Three's Company: Season 2


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 13

Ground Rules

After Jack and Chrissy disturb Janet’s time alone with her date, the trio agree to arrange reservation times for the apartment. However, Jack has an offer he can’t…

2 Sep 20

Jack Looks For a Job

In order to earn tuition money, Jack takes on a variety of odd jobs, including an encyclopedia salesman and a nude model in a magazine layout.

3 Sep 27

Janet's Promotion

Janet’s co-worker Chloe gets a promotion after only being hired for a couple of weeks. Janet’s upset because chloe got the job because of her looks not her skills.…

4 Oct 04

Strange Bedfellows

Chrissy and Janet go away on a trip, and Jack promises he won’t throw a party. As soon as they’re gone he goes back on his word. When Mr. Roper comes up to put an e…

5 Oct 11

Chrissy's Date

Chrissy’s new man is married, but she thinks he’s single, and now her friends must prove to her the truth.

6 Oct 25

Alone Together

Jack must help Chrissy regain her confidence in her sex appeal, since he’s the one who made her lose confidence after failing to come on to her when they spend a night al…

7 Nov 01

Roper's Car

Mr. Roper tries to get his old car back from Jack and the girls after someone else makes an offer to him for a lot of money.

8 Nov 08

Cyrano de Tripper

Jack agrees to cook a gourmet meal for Chrissy’s date, who happens a very fussy critic when it comes to gourmet food.

9 Nov 15

Chrissy's Night Out

Chrissy’s naturally friendly nature gets her arrested for prostitution when a policeman thinks she’s propositioning him.

10 Nov 22

Stanley Casanova

During one of their marital disputes, Stanley thinks he is attractive to a younger woman (a friend of Jack’s) who befriends him as a favor to Jack.

11 Nov 29

Janet's High School Sweetheart

Janet is shocked at the misguided attention of a jock she used to have a crush on from high school. She realizes what a creep he really is once he is all over her, thinking th…

12 Dec 06

Jack's Uncle

Jack’s uncle writes Mr. Roper a bad check and the trio try to get it back.

13 Dec 13

Helen's Job

While Helen is out looking for a job, Stanley gets cooking lessons from Jack.

14 Dec 20

Three's Christmas

The kids and the Ropers spend Christmas together, but they would rather be at another party.

15 Jan 03

The Gift

Stanley gets Helen a fur coat, unknowing that Jack is holding the gift for Mr. Travers.

16 Jan 10

The Rivals

Chrissy steals Janet’s date by accident, and they refuse to speak to each other. It’s up to Jack to get the two girls together again.

17 Jan 17

The Baby Sitters

Janet made a date at the same time as her babysitting duty. She gets Jack and Chrissy to take her place as babysitters.

18 Jan 24

Home Movies

Chrissy has a new boyfriend who’s a film buff, so she decides to become a filmmaker. She gets a super-8mm film camera from her parents and takes lots of very amateur foot…

19 Jan 31

Jack in the Flower Shop

Janet offers Jack a job in her flower shop, and Jack takes that opportunity to goof off during company time. Janet wants Jack to be more serious about his job and they end up n…

20 Feb 07

Jack's Navy Pal

Jack’s blind Navy friend comes to visit him and the girls.

21 Feb 14

Will the Real Jack Tripper . . .

Because of one of Larry’s tricks, Jack is in trouble. A girl calls him claiming that he might have gotten her pregnant. The girls think that Jack is the father, but actua…

22 Feb 21

Days of Beer and Weeds

Jack, Janet and Chrissy weeds the Ropers’ backyard and they find a plant which they think is marijuana.

23 Feb 28

Chrissy, Come Home

Chrissy’s father, a reverend, does not approve of Chrissy’s life living with Jack and decides to take her home.

24 May 09

Bird Song

Janet has two tickets to see Frank Sinatra, and Chrissy and Jack fight over who gets to go with Janet.

25 May 16

Coffee, Tea or Jack

Jack falls for a stewardess who plays him for a fool.

About Three's Company

A man shares an apartment with two women and pretends to be gay so the landlord won’t kick him out in this popular bedroom farce. Loaded with pratfalls and double entendres, and unapologetically silly, the sitcom was based on the British show `Man About the House.’ There were several cast changes, but it was the charm of—-and the chemistry among—-the three original leads that turned this into a huge success. The roommates’ landlords, ‘The Ropers,’ left for their own show in 1979.