The Waltons: Season 8


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 20

The Home Front (1)

John serves on the local draft board. A young soldier he drafted has been killed and the boy’s Dad threathens John & Jim-Bob. The family receives word that Jon-Boy is…

2 Sep 20

The Home Front (2)

John serves on the local draft board. A young soldier he drafted has been killed and the boy’s Dad threathens John & Jim-Bob. The family receives word that Jon-Boy is…

3 Sep 27

The Kinfolk

Rose arrives for a visit which is extended with Serena and Jeffery, her grandchildren. Jim-Bob and Ike Godsey build an air raid siren big enough for Richmond.

4 Oct 04

The Diploma

Mary Ellen subs as the county nurse. John tries to prove to the army that he really did graduate from high school. John can not find his diploma so he takes another test

5 Oct 11

The Innocents

Olivia says the mountain needs a day nursery for children of defense plant workers. Corabeth thinks that Ike has a girlfriend when she sees Rose teaching him to dance.

6 Oct 18

The Starlet

The film company comes to Walton’s Mountain and Pickett plant is used for a war-time documentary. Erin is convinced by the director that she has a potential in Hollywo…

7 Oct 25

The Journal

A publisher asks permission from John and Olivia about printing the new book that John-Boy wrote in Europe. Jeff does not want Reckless put to sleep after Reckless becomes sick…

8 Nov 01

The Lost Sheep

Ashley Longworth JR comes back and asks Erin to be his wife. She has some serious doubts after he says he has lost his faith in God.

9 Nov 08

The Violated (1)

Olivia searchs for a soldier’s wife at the request from the Red Cross. The solider’s wife won’t answer her husband’s letters. Corabeth expects an inhe…

10 Nov 22

The Waiting (2)

To be near John-Boy who is in a coma, Olivia joins the Red Cross. Rose plans the big Thanksgiving dinner. John and Olivia spend Thanksgiving in Richmond Hospital with John-B…

11 Nov 29

The Silver Wings

Jim-Bob meets Besty, a married woman and falls in love with her while delivering her a package.

12 Dec 13

The Wager

All of Jefferson County watched with wonder when Mary Ellen and Erin decide to venture even farther into a mans world.

13 Dec 20

The Spirit

There’s an escapee from a POW camp in North Carolina hiding on Walton’s Mountain and he is befriend by Jeffrey. They ask him in on Christ…

14 Dec 27

The Fastidious Wife

Cindy gets a book from Corabeth on how to be the perfect wife and Cindy resolves to cater to Ben’s every need. Jeffrey takes home a cat and names her Harold, until the…

15 Jan 03

The Unthinkable

There’s a recruit working for Jason’s company who is Jewish. He tells how his grandfather was arrested and killed by German soldiers in Warsaw.

16 Jan 10

The Idol

Hazel Lamphere, the new school teacher, comes to Walton’s Mountain and Elizabeth is immediately attached to her. Virginia is born to Cindy and Ben.

17 Jan 17

The Prodigals

Josh and Jeffrey break into Godsey’s store and are in trouble with the law. After being humiliated by a solider thats in uniform, Ben decides to enlist.

18 Jan 24

The Remembrance

Zadoc Walton, Zeb’s cousin, arrives to keep a 21 year old promise and makes a surprising contribution to Boatwright University..

19 Jan 31

The Inspiration

Mamie Baldwin makes it through a difficult operation with Grandma’s help.

20 Feb 07

The Last Straw

When John’s equipment breaks down and Jim-Bob breaks his, John decides maybe he has had enough. Jeffrey builds himslef a soapbox car sponsored by Godsey’s store.

21 Feb 14

The Traveling Man

Rose’s ex boyfriend Stanley Perkins arrives on Waltons Mountain and he makes a reacquaintance with Rose.

22 Feb 21

The Furlough

John-Boy returns home physically cured but he still suffers from a loss of memory. Ike gets arrested for draft evasion because he ignores a letter from the Army.

23 Feb 28

The Medal

Corabeth gets pursued an old suitor Mary Ellen is attracted to Eddie Ramirez.

24 Mar 13

The Valediction

Jim-Bob graduates as class valedictorian and Erin finds out that Ashley Longsworth JR married a girl in London. The Walton boys join the War.

25 May 22

A Decade of the Waltons

The first eight seasons of the Walton are being relived through flashbacks.

About The Waltons

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, during the Great Depression, the Walton family makes its small income from its saw mill on Walton’s Mountain. The story is told through the eyes of John Boy, who wants to be a novelist and go to college. The saga follows the family through depression and war, through growing up, school, courtship, marriage, employment, birth, aging, illness and death.