The Waltons: Season 7


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 21

The Empty Nest (1)

Everybody mourns the death of Grandpa Zeb and Flossie Brimmer. John struggles hard too fill a huge lumber contract and Mary Ellen & Erin move to Charlottesville and they…

2 Sep 21

The Empty Nest (2)

2 nd part The Waltons and the rest of the townspeople think of Grandpa and Flossie Brimmer

3 Sep 28

The Calling

Jim-Bob meets the Baldwin’s cousin, a young girl who is in a convent preparing to become a nun. Ben hires a mill hand who turns out to be an alcoholic.

4 Oct 12

The Moonshiner

Boone Walton comes back to Walton’s mountain and gets in trouble with the law. Boone gets released in Jason’s custody. Daisy Garner also comes back to Walton’…

5 Oct 19

The Obsession

Mary Ellen gets prescription drugs and abuses them in order to study long hours for her Nurse’s exam.Cissy Tucker Yancy Tucker’s wife has had enough and she pu…

6 Oct 26

The Changeling

Just before Elizabeth’s 13th birthday, she becomes reluctant to grow up and creates a poltergeist. Jason starts a new job as a radio talk show host giving advice to the…

7 Nov 02

The Portrait

Erin is both attracted and repelled by a brooding artist who is here from Paris. As part of a war-time mural on the wall of an old house the artist asks to paint Erin’s…

8 Nov 09

The Captive

Jim-Bob tries to teach Elizabeth to drive. Corabeth ‘s drinking problem becomes serve and Elizabeth has to drive Amiee and Corabeth home.

9 Nov 16

The Illusion

Ester Verdie’s daughter comes back to Walton’s Mountain disillusioned over having a college degree & unable to land a meaningful job. Erin helps her find a jo…

10 Nov 23

The Beau

Grandma’s ex-boyfriend comes calling on Grandma much to the horror of Elizabeth. Jim-Boy pursuades Yancy Tucker to make fuel in his still instead of moonshine.

11 Dec 07

Day of Infamy

Christmas 1941. Mary Ellen says she will be going to be with Curt in Hawaii. News from Pearl Harbor comes and the Waltons are told that Curt is dead.

12 Dec 14

The Yearning

Elizabeth falls in love with the minister when he is forced out of the parsonage by a skunk. Erin is helping the Baldwin sisters write their memoirs and Erin finds a ring that…

13 Dec 28

The Boosters

Ben talks the townspeople into opening an auto court against John’s advice. Yancy Tucker goes into business for himself.

14 Jan 04

The Conscience

Jason has secondthoughts about joining the military service and considers becoming a Conscientious Objector much to Ben’s dismay. Jim-Bob gets a military tattoo.

15 Jan 11

The Obstacle

Mike Paxton, John-Boy’s old friend, is confined to a wheel chair and belives there is no hope for the future. Through the help of the family, he comes out of his shell.

16 Jan 18

The Parting

John and Olivia are both tired so Olivia suggests a trip, but the vacation does not help Olivia. Olivia sees a doctor and is told she has TB and must go to a sanitarium.

17 Jan 25

The Burden

After a car jack slips and falls and Jim-Bob escapes serious injury, Jim-Bob decides to become a minister.

18 Feb 08

The Pin-Up

Ben enters a casual picture of Erin in a contest where she wins 1st prize. She finds herself the center of attention and the offcial pin-up girl of Camp Lee to John’s d…

19 Feb 15

The Attack

Ike has a heart attack because of the pressures and shortages of war-time shop-keeping. The Walton children pitch in and help keep Ike’s store open in his absence.

20 Feb 22

The Legacy

Ashley Longworth JR, who bears striking resemblence to his dad, comes to the Baldwin home and is courted by Miss Emily and Erin.

21 Mar 01

The Outsider

Ben comes home in the middle of the night with his new wife Cindy and they set up housekeeping in the shed. The early years of marriage aren’t easy until Grandma steps in…

22 Mar 08

The Torch

Cally May, John’s ex girlfriend, comes to Walton’s mountain and buys the Dew Drop Inn. John and Olvia’s kids try to protect John from Cally May attention. Ike…

23 Mar 15

The Talespin

Jim-Bob can not join the Air Corps because he fails the eye exam. Jim-BoB decides to run off and join the Army.

24 Mar 22

Founders' Day

Jason tries desperately with his music professor to meet the course’s requirements of an original composition. He composes Appalachian Portrait while he plans the piece…

About The Waltons

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, during the Great Depression, the Walton family makes its small income from its saw mill on Walton’s Mountain. The story is told through the eyes of John Boy, who wants to be a novelist and go to college. The saga follows the family through depression and war, through growing up, school, courtship, marriage, employment, birth, aging, illness and death.