Touching Evil: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Mar 12

Pilot (1)

David Creegan goes into to arrest a man but is shot and falls out a window. He dies but he comes back to life. Three years later he assigned with Susan Branca. Their first assi…

2 Mar 12

Pilot (2)

They manage to arrest Dr. Rhinks but, he is soon released. David then takes Serral to the psychiatric facility where he was placed after he died and came back. Then he visits o…

3 Mar 19

Y Me

A woman is burned to death with strange markings which is same thing with a previous victim. They investigate and they think their perp is man obsessed with fire. However he is…

4 Mar 26


Three women are found beaten to death out side of strip bars where Justine who worked at those bars and killed her pimps. Also Creegan realizes that Krakauer killed Hinks. Just…

5 Apr 02

Slash 30

““The Hangman”“ for a year had been literally hanging people for a year and a reporter, Stephen Laney, has been following him for a year is also a forme…

6 Apr 16


Three dead mean are found at a monument. They all have the same tatto which they trace to a woman whose boyfriend, Mike, served as a paramedic alongside the three men. They eve…

7 Apr 23


Four teenagers mutilate horses but one of them backs out. The OSC intervenes because they think that whomever attacked the horses will eventually kill…

8 Apr 30

Love Lies Bleeding

Emily Atkin is killed and the suspect is Mr.Clean, a serial killer who is out on parole but is missing. The father of Emily, Marin, blames Creegan because he didn’t tell…

9 May 10


A couple is found shot in their own home but, their boy is missing. Meanwhile Creegan deals with the fact that his kids are gone. The murder of the Armstrongs is connected to a…

10 May 17


A string of murders leads the OSC to Boston which is Creegan’s hometown. A priest, Father Bob, is in confession with a man when the man tries to…

11 May 24


A man is killed with a knife whom the OSC thinks is about 6 ft and heavy set. A man like Creegan’s friend, Cyril. Creegan tries to prove that it…

12 Jun 07


A man finds his wife in the trunk of his car dead with her hear remove. The team travels to Port Endicott, Washington where there have been similar cases. They investigate the…

13 Jun 14


Three people die in a hospital, all ICU patients, all had doxigen in their systems(a drug that speeds up the heart rate)and the words ““le…

About Touching Evil

Jeffrey Donovan (Storyteller, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2) stars as Detective David Creegan, who after surviving a near fatal gunshot wound to the head, takes a 12-month psychological leave of absence. He returns to work for the FBI’s new Organized and Serial Crime Unit, a rapid-response, elite crime squad. His brush with death renders him fearless in his relentless pursuit of justice as he and his partner Vera Farminga (UC: Undercover) specialize in solving shocking, high profile crimes.