Tripping the Rift: Season 1


# Air Date Title
1 Mar 04

God is Our Pilot

Chode and Gus embark on a time travel adventure to find out how the begining of time happened. Was it God or the “Big Bang” that create the universe? During their a…

2 Mar 11

Mutilation Ball

The Mutilation Ball Championship game is coming up. The Confederation is set to take on The Dark Clowns. They haven’t beaten the Clowns since their star player Malek re…

3 Mar 18

Miss Galaxy 5000

Chode enters Six in the Miss Galaxy 5000 pageant in order to make $1 million. Chode and Darph Bobo are judges (having stolen the real judges ID badges). However, Darph BoboR…

4 Mar 25

Sidewalk Soiler

The episode starts with hot Chode-on-android action, showcasing Chode’s disinterest in Six’s satisfaction. Their sexual games are discovered by Whip, who turns blin…

5 Apr 01

The Devil and a Guy Named Webster

When the crew and ship plunge into a black hole, Chode is forced to sign a deal with the Devil to escape (and get an 80’ plasma screen TV in the process), but comes to re…

6 Apr 08

Totally Recalled

Gus is recalled and replaced with a new model, while Chode’s grandfather shows up for a visit.

7 Apr 15

2001 Space Idiocies

Chode gets involved in a scheme by Dark Bobo to corrupt an innocent bunch of natives on a primitive planet.

8 Apr 22

Power to the Peephole

The crew ended up on Floridia 7 and in the middle of an election between Dark Clown Confederation presidential candidates.

9 May 06

Nature vs. Nurture

After a firefight with Darph Bobo the crew is forced to make an emergency landing on the planed Muldavia 5 (It’s not the one with insatiable nymphos either to Chodes chag…

10 May 13

Aliens, Guns & a Monkey

Chode and the crew land on a planet where everyone has guns, and a father and son need reuniting as only Chode can do.

11 May 20

Emasculating Chode

Whip is abducted by Darth Bobo and Chode heads down to rescue him. Chode ends up losing a tentacle in the process and must now questions his masculinity as a result.

12 May 27

Love Conquers All... Almost

After losing a load of cocoa butter that he was transporting, Chode needs to repay the cost of the cargo. There’s a one million gold piece prize up for grabs, so Chode de…

13 Jun 03

Android Love

After Six takes T’nuk to a male strip bar, she finds that one of her old friends is working there.

About Tripping the Rift

Tripping the Rift is SciFi Channel’s new comedy. Using CGI-animation and grotesque adult humour, Tripping the Rift is something new and exciting for the whole family. Providing that family is old enough to at least buy beer. Characters: Chode: The purple, yet frighteningly Kirkish,… More captain of the Jupiter 42. Has serious sexual issues. Has a penchant for petty theft, cheating and pornography. A true blue professional captain. Also part owner and captain of said vessel. Darph Bobo: The manic, stupid and utterly hateful Vader-spoof. Has the same homicidal tendencies as his Sith alter-ego, albeit more random in his delivery of punishment. Chode’s arch-nemesis. Gus: Gus functions s both the ship’s engineer and Chode’s personal whipping boy. He has somewhat queer manners, which the other characters seem to find offensive. Bigots, all of them.