while John-Boy & Marcia Woolery try to come to an understanding in their relationship

18 Jan 17

The Heritage

An investor talks John into sellng the mountain as a tour center. John thinks it over but realizes what the home means to the rest of his family and turns the ofter down

19 Jan 24

The Gift

Jason learns one of lifes hardest lessons: the death of a close friend. Seth Turner learns he has only one year to live because he has a fatal disease

20 Jan 31

The Cradle

Olivia finds out she is pregnant and the children set out to make her and the baby a variety of presents. Elizabeth is jealous because she thinks because she is the youngest…

21 Feb 07

The Fulfillment

The Waltons bring home an 8 year boy naned Stevie who is an orphan so he can experience a family setting Stevie meets Curtis Norton a blacksmith and an immediate bond occurs.Cu…

22 Feb 14

The Ghost Story

The Children get an Ouija board from Ike. Olivia and Grandma have misgivings from the children playing with it and speaking to it’s spirits

23 Feb 21

The Graduation

John-Boy gets ready to graduate from high school in a new suit. When the cow dies John-Boy returns the suit and gets his money back and uses the money to buy another cow. Joh…

24 Mar 07

The Five Foot Shelf

A travelling salesman named George Reed talks Olivia into buying a 5 foot collection of books called The Harvard Classics. George uses the down payment to buy his daughter a do…

25 Mar 14

The Car

When John-Boy starts college and needs a car to travel to and from college, he makes a deal with Hyder Rudge. John-Boy works at the Rudge home for the car. Hyder hides the auto…

About The Waltons

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, during the Great Depression, the Walton family makes its small income from its saw mill on Walton’s Mountain. The story is told through the eyes of John Boy, who wants to be a novelist and go to college. The saga follows the family through depression and war, through growing up, school, courtship, marriage, employment, birth, aging, illness and death.