Three's Company: Season 5


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 28

Upstairs Downstairs Downstairs

Jack has to fix dinner for 4 dates at the same time!

2 Nov 11

And Justice for Jack

Jack’s female boss makes a pass at him and he sues her for sexual harassment.

3 Nov 18

A Hundred Dollars a What?

Chrissy goes to work at a convention as a hostess with an old friend of hers, not realizing the job is being a high priced call girl.

4 Nov 25

Downhill Chaser

Jack pretends to be a professional skier to impress his new date who is a ski nut.

5 Dec 02

A Crowded Romance

Jack and Larry both go at each other for the affections of one woman and Larry takes advantage of Jack’s new job as a store window display mannequin to embarrass him in f…

6 Dec 09

Room at the Bottom

Jack gets a job as a busboy and at the same time is misrepresenting himself to his new date as the chef.

7 Dec 16

Chrissy's Cousin

Cindy Snow moves into the apartment with Jack and Janet.

8 Jan 06

Jack to the Rescue

Jack goes to Cindy’s place of employment to fight for her job back after she loses it.

9 Jan 13

The Not-So-Great Imposter

To get a new job, Jack assumes the identity of another person, not knowing that a lot of people have it in for that person!

10 Jan 20

Jack's Other Mother

A little old lady adopts Jack as her so-called ‘son’ but becomes more trouble than she is help when she starts interfering in Jack’s love life.

11 Jan 27

Make Room for Daddy

Jack set up a date for his girlfriend’s father with Janet, who doesn’t realize how old he is.

12 Feb 03

Janet's Secret

Janet’s parents come to visit, and Janet has to pretend that she and Jack are husband and wife.

13 Feb 10

Father of the Bride

Cindy is flourished with the wealth of an older man who wants her to be his bride. Her persistant refusal to wed him doesn’t seem to be enough, so Jack and Janet try to…

14 Feb 17

Furley Versus Furley

The roommates help Ralph stand up to his brother, Bart Furley, who owns the building.

15 Feb 24

In Like Larry

Jack and Larry switch apartments to see how each other lives their life.

16 Mar 03

Teacher's Pet

Dean Traver’s niece gets Jack in trouble, and Janet and Larry try to help him out.

17 Mar 10

And Baby Makes Four

Jack and Janet think that Cindy is going to have a baby.

18 Mar 17

Night of the Ropers

The Ropers are back in town, and Stanley has a falling out with Mr. Furley when he catches him in bed with Helen.

19 Mar 24

Double Trouble

In order to date Furley’s niece, Jack must pretend that he is his fictitious brother, Austin.

20 May 05

Dying to Meet You

Jack fakes his death to avoid dealing with a girl’s jealous boyfriend.

21 May 12

The Case of the Missing Blonde

Cindy goes to meet her father while he is visiting town but Jack and Janet think that she has been kidnapped.

22 May 19

Honest Jack Tripper

Jack learns that honesty is not always the best policy when he agrees to tell the absolute truth.

About Three's Company

A man shares an apartment with two women and pretends to be gay so the landlord won’t kick him out in this popular bedroom farce. Loaded with pratfalls and double entendres, and unapologetically silly, the sitcom was based on the British show `Man About the House.’ There were several cast changes, but it was the charm of—-and the chemistry among—-the three original leads that turned this into a huge success. The roommates’ landlords, ‘The Ropers,’ left for their own show in 1979.