Tracker: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Oct 15


An alien security officer comes to Earth to track fugitives from his planetary system who have taken over the bodies of Earthmen. Unfortunately, while they enter human bodies a…

2 Oct 22

Cloud Nine

Using his extrasensory powers, Cole figures out how Zin got his confederates into Chicago: by taking over the passengers on a train. Although Cole taps into the station’s…

3 Oct 29

Roswell (aka Area 51)

Two brother/related Orsians, Raahm and Saahm, are trying to track down something from the Roswell crash site. Cole manages to capture Saahm, and uses his essence to intercept t…

4 Nov 05


Cole is in the middle of pursuing Trof (an Enixian) and about to lose his life when a concealed alien, Nestov, comes to his aid. Cole captures Trof and then prepares to capture…

5 Nov 12

The Plague

An Enixian named Jax is knowingly spreading a dealy disease to women through seduction,his only outlet for a buildup of a toxic substance inside him,and Mel is getting personal…

6 Nov 19

The Beast

A blind man is led into the middle of an intersection and left to be run over by his German Shephard. While picking up Mel from an aborted date, Cole senses the presence of one…

7 Jan 14

Without a Trace

Mel is talking with Det. Bruno, and how he’s being taken off the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend, restaurant owner Rod Archer. Cole overh…

8 Jan 21

Children of the Night

Cole spots a face on a milk carton of a missing boy, whom he recognizes from the video recording he took from the train station. He and Mel investigate and determine that an al…

9 Jan 28


Cole is pursuing an alien Nodulian, Kres, who is a ““courier”“/smuggler. Kres is captured by U.S. government agents and taken into custody. Cole eludes…

10 Feb 04

Double Down

Zin hires the billboard actor whom Cole based his physical appearance on to participate in his plan to frame Cole for murder.

11 Feb 11

Native Son

Joshua Keene, who works in a real estate developer’s office, leaves a message for his grandfather’s answering machine, and is then confronted by a mysterious man wh…

12 Feb 18

To Catch a Desserian

With Nestov’s help, Cole captures Vesser, who was using Nestov to hire supplies for a theft. A Desserian thief named Zareth is planning to steal something during an art e…

13 Feb 25

The Miracle

A young girl, Jamie Swenson, miraculously recovers from an illness and subsequently heals an electrocuted boy. This catches the attention of Cole, who investigates. Jamie has b…

14 Apr 08

Love, Cirronian Style

Cole and Mel visit a retreat for bringing romance back into a marriage, on the trail of a telepathically paired set of Orsian convicts. pretending to be a married couples poses…

15 Apr 15

Eye of the Storm

A mysterious alien breaks into Mel’s apartment.

16 Apr 22

Dark Road Home

Cole gets hold of a tape made at the train station when the passengers from the alien-intercepted train arrives. He identifies one of them as Yahir, an aide of Zin’s who…

17 Apr 29

A Made Guy

Cole interrupts a mob transaction between Jimmy and one of the prisoners, Trepp. Cole captures Trepp and escapes, but realizes that Zin and the mob are connected somehow. Despi…

18 May 06

Fever of the Hunt (1)

One of the prisoners, a Desserian named Suudor, is duplicating famous serial killers like Gacy, Manson, and the Boston Strangler. Tracking him, Mel and Cole find he’s tak…

19 May 13

Fever of the Hunt (2)

Mel tries to dissuade Jess from meeting with Hunin in Whitechapel to get engaged, but oversleeps. Meanwhile Cole tries to track Suudor and runs afoul of Jager, one of a set of…

20 May 20

Back Into the Breach

The U.S. government project devoted to detecting aliens (from ““Breach”“) is back in action. They are keeping the body of Wes Tarber, previously inhabit…

21 May 27

What Lies Beneath

Nestov warns Cole that Zin has created a gun that permanently nullifes Cirronian energies, turning them into normal humans for good. The two break into one of Zin’s bases…

22 Jun 03

Remember When

After bringing in another escapee after some tests, Cole determines a way to zap all of the remaining prisoners off Earth and back to Sartop at the same time by remote. However…

About Tracker

“This is Cyrron. One of six planets in the Mygar Federation. There was a prison break. 218 of the most violent criminals have disappeared into the city of Chicago. Finding them won’t be easy – they’re not human. Luckily for Earth, neither am I.” 218 alien prisoners have escaped from their captivity from a prison in the Migar system. Their warden and guard, an alien named Daggun, followed them to Earth. While they occupied the bodies of humans, their pursuer was forced to create his body based on a model on an advertising billboard. Taking his name from the brand on the billboard, “Cole” was picked up by bar owner Mel, who took pity on him. Unlike the other aliens, since “Cole” didn’t have a human body, he has no knowledge or memory of Earth, and is forced to learn everything from scratch.
Despite these obstacles, and with Mel’s help, Cole must locate and pursue the escaped prisoners, led by Dr. Zin, and drain the alien life forces from their human bodies and imprison the energy