Torchwood: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 22

Everything Changes

WPC Gwen Cooper is at the scene of a brutal murder, when the “special ops,” known only as Torchwood, arrive. After witnessing the group br…

2 Oct 22

Day One

It’s Gwen’s first day on the job, and it’s not going very well. After accidentally releasing a mysterious gas from a comet that landed, a new type of alien is…

3 Oct 29

Ghost Machine

Whilst chasing a man, Gwen retrieves an unusual machine that allows the user to see back into the past. It is considered dangerous, and no members of Torchwood are permitted to…

4 Nov 05


A Ianto themed episode
Ianto Jones hides a very big secret at Torchwood – his half-converted girlfriend from the Canary Wharf Battle – down in the basement. H…

5 Nov 12

Small Worlds

Jack catches up with a very old friend of his, who is investigating fairy sightings in the local wood. After having visited her, Torchwood are informed of a man’s mysteri…

6 Nov 19


Whilst investigating a group of unexplainable deaths in a village, the Torchwood team are separated. Discovering further, Jack, Gwen and Owen find a scared man, hiding from the…

7 Nov 26

Greeks Bearing Gifts

A Toshiko themed episode
Tosh meets an unusual woman, Mary, at a bar, who gives her a strange pendant. She is upset, yet amazed by what she now has – the ability to…

8 Dec 03

They Keep Killing Suzie

A Suzie themed episode
Using the Resurrection Gauntlet that former Torchwood member Suzie Costello originally had, the team are able to bring a number of murder victims b…

9 Dec 10

Random Shoes

Eugene Jones wakes up, finding himself lying on the middle of a road. He then discovers that he has been the victim of a hit-and-run incident, and is, now, not only dead, but i…

10 Dec 17

Out of Time

Three passengers from 1953 arrive in modern day Cardiff, when their plane flies through the Rift. With no means of travelling back, each person must adapt to their new life, st…

11 Dec 24


An Owen themed episode
Weevils are appearing all over the streets of Cardiff, and then disappearing again – but not by alien forces. People are abducting them, and…

12 Jan 01

Captain Jack Harkness

A Jack themed episode
Whilst investigating an old, derelict dance hall, Jack and Tosh are transported back to the 1940s, during the Blitz. Owen, Ianto, and Gwen realise,…

13 Jan 01

End of Days

With the Rift having been opened, people and objects throughout time are falling through it, and being spread across the world. “The thing in the darkness” has fina…

About Torchwood

Captain Jack Harkness is a man from the 51st century trapped in the past who leads the last remnants of the Torchwood Institute, a top secret British agency outside the government whose job it is to investigate alien goings on in the world, act in mankind’s best interest, and, if needed, be the Earth’s last line of defense.