The Waltons: Season 3


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 12

The Conflict (1)

Aunt Martha Corinnie Walton’s home is in danger by the right-of-way for The Blue Ridge Parkway. All of the Walton clan comes to her aid and try and stop the contractor. D…

2 Sep 12

The Conflict (2)

Aunt Martha Corinnie Walton’s home is in danger by the right-of-way for The Blue Ridge Parkway. All of the Walton clan comes to her aid and try and stop the contractor. D…

3 Sep 19

The First Day

During John-Boy’s 1st day at Boatwright he encounters a variety of new challenges. Back at the Walton home, Jason feels the need to be the oldest and excel at school like…

4 Sep 26

The Thoroughbred

John-Boy enters Blue the family mule in the annual cross-country race & tries to win Selena Linville’s affections.Grandpa had won that race years before

5 Oct 03

The Runaway

Now that John-Boy is at College, Jim Bob feels small and alone. He brings home a guinea pig, a mascot at school. During the night the little creature dies but the rest of the f…

6 Oct 10

The Romance

Olivia enrolls herself in art class at night and her teacher makes romantic advances.Mary Ellen says she wants to be a nurse

7 Oct 17

The Ring

Mary Ellen buys a purse. At home she finds there’s a pretty amethyst ring inside which she decides to wear at the dance, but she and Erin keep the finding of the ring a…

8 Oct 24

The System

Ben learns the hazards of smoking. John-Boy sticks up for a fellow student who violates Boatwright’s honor code during a history exam. There were extenuating circumstance…

9 Oct 31

The Spoilers

A New York family who is dysfunctional moves to Walton’s Mountain. They end up causing havoc in the Walton’s household and they move back to New York City

10 Nov 07

The Marathon

In Scottsville John-Boy enters a dance marathon with Daisy Garner, a total stranger. It starts out fun but quickly becomes a drudgery until Olivia comes to the rescue.

11 Nov 14

The Book

John-Boy finds out that a collection of his short stories will be published and Jason secures a job with Bobby Bigelow and the haystack gang

12 Nov 21

The Job

John-Boy gets a job reading to a young blind woman. The woman is hostile towards him and the world in general. She goes to Walton’s Mountain and realizes she has much mor…

13 Dec 05

The Departure

John seeks work in a Norfolk shipyard because he feels that life has passed by him but he soon realizes that the family needs him at home and he really wants to be there.

14 Dec 12

The Visitor

Zeb’s old friend returns to Walton’s Mountain without his wife. The Walton’s learn that she died earlier but he will not acknowledge her passing.

15 Dec 19

The Birthday

Grandpa has a heart attack and seems to be unresponsive to treatment. The family try to cheer him up, and against doctor’s orders, move him to a tent outside so he can c…

16 Jan 02

The Lie

Ben goes to Charlottesville to take a young girl to meet her mother and borrows John-Boy’s truck without his permission. The truck is involved in a hit and run unknown to…

17 Jan 09

The Matchmakers

Corabeth Walton, a cousin of the Waltons, comes for an unannounced extended visit. Ike Godsey is instantly taken with her and they quickly marry. Erin enters the Jefferson Co…

18 Jan 16

The Beguiled

John-Boy encounters a sassy but unprincipled girl whose selfish ways cause hard feelings and suspicion toward Danny, Jim Bob’s friend.

19 Jan 23

The Caretakers

Grandpa and Grandma become angry with the family and move out to care for a friend’s house.Everybody soon realizes that their place is back home

20 Jan 30

The Shivaree

Wedding plans for the daughter of a friend go awry when the mountain custom of kidnapping the groom get out of hand

21 Feb 06

The Choice

John wants to expand the mill and call it Walton and Sons,Jason wants to study music and he tries for a scholarship

22 Feb 13

The Statue

Godsey’s store has a raffle of a statue and Grandpa wins the statue – a dead ringer that looks like one of Grandpa’s girlfriend prior to Grandma. John-Boy wri…

23 Feb 20

The Song

Sally Ann Harper has eyes for Jason but Ben falls in love with her. Grandpa and John enter a billiard competition at Ike’s store

24 Feb 27

The Woman

John and Olivia make plans for their 20 th wedding anniversary, John-Boy falls in love with a older woman and decides to leave the mountain with her

25 Mar 06

The Venture

John decides to expand his business by building a new mill. To meet a deadline for a big order, John works day and night & gets pneumonia. While he’s in the hostipa…

About The Waltons

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, during the Great Depression, the Walton family makes its small income from its saw mill on Walton’s Mountain. The story is told through the eyes of John Boy, who wants to be a novelist and go to college. The saga follows the family through depression and war, through growing up, school, courtship, marriage, employment, birth, aging, illness and death.