The Waltons: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 11

The Sermon

Reverend Fordwick asks John-Boy to deliver the Sunday sermon, and Miss Hunter asks Olivia to act as the substitute teacher. It proves to be an interesting experience for both a…

2 Sep 18

The Genius

John-Boy’s Dean asks him to take care of a 16 year old genius college student for the weekend. It seems that Lyle is wonderful with science and math, but woefully lacking…

3 Sep 25

The Fighter

Young prize fighter James Travis Clark from Richmond arrives on Walton’s Mountain looking for work. He lives in the Walton’s barn while training for his next fight.…

4 Oct 02

The Prophecy

Father and son struggle with personal crisis: John approaches his 25-year high school reunion regretting he is not a greater success; and John-Boy fears he will never be able t…

5 Oct 09

The Boondoggle

Porter Sims, a reporter from New York, comes to get material for a guide book on Virginia. John-Boy takes him to see the Baldwin sisters who allow him to look through the late…

6 Oct 16

The Breakdown

Jason is attending Klineberg Conservatory while playing with the Haystack Gang & the Sunrise Gospeleers. He is not doing too well and decides to slow down. John-Boy takes…

7 Oct 23

The Wing-Walker

John-Boy is doing a story on a female wing-walker who is performing at the local fair. He invites her to stay at the Walton home. Jim Bob is soon madley in love with the flyer.…

8 Oct 30

The Competition

A handsome forestry student name Chad Marshall arrives on Walton’s Mountain. Both Erin and Mary Ellen are smitten and a competition delelops between them. Each is sure th…

9 Nov 06

The Emergence

John-Boy’s old girlfriend Marica Woolery returns to Walton’s Mountain with her fiance to sell some inherited property. She plans to invest the money in her fiance&#…

10 Nov 13

The Loss

Olivia Hill, Olivia’s young cousin, returns to Walton’s Mountain to grieve the sudden death of her husband. The family attempts to cheer her up. It does not work u…

11 Nov 20

The Abdication

John-Boy renews his friendship with A.J. Covington who is working with a movie company. The Walton family intently follows the abdication of King Edward while following the ac…

12 Dec 04

The Estrangement

Vera Walton has left her husband Wade and moves into the Walton home. Wade has been abusive and is running moonshine. John gives Wade a job at the mill to help the young couple…

13 Dec 11

The Nurse

As Mary Ellen nervously awaites word on her acceptance to nursing school, the rest of the Waltons prepares surprise good-bye gifts. Mary Ellen is accepted, but she needs more…

14 Dec 18

The Intruders

Ben gets angry and leaves home at the same time Grandpa and John enter a competition with another lumber mill for the big contract. Without knowing, Ben goes to work for the ot…

15 Jan 01

The Search

Olivia and the two youngest children, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth, go up on Walton’s Mountain and become lost. They experience many challenges. Jim-Bob saves the day using wood…

16 Jan 08

The Secret

Jim-Bob thinks he was adopted. He searchs his birth records and finds out he’s a twin. Jim-Bob’s twin brother died at birth.

17 Jan 15

The Fox

Grandpa enjoys telling tales of his days with Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish Amercian War, but he balks about attending a reunion of the Rough Riders. Ben decides to go into to…

18 Jan 22

The Burn Out (1)

The Walton’s house is nearly destroyed by fire and the children must live temporarily with friends. John-Boy has a difficult time to begin the task of rewriting his lost…

19 Jan 22

The Burn Out (2)

The Waltons home is repaired.The fire was cause by John-Boy’s pipe or by a fan that was not working

20 Jan 29

The Big Brother

John-Boy meets up with a runaway girl named Muffin who’s 12 years old. Muffin tells him that she was abused and is trying to find her mother. John-Boy takes her home an…

21 Feb 05

The Test

Olivia gets a job as a dress maker.She does very well & soon she gets full time work.She is pleased with the attention but realizes she wants too be home more than at work…

22 Feb 12

The Quilting

A quilting is to announce that a woman is of marrying age. Grandma is determined to have one for her granddaughter Mary Ellen who is just as determined not to participate in w…

23 Feb 19

The House

Esther wants to save an old house from being torn down. Grandpa wants the contract to destroy it for the old wood. They both argue until Zeb realizes that house holds sentiment…

24 Feb 26

The Fledgling

John-Boy sure trys to raise the down payment for an old printing press to publish his own newspaper

25 Mar 04

The Collision

Selena Linville comes back to Walton’s Mountain & lights a fire under John-Boy to go to Spain & write all about Rebel cause

About The Waltons

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, during the Great Depression, the Walton family makes its small income from its saw mill on Walton’s Mountain. The story is told through the eyes of John Boy, who wants to be a novelist and go to college. The saga follows the family through depression and war, through growing up, school, courtship, marriage, employment, birth, aging, illness and death.