Tilt: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Jan 13

The Game

Eddie, Clark, and Miami are seated at the same poker table. Eddie starts insulting Clark and it eventually turns into a physical fight. However, it was all for show. The trio…

2 Jan 20

Risk Tolerance

The Matador sees Eddie’s poker talent and recruits him for his team. Clark and Miami are worried that he’s going to get sucked in to the side they’re fighting…

3 Jan 27

The Whale

A multi-million dollar player takes his money to a different casino. This forces Lowball and his crew to get creative and bring him back to the Colorado.

4 Feb 10

The Aftermath

After Seymour’s death, there is speculation all over Vegas about what happened. Officials rule his death a suicide. While that is happening, Eddie and Clark go to his apa…

5 Feb 17


The Colorado is visited by a representative of the gaming commision that is intent on finding out whether cheating is really going on. Molloy tells Lowball to make this problem…

6 Feb 24

Gentleman Jim

After their devastating loss, Clark, Miami and Eddie attempt to pick up the pieces. Nickel and Lowball conspire to take down the Matador.

7 Mar 03

Shuffle Up and Deal

The Matador must win a bracelet at the World Championship of Poker in order to secure a minority stake in the Colorado. Meanwhile, Eddie, Miami and Clark begin to set a trap fo…

8 Mar 10

Nobody Ever Listens

Eddie, Clark and Miami pick off the Matador’s cohorts to advance to the World Poker Championships. Nickel continues to gather evidence against the Matador. When the

9 Mar 13

The Last Hand

In the season finale, The Matador is forced to surrender, and Eddie decides to leave for a well deserved vacation, somewhere far from Vegas.

About Tilt

In the month before the World Poker Championships, three professional gamblers have teamed up to take down the reigning king of the table — Don “The Matador” Everest (Michael Madsen- Vengeance Unlimited, Reservoir Dogs). Long held to be the most influential man in the game of poker, The Matador’s alliances run deep-down to the most corrupt elements of the Las Vegas underworld. As the team of three — Eddie (Eddie Cibrian- Third Watch), Miami (Kristin Lehman- Judging Amy) and Clark (Todd Williams- Third Watch) — struggles to gain the upper hand, they’ll be met with more than they bargained for. The hidden agendas and constant misdirection that are staples of the card table will emerge to conquer their lives beyond the walls of The Colorado Casino. Wrapped in the shadowy nighttime