Three's Company: Season 4


# Air Date Title
1 Sep 11

Jack on the Lam

Jack mistakes a visit from the FBI for a reference for a former Navy buddy as a mission to get him.

2 Sep 18

Love Thy Neighbor

Lana Shields needs an escort and instantly falls for Jack, who wants nothing at all to do with her.

3 Sep 25

The New Landlord

The trio and Larry meet Mr. Ralph Furley, the new landlord, after accidentally selling all of his furniture, believing it was the Roper’s old furniture.

4 Oct 02

Snow Job

Chrissy gets a new sales job.

5 Oct 09

Jack the Ripper

Jacks wants to be aggressive to get the better of Mr. Travers.

6 Oct 23

The Life Saver

Jack saves the life of a man who happens to be rich. A s a reward, he gives them an apartment in a very affluent neighborhood.

7 Oct 30

Old Folks at Home

Chrissy feels sorry for a homeless man and lets him stay with her, Janet and Jack, much to their dismay.

8 Nov 06

A Camping We Will Go

Larry’s girlfriend wants to be an actress, so he tells her that his friend Jack is a famous commercial director. Jack, Janet, Chrissy, Furley, Lana, Larry, and his girlfr…

9 Nov 13

Chrissy's Hospitality

Chrissy falls and hits her head in the bathtub while trying to put up a shower curtain. Jack and Janet take her to the hospital when she starts to get dizzy. They misundersta…

10 Nov 20

The Loan Shark

Chrissy loses Jack’s money and they can’t pay the rent. So Chrissy sees a loan shark and borrows money on Jack behalf.

11 Nov 27

The Love Barge

Jack gets a job on a cruise ship and is invited to take only one guest. He has a choice between Janet and Chrissy and he sure doesn’t want to take Lana of all people. So…

12 Dec 04

Ralph's Rival

Chrissy pretends to be Mr. Furley’s wife so Mr. Furley can show off to his old rival.

13 Dec 11

Black Letter Day

The trio think an advice column was written about them; that Jack is secretly dating one of the two girls without the other girl knowing.

14 Dec 18

The Reverend Steps Out

Reverend Snow has a chance for a new appointment on the condition that his daughter Chrissy move out of the apartment.

15 Jan 08

Larry Loves Janet

After an unsuccessful date, Janet comforts Larry, who takes her kindess the wrong way when he thinks that she wants him.

16 Jan 15

Mighty Mouth

Jack goes out with a girl who has a muscular brother that doesn’t like her sister dating.

17 Jan 22

The Love Lesson

Furley hopes to ““straighten”“ Jack out by giving him love lessons. If he is indeed straight, he has to move out.

18 Jan 29


Chrissy borrows her policeman cousin’s handcuffs and accidentally gets locked together with Jack who has a big date waiting for him.

19 Feb 05

And Baby Makes Two

Jack and Chrissy believe Janet wants to have a baby.

20 Feb 12

Jack's Bad Boy

The trio help out a runaway boy.

21 Feb 26

Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

Jack’s brother comes for a visit, but Jack doesn’t like him because he always seemed to be better than Jack. It gets really serious when he has designs on Chrissy.<…

22 Mar 04

The Root of All Evil

Chrissy wins money at the racetrack and the trio get into a fight over how to use the winnings. It takes a trip to the psychiatrist’s office to see that the money is tear…

23 Mar 11

Secret Admirer

Chrissy plans a rendezvous with a secret admirer.

24 Mar 25

The Goodbye Guy

The roommates thinks that Furley is going to kill himself and they show praise for him.

25 May 06

Jack's Graduation

During a cooking class exam, Jack’s dishonest friend switches dishes with him, making Jack unable to graduate cooking school.

About Three's Company

A man shares an apartment with two women and pretends to be gay so the landlord won’t kick him out in this popular bedroom farce. Loaded with pratfalls and double entendres, and unapologetically silly, the sitcom was based on the British show `Man About the House.’ There were several cast changes, but it was the charm of—-and the chemistry among—-the three original leads that turned this into a huge success. The roommates’ landlords, ‘The Ropers,’ left for their own show in 1979.