The Waltons: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 23

The First Edition

The first edition of The Blue Ridge Chronicle is published by John-Boy. He publishes a story about Ben and it makes his mother mad.

2 Sep 30

The Vigil

Mary Ellen, aspring nurse, makes a diagnosis about Grandma’s illness which almost costs Grandma her life.

3 Oct 07

The Comeback

Jason gets news that his scholarship has been cancelled. Jason begins to hang out at the Dew Drop Inn. He is trying to interest Red Turner, a musician, into making a come ba…

4 Oct 14

The Baptism

John refuses to visit the tent meeting or get baptised, even with the presence of a famous evangelist.

5 Oct 21

The Fire Storm

John-Boy tries to keep the community updated about the news in Europe sohe decides to print excerpts about Hitler’s Mein Kampf in his paper. A great outcry ensues and…

6 Oct 28

The Nightwalker

A unknown person prowls through the night on Walton’s Mountain. Godsey’s Hall is open up by Ike Godsey & Jason decides to have a dance for the community

7 Nov 04

The Wedding (1)

Mary Ellen surprises her parents saying that she and Dr. David Spencer are getting married. At the same time the family makes preparations, Dr. Curt Willard arrives and comp…

8 Nov 04

The Wedding (2)

Marry Ellen does not marry DR Spencer

9 Nov 11

The Cloudburst

John-Boy sells his Meadow to a mining company to meet payments on his printing press. Ike and Corabeth follow suit. What everybody doesn’t know is that the company plans…

10 Nov 18

The Great Motorcycle Race

Jim-Bob fixes up Ike’s old motorcyle & he enters a motorcyle race. The Godsey’s want to adopt a baby but instead adopt a young girl named Aimee

11 Dec 02

The Pony Cart

Auntie Martha Corrine Walton comes to Walton’s Mountain to visit and soon interupts everybody’s life. She and Ben make an old fashioned pony cart and she comes to t…

12 Dec 09

The Best Christmas

The 11 members of the Walton family are together for Christmas This would be the last time that all of the Waltons would be together

13 Dec 16

The Last Mustang

The Waltons are emersed in a controversial election for sheriff and Grandpa fights to release a wild mustang that he says was caught on Walton property.

14 Dec 23

The Rebellion

Corabeth gives Olivia a permanent that turns out badly. Grandma is up against a new competition for playing the church organ.

15 Jan 06

The Ferris Wheel

Elizabeth has nightmares of an unknown experience of being stuck on the very top of a ferris wheel. Ben starts to seriously worry about his height.

16 Jan 13

The Elopement

Erin’s 1st love, Chad Marshall, comes back and asks Erin to be his wife. She agrees but John emphatically says no so Erin and Chad run off to elope.

17 Jan 20

John's Crossroad

John goes to Charlottesville and applies for an office job. He finds it impossible to work under the harsh direction of the office manager.

18 Jan 27

The Career Girl

Erin’s graduation from high school seems to be very painful because Erin has no firm plans for the future or any career.

19 Feb 03

The Hero

John-Boy acts on a suggestion of Grandma’s and oranizes a memorial to the Jefferson County Doughboys of WWI. Sheriff Ed Bridges , the decorated…

20 Feb 10

The Inferno

John-Boy goes to Lakehurst New Jersey to travel to cover the landing of Hindenburg and is deeply affected by its crash. Curt tries to figure out how to have more private time w…

21 Feb 17

The Heartbreaker

Jason falls in love with Vanessa, Curt’s sister, who left her husband so she could become a singer. John-Boy begins to publish sections of his novel in the newspaper.

22 Feb 24

The Long Night

Grandpa says he going to bring Grandma home from the hosptal. When the Doctors say no, Grandpa causes a scene and is told not to come back. Aimee Godsey asks Zeb to be her Gran…

23 Mar 03

The Hiding Place

The Baldwin’s niece, Hillary Von Kleist, comes for a visit from Vienna. Jason joins the National Guard over Olivia’s objections.

24 Mar 10

The Go-Getter

A hot headed Ben has a falling out with John and Ben takes a job as a used car salesman . Ben seems a natural until the family questions some of his sales techniques.

25 Mar 17

The Achievement

John-Boy goes to New York City after waiting weeks without word on his novel. It pays off and John-Boy talks to an editor who agrees to publish his novel. John-Boy comes back…

About The Waltons

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, during the Great Depression, the Walton family makes its small income from its saw mill on Walton’s Mountain. The story is told through the eyes of John Boy, who wants to be a novelist and go to college. The saga follows the family through depression and war, through growing up, school, courtship, marriage, employment, birth, aging, illness and death.